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September 9, 2009

Calumet River Tuesday - Steve Bauer
1-Beeg-9-8-09-sb.jpg (72443 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly loading coke at Beemsterboer at 106th St. 
2-Beeg-9-8-09-sb.jpg (77061 bytes)
Tug Kimberly Selvick passes by on the port side.
3-Beeg-9-8-09-sb.jpg (68382 bytes)
Starboard side view of loading.
4-Beeg-9-8-09-2b.jpg (142968 bytes)
Crewmember watching the loading near the rear portion of the Beeghly.
5-Beeg-9-8-09-sb.jpg (54420 bytes)
Closeup of bow, with rechristening plaque at the front of the pilothouse and flamingo in the window.
Duluth-Superior Sunday - Tom Caine
1-Quebe-9-7-09-tc.jpg (41240 bytes)
Quebecois finished with unload at Holcim Dock and outbound for lake anchorage
2-Quebe-9-7-09-tc.jpg (49170 bytes)
Heading for Duluth piers
3-Quebe-9-7-09-tc.jpg (45788 bytes)
Starting turn for piers
4-Algow-9-7-09-tc.jpg (78397 bytes)
Algowood loading taconite at CN Missabe dock 6
5-Fedhud-9-7-09-tc.jpg (74927 bytes)
Federal Hudson and Montrealais at anchor off Minnesota Point

Federal Leda passing through the Iroquois Locks and on her way downriver to Morrisburg - Dave Bessant
1-FederalLeda-09-07-09-WDB.jpg (108390 bytes)
Federal Leda passing through the Iroquois Locks on Labor Day
2-FederalLeda-09-07-09-WDB.jpg (126677 bytes)
Women work on board too
3-FederalLeda-09-07-09-WDB.jpg (52865 bytes)
Crew waving
4-FederalLeda-09-07-09-WDB.jpg (99175 bytes)
5-FederalLeda-09-07-09-WDB.jpg (132308 bytes)
Leaving the lock
6-MrsFox-09-07-09-WDB.jpg (75941 bytes)
Fox on the prowl at the lock
7-FederalLeda-09-07-09-WDB.jpg (99606 bytes)
Stern view
8-FederalLeda-09-07-09-WDB.jpg (64497 bytes)
Approaching Morrisburg

American Mariner loading ore at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1_amar_9_3_09_rb.jpg (110889 bytes)
Wide view
2_amar_9_3_09_rb.jpg (113121 bytes)
After sunset

Steam tug Sherry Ann, Indian River June, 2009 - Matt Lemon
SHERRY-ANN-5.jpg (113651 bytes) SHERRY-ANN-8.jpg (68486 bytes)      

St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corp. tug Robinson Bay up bound at Mariatown-  Ron Beaupre
1-robbybay-08-09-09-rb.jpg (74181 bytes)
She is headed for Hamilton
2-robbybay-08-09-09-rb.jpg (64514 bytes)      

Kawartha Voyageur secured at Gananoque town dock
 - Murray Blancher
1-Kawartha-Voyageur-09-07-0.jpg (81395 bytes)
2-Kawartha--Voyageur-09-07-.jpg (124283 bytes)      

Vancouverborg passes under the Thousand Islands Bridge on Sunday afternoon -
Michael Folsom
1-Vancouverborg-9-8-09-mf.jpg (110364 bytes)        

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