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September 16 - 17, 2009

9/17- Duluth-Superior - Tom Caine
1-Holly-9-15-09-tc.jpg (98017 bytes)
Hollyhock afloat in Fraser drydock #2
2-Kam-9-15-09-tc.jpg (91211 bytes)
Kaministiqua starting turn for Howard's Pocket
3-Kam-9-15-09-tc.jpg (99528 bytes)
First turn completed, Canada Geese prepare to welcome
4-Kam-9-15-09-tc.jpg (83894 bytes)
Ceremonial flyover by 2 Canada Geese
5-Kam-9-15-09-tc.jpg (75628 bytes)
First bow and stern lines out
6-Vstar-9-15-09-tc.jpg (82670 bytes)
Vista Star

9/17- Portneuf Quebec
(between Trois Rivieres and Quebec City) - John McCreery
1-TuridKnutsen-8-27-09-jm.jpg (85810 bytes)
Turid Knutsen from the pier at Portneuf Quebec.
2-TuridKnutsen-8-27-09-jm.jpg (68447 bytes)
An extreme bend in the river brings the ships straight towards the pier.
3-TuridKnutsen-8-27-09-jm.jpg (87244 bytes) 4-TuridKnutsen-8-27-09-jm.jpg (105158 bytes) 5-TuridKnutsen-8-27-09-jm.jpg (91532 bytes)
Almost a full turn as the vessel moves away upstream.
6-CSLAssiniboine-8-26-09-jm.jpg (111148 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine with shoreline church steeple, so typical of Quebec.
7-WehrElbe-8-27-09-jm.jpg (102411 bytes)
Wehr Elbe downbound above Quebec City.
8-WehrElbe-8-27-09-jm.jpg (143393 bytes) 9-WehrElbe-8-27-09-jm.jpg (135898 bytes)
Past the bridges, Pont Pierre-Laporte and Pont de Quebec.
10-WehrElbe-8-27-09-jm.jpg (90919 bytes)
Stern view passing Quebec City.

9/17- Sarnia Harbor -
George Lee
Dredging.jpg (119787 bytes)
McNally Marine dredging sand washed in from Lake Huron
Sandra-Mary.jpg (97938 bytes)
Sandra Mary waiting for scow to be loaded

9/17- BBC Louisiana departs the Iroquois Lock
with a load of grain from Duluth - Ron Beaupre
1-bbclouis-15-09-09-rb-001.jpg (67602 bytes)        

9/17- Canadian Provider
- first trip upbound at Windmill Point a sunrise  9/16 - Jeff Mast
1-Can-Provider-9-16-09-JTM.jpg (44529 bytes)
Bow Glinting the sunrise
2-Can-Provider-9-16-09-JTM.jpg (49785 bytes)
Heading into Lake St. Clair sunrise
3-Can-Provider-9-16-09-JTM.jpg (26043 bytes)
Silhouette Image behind a fishing rod

9/16 - Amalia in Menominee - Dick Lund
1-Aml-09-15-09-dl.jpg (65525 bytes)
Amalia passes Menominee North Pier Lighthouse inbound and light
2-Aml-09-15-09-dl.jpg (67497 bytes)
Close-up inside the piers
3-Aml-09-15-09-dl.jpg (82085 bytes)
Heading up-river after passing through Ogden Street Bridge
4-Aml-09-15-09-dl.jpg (62022 bytes)
Heading further up-river to the turning basin (west of KK Integrated Logistics)
5-Aml-09-15-09-dl.jpg (71251 bytes)
Halfway around in the turning basin
6-Aml-09-15-09-dl.jpg (101555 bytes)
Heading back to KK East Dock (Viking I in background)
7-Aml-09-15-09-dl.jpg (91168 bytes)
All tied up at the dock
8-Aml-09-15-09-dl.jpg (94084 bytes)
The first load of pulp arrives by truck

9/16 - Calumet departing Morton Salt, Manistee, Mich. -
Ted Wagner
15-sep-09-014.jpg (62260 bytes)
Crossing Manistee Lake at sunrise
15-sep-09-018.jpg (84912 bytes)
Transiting the Marquette RR bridge
15-sep-09-025.jpg (97495 bytes)
Through the Memorial draw bridge
15-sep-09-031.jpg (70515 bytes)
On final approach to Lake Michigan

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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