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September 5, 2009

9/5 - Duluth-Superior - Tom Caine
1-Prt-9-4-09-tc.jpg (70142 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha at Murphy Fuel Dock
2-Presq-9-4-09-tc.jpg (81012 bytes)
Presque Isle at CN loading taconite
3-Jrbar-9-4-09-tc.jpg (57493 bytes)
James R. Barker at SMET
4-Koning-9-4-09-tc.jpg (93983 bytes)
Koningsborg at Cenex Harvest States Elevator
5-Koning-9-4-09-tc.jpg (97273 bytes)
another view
6-Koning-9-4-09-tc.jpg (110531 bytes)
stern view

9/5 - CSX Torco Dock
- Bob Vincent
1-Pathfinder-9-3-09-bv.jpg (76390 bytes)
Pathfinder, loading for Monroe
2-Calumet-0-4-09-bv.jpg (141090 bytes)
Calumet, man on the wall
3-Calumet-9-4-09-bv.jpg (117172 bytes)
Calumet, heading for Marysville
4-Cuyahoga-9-4-09-bv.jpg (79235 bytes)
Cuyahoga, heading out of Toledo
2-WJMcCarthy-9-4-09-bv.jpg (76652 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy Jr.

9/5 - Point Edward action -
Marc Dease
1-asoo-9-03-09-md.jpg (65949 bytes)
Algosoo heads into Lake Huron.
2-isle-9-03-09-md.jpg (60744 bytes)
Algoisle up bound  above 1 & 2.
3-mani-9-03-09-a-md.jpg (68871 bytes)
Manitowoc follows the Algosoo and Algoisle into Lake Huron.
 4-mani-9-03-09-b-md.jpg (60600 bytes)
Manitowoc close astern.
5-mont-9-04-09-a-md.jpg (67703 bytes)
Montrealais making the turn at 1 & 2.
6-mont-9-04-09-b-md.jpg (59802 bytes)
Heading into Lake Huron, the Federal Miramichi anchored off 11 & 12.

9/5 - St. Clair River Friday
- Ron Piskor
vborg-9-4-09-rp.jpg (82735 bytes)
The Vancouverborg downbound at St. Clair ,Michigan.
2-vborg-9-4-09-rp-jpg.jpg (71243 bytes)
Passing the statue of the Mariner’s Wife absent her bonnet which either fell victim to wind or vandals.
3-isadora-9-4-09-rp.jpg.jpg (82549 bytes)
The Polish bulk carrier Isadora of the Polsteam fleet entering the St.Clair Flats area downbound.
4-isadora-9-4-09-rp.jpg.jpg (139676 bytes)
Isadora approaching light 23 at Sans Souci on Harsens Island
5-isadora-9-4-09-rp.jpg.jpg (81513 bytes)
Isadora passing light 23.
6-isadora-9-4-09-rp.jpg.jpg (83932 bytes)
.An Isadora crew member enjoying the warm summer breeze on the bow.
7-isadora-9-4-09-rp.jpg.jpg (90938 bytes)
The POLSTEAM Company name displayed on Isadora’s hull.
8-isadora-9-4-09-rp.jpg.jpg (82583 bytes)
Isadora’s stack markings which stand for Polska Zegluga Morska.
9-isadora-9-4-09-rp.jpg.jpg (99056 bytes)
A pilothouse crewmember waves as another enjoys the fleeting summer sun.
10-isadora-9-4-09-rp.jpg.jpg (85461 bytes)
Isadora at the Island Yacht Club heading for the St. Clair Cut-off Channel.

9/5 - Brockville, Ont. -
Murray Blancher
1-Clipper-Legend-09-04-09-M.jpg (70995 bytes)
Clipper Legend upbound at Brockville On.
2-Clipper-Legend-09-04-09-M.jpg (67185 bytes) 3-Clipper-Legend-09-04-09-M.jpg (68667 bytes) 4-Marinus-Green-09-04-09-MB.jpg (57877 bytes)
Marinus Green downbound at Brockville
5-Marinus-Green-09-04-09-MB.jpg (81035 bytes)
6-Marinus-Green-09-04-09-MB.jpg (68455 bytes)        

9/5 - Sedna Desgagnes at Kahnawake -
Kent Malo
SednaDesgagnes8-04-09-km-b.jpg (92707 bytes) SednaDesgagnes8-04-09-km-c.jpg (80615 bytes) SednaDesgagnes8-04-09-km-d.jpg (48894 bytes)    

9/5 - Marquette Activity
- Rod Burdick
1_amar_9_3_09_rb.jpg (102941 bytes)
American Mariner arriving at the Upper Harbor
2_jrbamar_9_3_09_rb.jpg (100841 bytes)
James R. Barker with American Mariner arriving at the ore dock

9/5 - The tug Undaunted and barge Pere Marquette 41with a load of aggregates for the Reith Riley dock
- Ted Wagner
undaunted-9-3-09-007.jpg (62215 bytes)
Tug Undaunted and barge Pere Marquette 41 entering Manistee breakwall
undaunted-9-3-09.jpg (79392 bytes)
Pere Marquette 41 approaching Memorial Bridge

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