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September 15, 2009

Ship Traffic Hamilton Sunday - John McCreery
1-CanProvider-9-13-09-jm.jpg (52111 bytes)
Canadian Provider shows up on the horizon, returning to the Port of Hamilton after just departing a few hours before, destination Thunder Bay.
2-CanProvider-9-13-09-jm.jpg (62393 bytes)
Blowing some black smoke as she heads back in
3-CanProvider-9-13-09-jm.jpg (80141 bytes)
looking good but moving at a slow pace
4-CanProvider-9-13-09-jm.jpg (67779 bytes)
lots of onlookers as she enters the piers.
5-CanProvider-9-13-09-jm.jpg (81311 bytes)
Back in the harbor she had just departed 6 hours before.
6-CanProvider-9-13-09-jm.jpg (89867 bytes)
Passing fleet mate John D Leitch.
7-Cuyahoga-9-13-09-jm.jpg (68456 bytes)
Cuyahoga arriving with soybeans from Quebec.
8-Cuyahoga-9-13-09-jm.jpg (92594 bytes)
Stern view  

Manistee passing Maumee at Cleveland Sunday
- Thomas Seiler
Manistee-9-13-09-TS.jpg (83259 bytes)        

Upbound Montrealais approaching DeTour Reef Light just after sunrise on September 5
- by Andrew Mills.
Montrealais_09052009a_AM.jpg (74727 bytes) Montrealais_09052009b_AM.jpg (56394 bytes)      

Detroit and more -
Mike Nicholls
MOONFLEETb03090409mn.jpg (38082 bytes)
09/04 Moonfleet upbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.
Autoboatb02090609mn.jpg (55263 bytes)
09/06 Carboat off Wyandotte.
GRAYLINGBAIRDb06090909mn.jpg (55873 bytes)
09/09 Grayling and Spencer Baird in Cheboygan, MI.
STURGEONb02090909mn.jpg (52491 bytes)
Sturgeon in Cheboygan, MI
SHEPLERCAPTb08090909mn.jpg (51382 bytes)
Capt Shepler and The Hope in Mackinaw City.
HOPETHEb09090909mn.jpg (53648 bytes) POLARISb11090909mn.jpg (66855 bytes)
Polaris in St. Ignace, MI.
ALGOMAHb15090909mn.jpg (51232 bytes)
Algomah in St. Ignace, Mi.
MADDIEPb17090909mn.jpg (42149 bytes)
Maddie P in St. Ignace.
SUGARISLANDERIIIb18090909mn.jpg (37148 bytes)
Sugar Islander III at the Soo.
LAKEGUARDIANB02091109MN.jpg (51562 bytes)
09/11 Lake Guardian downbound off Fort Wayne.
LAKEGUARDIANs03091109mn.jpg (50126 bytes) FEDERALMATANEs04091109mn.jpg (47297 bytes)
Federal Matane at DMT2 in Detroit.
VILLEDEQUEBECb13091109mn.jpg (51939 bytes)
H.M.C.S. Ville de Quebec at Dieppe Park in Windsor.
VILLEDEQUEBECs08091109mn.jpg (45990 bytes)
MANISTEEb15091109mn.jpg (47748 bytes)
Manistee downbound off the RenCen.
SENATORb18091109mn.jpg (67483 bytes)
Senator off Chene Park.
SENATORs19091109mn.jpg (82089 bytes) FRIENDSHIPb02091209mn.jpg (56714 bytes)
09/12 Friendship upbound off Wyandotte, MI.
FRIENDSHIPs03091209mn.jpg (60797 bytes)
PML9000b04091309mn.jpg (34045 bytes)
09/13  PML 9000 and Avenger IV downbound at Grassy Island.
PML9000s06091309mn.jpg (45714 bytes) AVENGERIVs05091309mn.jpg (53177 bytes) THOMPSONJOSHs24091309mn.jpg (38414 bytes)
Joseph H Thompson at Nicholson's Ecorse.
THOMPSONJOSHb07091309mn.jpg (38244 bytes)
HELENEb18091309mn.jpg (67255 bytes)
Helene at Nicholson's.
STECLAIREb23091309mn.jpg (54106 bytes)
Columbia and Ste Claire in Nicholson's Slip.
STECLAIREs21091309mn.jpg (66052 bytes) COLUMBIAb16091309mn.jpg (62884 bytes) MCKEESONSs27091309mn.jpg (47783 bytes)
Mc Kee Sons and Invincible in River Rouge.
INVINCIBLEs28091309mn.jpg (106721 bytes) MCKEESONSb30091309mn.jpg (39272 bytes) DOOLTIMSb32091309mn.jpg (31407 bytes)
Tim S Dool downbound at Detroit.
SPRUCEGLENb34091309mn.jpg (31691 bytes)
Spruceglen upbound at the Ambassador Bridge.
SPRUCEGLENs36091309mn.jpg (45175 bytes)
CLELIAllsb17091009mn.jpg (73662 bytes)
Clelia II arriving in Houghton, MI. 9/10
CLELIAlls07091009mn.jpg (49201 bytes) CLELIAllb32091009mn.jpg (43020 bytes)    

W. A. McMonagle entering Duluth
- Steve Lawson
WAMcMonagles-(1).jpg (86180 bytes) WAMcMonagles-(2).jpg (79586 bytes) WAMcMonagles.jpg (90982 bytes) WAMcMonagles-(3).jpg (80145 bytes)  

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