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September 6-7, 2009

9/7 - Sunday at Welland Canal - Bill Bird
1-CleliaII-9-6-09-a-bb.jpg (69408 bytes)
Clelia II  Passing under Garden City Skyway and through Homer Bridge
2-CleliaII-9-6-09-b-bb-.jpg (74123 bytes)
Approaching Lock 3
3-CleliaII-6-9-09-c-bb.jpg (78538 bytes)
Stern shot
4-Algocape-9-6-09-bb.jpg (54636 bytes)
Algocape upbound at old Bridge 10
5-CSLAssiniboine-9-6-09-bb.jpg (137337 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine heading towards Lock 7
6-FederalLeda-9-6-09-a-bb.jpg (82719 bytes)
Federal Leda clear of flight locks
7-FederalLeda-9-6-09-b-bb.jpg (73770 bytes)
Stern shot making the wall above Lock 3  

9/7 - Iroquois Lock and Mariatown -
Murray Blancher
1-Isadora-09-06-09-MB-.jpg (107957 bytes)
Isadora downbound at Iroquois Lock
2-Isadora-09-06-09-MB-.jpg (88245 bytes) 3-Federal-Matane-09-06-09-M.jpg (97255 bytes)
Federa Matane upbound at Iroquois Lock
4-Federal-Matane-09-06-09-M.jpg (97896 bytes) 5-Vancoverborg-09-06-09-MB-.jpg (114720 bytes)
Vancouverborg downbound at Iroquois Lock
6-Vancoverborg-09-06-09-MB-.jpg (90871 bytes) 7-Algosea-09-06-09-MB-.jpg (69372 bytes)
Algosea upbound at Mariatown

9/7 Yacht Sycara IV off Marysville, Mich. Sunday
- Bruce Hurd
SycaraIV9-6-09-bh.jpg (134997 bytes)        

9/7 - Algoport at Trois Rivieres on her voyage to Balboa Panama - Kent Malo
Algoport6-30-09-kmc.jpg (65029 bytes) Algoport6-30-09-km-i.jpg (66998 bytes)      

9/7 - Munising/Marquette/Escanaba -
Lee Rowe
ManitowocLR09040928.jpg (61915 bytes)
Manitowoc Friday night approaching Munising.
ManitowocLR09050910.jpg (102738 bytes)
Loading ore in Marquette.
HermManitiwoc2.jpg (104061 bytes)
Herm Kline aboard.
JLBlockLR09050910.jpg (86192 bytes)
Joseph L Block arriving at the Escanaba ore dock.


9/6-7 - CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock
- Bob Vincent

Canadian Olympic backing under ship loader

Lunch time

Canadian Olympic loading for Dofasco in Hamilton, ON

Walter J. McCarthy Jr. backing out from Torco after spending time replacing a broken crankshaft.

Been in for repairs since Sunday, heading out of Toledo

Lee A. Tregurtha pulling into Torco

Lee A. Tregurtha unloading ore from Marquette

She will load coal before leaving Toledo

Lafarge barge Innovation with tug Samuel De Champlain coming in

CSX's Jim Reeves, shuttle car man, deck boss and day shift rig coordinator

American Mariner

Taking on fuel

Another view

McKeil Marine barge Lambert Spirit leaving Toledo

9/6 - Cleveland -
Bill Kloss

Federal Miramichi in port at Cleveland.

Accommodations cabin

F.M. Osborne and Emmet J. Carey were docked at Grand River.

NS Drawbridge (the infamous Iron Curtain)

9/6 - Marquette
Rod Burdick

James R. Barker at unloading coal Marquette's Upper Harbor

9/6 - Mariatown  -
Ron Beaupre

Grandes Eaux passing Mariatown on delivery trip from Hike Metal, Wheatley, to the lower St. Lawrence

9/6 - New Boatnerd,
- Dale Rosema

Kyper Phillips with his dad Joel "watching" his first freighter, Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder, at Wyandotte

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