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September 14, 2009

Hamilton and Welland canal - John McCreery
1-Frontenac-9-12-09-jm.jpg (120880 bytes)
Frontenac at Stelco unloading ore from Nanticoke
2-Montrealais-9-12-09-jm.jpg (79075 bytes)
Montrealais at Dofasco finishing her unload of ore from Duluth
3-Quebecois-9-12-09-jm.jpg (67869 bytes)
Quebecois downbound in the canal with more ore from Duluth, destined for Dofasco, Hamilton.
4-Isolda-9-12-09-jm.jpg (131126 bytes)
Detail of Isolda in lock 4, destination Cleveland Ohio.
5-Isolda-9-12-09-jm.jpg (132973 bytes)
Stern view headed into lock 5.
6-Frontenac-9-12-09-jm.jpg (116592 bytes)
Frontenac in lock 1, returning in ballast from Hamilton to Nanticoke.
7-Frontenac-9-12-09-jm.jpg (86889 bytes)
 Departure from lock 1.
8-Frontenac-9-12-09-jm.jpg (88532 bytes)
Stern view headed to lock 2.
9-Montrealais-9-12-09-jm.jpg (54447 bytes)
Montrealais arriving at Port Weller close behind the Frontenac.
10-Montrealais-9-12-09-jm.jpg (65343 bytes)
At Port Weller in ballast and headed back to Duluth. the tug M R Kane arriving behind her.
11-Griffon-9-12-09-jm.jpg (73948 bytes)
Sunset view of the Griffon at Port Weller.

Welland Canal Traffic
- Bob Dowson
1.amalia-09-13-09-bd.jpg (60025 bytes)
Amalia at Lock 7
2.amalia-09-13-09-bd.jpg (63554 bytes)
Stern view
3.jspen-09-13-09-bd.jpg (78847 bytes)
John Spence at Lock 7
4.jspen-09-13-09-bd.jpg (73538 bytes)
Another view
5.jspen-09-13-09-bd.jpg (89746 bytes)
Stern view
6.algocape-09-13-09-bd.jpg (90015 bytes)
Algocape exiting Lock 1
7.algocape-09-13-09-bd.jpg (77385 bytes)
Stern view (64171 bytes)
Quebecois upbound at Lock 2 (76503 bytes)
Stern view

Iroquois Lock -
Ron Beaupre
1-northfighter-13-09-09-rb.jpg (101022 bytes)
 North Fighter slides the wall into Iroquois Lock.
2-northfighter-13-09-09-rb.jpg (95196 bytes)
The walk through did not go well, she had to put on the power to keep going against the current.

HMCS Ville de Quebec docked in Windsor Sunday as part of its inland waters tour -
Adrian Platts
1-VdQuebec-9-13-09-AEP.jpg (91868 bytes)
Ville de Quebec
2-VdQuebec-9-13-09-AEP.jpg (103002 bytes)
Detroit River Traffic.  Ville de Quebec passed by H Lee White (downstream) and Algolake (upstream)

Mesabi Miner back in service at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick 
1_mm_9_13_09_rb.jpg (106566 bytes)
Unloading coal

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