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September 8, 2009

Weekend Welland Canal Traffic - Bob Dowson
1.assin-09-06-09-bd.jpg (88243 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine
2.assin-09-06-09-bd.jpg (79151 bytes)
Stern view
3.fedleda-09-06-09-bd.jpg (100271 bytes)
Federal Leda at  lock 4
4.fedleda-09-06-09-bd.jpg (119887 bytes)
At Glendale bridge
5.belend-09-07-09-bd.jpg (89033 bytes)
Beluga Endeavour
5A.belend-09-07-09-bd.jpg (100502 bytes) 6.belend-09-07-09-bd.jpg (74858 bytes)
Stern view
7.alsea-0907-09-bd.jpg (74187 bytes)
Algosea at Lock 2
8.alsea-0907-09-bd.jpg (61622 bytes) 9.clipleg-09-07-09-bd.jpg (76693 bytes)
Clipper Legend
10.clipleg-09-07-09-bd.jpg (82992 bytes)
Stern view
11.cannav-09-07-09-bd.jpg (77103 bytes)
Canadian Navigator at Lock 7
12.cannav-09-07-09-bd.jpg (65310 bytes)    

Tug Cheraw and the barge Mc Cauley in Buffalo
 - Brian W.
1-Cheraw-09-07-09-BW.jpg (160221 bytes)
Cheraw at the Buffalo Port Terminal. She is moored at the "B" dock along the lakefront.
2-Cheraw-09-07-09-BW.jpg (126750 bytes)
Bow showing her towing equipment and fire fighting gear.
3-Cheraw-09-07-09-BW.jpg (106436 bytes)
Pilothouse and it can clearly be seen that the US Army Corps is continuing to maintain the tug in their usual high standards with her looking sharp & trim.
4-Cheraw-09-07-09-BW.jpg (356730 bytes)
An unusual shot of a spud from the derrick boat Mc Cauley laying alongside the Port Terminal pier with some large concrete blocks used for breakwall repair to the left.

Algoport launch and sea trials in 1979 -
Andy Torrence
Algoport-sea-trials-air.jpg (150901 bytes) Algoport-sea-trials_stern.jpg (69949 bytes) Algoport-departing-dock_sea.jpg (236221 bytes) Algoport-fwd-view_sea-trial.jpg (144758 bytes) Algoport-stern-view_sea-tri.jpg (135244 bytes)
Algoport-funnel_sea-trials.jpg (191180 bytes) Algoport-bow-wave_sea-trial.jpg (172221 bytes) Algoport-launch-bow_5.7.79.jpg (119193 bytes) Algoport-launch_5.7.79.jpg (107550 bytes) Algoport-launch-stern_5.7.7.jpg (164606 bytes)

- Jim Hoffman
scan0006.jpg (94300 bytes)
Downbound Lake Huron approaching St. Clair River April 1993.
scan0007.jpg (68397 bytes)
Upbound Maumee River Toledo, Ohio Dec. 1984.
scan0008.jpg (57890 bytes)
Downbound Welland Canal above lock eight Port Colborne, Ontario.
scan0009.jpg (60566 bytes)
Inbound Welland Canal.
scan0010.jpg (66618 bytes)
Loading coal at C&O#3 Coal Dock Toledo, Ohio
scan0011.jpg (67752 bytes)
At C&O #4 Coal Dock waiting to load coal.

Algoport downbound at Iroquois on her way to China -
Murray Blancher
1-Algoport-06-29-09-MB-.jpg (79605 bytes) 2-Algoport-06-29-09-MB-.jpg (56735 bytes) 3-Algoport-06-29-09-MB.jpg (84138 bytes) 4-Algoport-06-29-09-MB-.jpg (69964 bytes)
 Algoport downbound at Mariatown
5-Algoport-06-29-09-MB--(2).jpg (73167 bytes)

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