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September 12 - 13, 2009

9/13 - Seaway Traffic - John McCreery
1-FedDanube-8-30-09-jm.jpg (99498 bytes)
Federal Danube downbound in the Iroquois
2-FedDanube-8-30-09-jm.jpg (115240 bytes) 3-FedDanube-8-30-09-jm.jpg (128044 bytes) 4-Cuyahoga-8-30-09-jm.jpg (123571 bytes)
Cuyahoga loading stone at Johnstown.
5-Cuyahoga-8-30-09-jm.jpg (73257 bytes)
Bow on with rainbow.
6-Algowood-9-01-09-jm.jpg (88865 bytes)
Algowood upbound after delivering corn to the Prescott Elevator. There is an ethanol plant nearby.
7-PeterRCresswell-9-02-09-j.jpg (113452 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell unloading salt at Johnstown
8-Cresswell-9-02-09-jm.jpg (106319 bytes)
Front end loaders clearing the dock at a rapid clip.
9-Cresswell-9-02-09-jm.jpg (58492 bytes)
Holding the bow against the dock as the stern is swung out for departure.
10-Cresswell-9-02-09-jm.jpg (65179 bytes)
Backing out to head upbound in ballast.

9/13 -
St Lawrence Seaway Mohawk Reserve - Kent Malo
Cuyahoga9-12-09-km-b.jpg (102308 bytes)
Cuyahoga upbound for Owen Sound
Cuyahoga9-12-09-km.jpg (79561 bytes) Cuyahoga9-12-09-km-c.jpg (59349 bytes) BargeA-390-9-12-09-km.jpg (87258 bytes)
Barge A-390 and the tug Barbara Andrie
BabaraAndrie9-12-09-km.jpg (76986 bytes)
Close up of the tug Barbara Andrie upbound

9/13 - Cleveland -
Bill Kloss
1-JLVanEnkevort-09-12-09-bk.jpg (78500 bytes)
Joyce L. VanEnkevort separated from Trader, being fueled from trucks
2-GLTrader-09-12-09-bk.jpg (81907 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader
3-GLTraderbow-09-12-09-bk.jpg (90981 bytes) 4-GLTboom-09-12-09-bk.jpg (123972 bytes)
Trader boom and ore loader at Bulk Terminal (the loader used to be at Lorain, Ohio)
5-Manistee-09-12-09-bk.jpg (175482 bytes)
Manistee at Cargill Salt
6-montana-09-12-09-bk.jpg (168562 bytes)
G tug Montana
7-GTUgs-09-12-09-bk.jpg (100573 bytes)
Iowa, Ohio, Illinois, Maine, Deleware and Montana

9/13 - Iroquois Lock -
Ron Beaupre
1-amalia-12-09-09-rb.jpg (61296 bytes)
 Amalia heads into Iroquois Lock. 2.
2-tonymackay-12-09-09-rb.jpg (100214 bytes)
Tony Mackay heads down the river to tow the Wilf Seymour up for repairs.

9/13 -
Robert S. Pierson at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1_rsp_9_7_09_rb.jpg (99834 bytes)
Stern view, departing the ore dock
2_rsp_9_7_09_rb.jpg (121493 bytes)
Turned and departing

9/13 -
 RCN frigate Ville de Quebec downbound on Lake Huron. Sept 12 - Terry McCullough
1-Ville-de-Quebec-09-12-09-.jpg (40969 bytes) 2-Ville-de-Quebec-09-12-09..jpg (56254 bytes)      

9/13 - McAsphalt Marine's new tug Victorious and barge John J. Carrick in Halifax
  - Mac Mackay
1-Jjcarrick-11-09-09-mm.jpg.jpg (77300 bytes)
John J. Carrick and Victorious sailing from Halifax September 11 for Shelburne, Nova Scotia. The barge has a ship-like bow, allowing her to travel in more severe sea conditions.
2-Jjcarrick-11-09-09-mm.jpg.jpg (55406 bytes)
John J. Carrick and Victorious outbound from Halifax in ballast September 11, 2009, after unloading a cargo of asphalt. This is their first call in Canada.
3-Jjcarrick-11-09-09-mm.jpg.jpg (78841 bytes)
A close-up of the tug Victorious in the notch of John J. Carrick, leaving Halifax September 11. The tug is fitted with a towing winch and strongback, but is expected to remain in the notch even in severe sea conditions. 

9/13 - Marquette, Mich. - Lee Rowe
SaginawLR09110904.jpg (79903 bytes)
 Saginaw backing away from the dock.
SaginawLR09110902.jpg (103715 bytes)
HarborLightLR091209.jpg (66823 bytes)
Harbor Light
DockSunsetLR09120901.jpg (32742 bytes)
Sunset over the ore dock
SaginawLR09120906.jpg (58493 bytes)
Saginaw arriving at sunset

9/12 - Lake Michigan Aerial views -
Tom Kort
1-SJCort-09-10-tk.jpg (190056 bytes)
Stewart J. Cort in Milwaukee
2-EBSpeer-09-10-tk.jpg (113374 bytes)
Edgar B. Speer in northern Indiana
3-EBSpeer-09-10-tk.jpg (59928 bytes)
Close up of bow

9/12 -  Along the Saint Lawrence - John McCreery
1-MSC-Freedom-8-27-09-jm.jpg (95026 bytes)
 MSC Freedom upbound in the passage between Ile Aux Coudres and the north shore at Saint Joseph-de-la-Rive, Quebec.
2-MSC-Freedom-8-27-09-jm.jpg (58232 bytes)
Stern view with mountainous background
3-MontrealExpress-8-27-09-j.jpg (72415 bytes)
Montreal Express downbound past the ferry dock at Saint Joseph-de-la-Rive
4-MontrealExpress-8-27-09-j.jpg (64736 bytes)
Another view
5-JosSavard-8-28-09-jm.jpg (69659 bytes)
Ferry Joseph Savard departing for the fifteen minute crossing to the Ile Aux Coudres.
6-JosSavard-8-28-09-jm.jpg (137222 bytes)
Stern view
7-JosephSavard-8-28-09-jm.jpg (85466 bytes)
En route to the Island
8-Rainbow-I--8-29-09-jm.jpg (62985 bytes)
Downbound tanker Rainbow I of Panama.
9-Radisson-8-29-09-jm.jpg (81628 bytes)
Radisson, another ferry on the island run from Saint Joseph-de-la-Rive, which lies approximately 60 miles downstream from Quebec City.
10-JohnBAird-8-29-09-jm.jpg (67015 bytes)
John B Aird passing upbound

9/12 - Green Bay - Scott Best
1-Calumet-09-10-09-sb.jpg (96135 bytes)
Heading for the last RR Bridge near Georgia Pacific.
2-Calumet-09-10-09-sb.jpg (81042 bytes)
Turned into the slip and approaching the dock.
3-Calumet-09-10-09-sb.jpg (58227 bytes)
Departing through the RR Bridge Thursday evening.

9/12 - Keweenaw Star downbound at the Soo - Scott Best
Sept 7 the Keweenaw Star was downbound at the Soo Locks on a Lighthouse cruise, and is in the process of permanently re-locating to Charlevoix. They stopped overnight in the Soo Monday and after a delay for fog Tuesday morning got underway to head to Mackinaw Island that night. 1-KStar-09-07-09-sb.jpg (125744 bytes)
Locking downbound at the Soo.
2-KStar-09-08-09-sb.jpg (87117 bytes)
Downbound the next day at Rock Cut.

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