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September 18, 2009

CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock - Bob Vincent
1-IntegrityOstrander-9-17-.jpg (97566 bytes)
LaFarge barge Integrity with tug G. L. Ostrander leaving Toledo
2-COlympic-9-17-09-bv.jpg (114031 bytes)
Canadian Olympic stern view
3-COlympic-9-17-09-bv.jpg (126428 bytes)
Loader's view looking aft
4-COlympic-9-17-09-bv.jpg (128743 bytes)
Loader's view looking forward
5-COlympic-9-17-09-bv.jpg (91456 bytes)
Canadian Olympic heading for Hamilton
6-Calumet-9-17-09-bv.jpg (69586 bytes)
Calumet heading in, will leave with a load of coal
7-HCJackson-9-17-09-bv.jpg (141892 bytes)
Herbert C Jackson
8-HCJackson-9-17-09-bv.jpg (93540 bytes)
Another view
9-StMCementll-9-17-09-bv.jpg (79967 bytes)
Barge St Mary Cement ll with tug Sea Eagle ll
10-StMCenentll-9-17-09-bv.jpg (96822 bytes)
Another view

- Tom Caine
1-Spruc-9-16-09-tc.jpg (97577 bytes)
Spruceglen at Port Terminal
2-Holly-9-16-09-tc.jpg (80598 bytes)
Hollyhock out of drydock, drydock being pumped out
3-Holly-9-16-09-tc.jpg (88987 bytes)
Hollyhock undergoing dock trials, wheel turning
4-Fedma-9-16-09-tc.jpg (79563 bytes)
Federal Matane approaching Harvest States #2
5-Fedma-9-16-09-tc.jpg (107146 bytes)
Tug Kentucky on bow
6-Kentu-9-16-09-tc.jpg (133652 bytes)
Starting turn into CHS 2
7-Kentu-9-16-09-tc.jpg (69989 bytes)
Kentucky cranks up power
8-Minn-9-16-09-tc.jpg (94593 bytes)
Tug Minnesota at Stern
9-Kentu-9-16-09-tc.jpg (146081 bytes)
Kentucky proceeding into CHS 2
10-Kentu-9-16-09-tc.jpg (130808 bytes)
11-Minn-9-16-09-tc.jpg (95899 bytes)
Completing turn
12-Prt-9-16-09-tc.jpg (72134 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha outbound at West Gate Basin after departing coal dock
13-Fedma-9-16-09-tc.jpg (84586 bytes)
Closing on dock
14-Fedma-9-16-09-tc.jpg (150818 bytes)
Getting lines out
15-Minn-9-16-09-tc.jpg (84976 bytes)
Job done

St Clair River Thursday
- Bruce Hurd
100_9129.jpg (44332 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha as seen from the Grayfox
100_9137.jpg (59498 bytes)
McKee Sons unloading stone in Sarnia
100_9140.jpg (108890 bytes)
Federal Hudson downbound near the Blue Water Bridge
100_9142.jpg (72093 bytes)  

Isolda at Port of Cleveland dock -
Bill Kloss
Isolda-09-14-09-bk.jpg (80385 bytes)        

Brockville Wednesday - Dave Bessant
2-JumboVision.09-16-09-WDB.jpg (94898 bytes)
Approaching Blockhouse
4-JumboVision-09-16-09-WDB.jpg (104109 bytes)
Stern view with cargo
1-Ethan-09-16-09-WDB.jpg (115737 bytes)
Tug Ethan setting up 14 new slips in Brockville harbor
2-Ethan-09-16-09-WDB.jpg (121225 bytes) 3-Ethan-09-16-09-WDB.jpg (133908 bytes)
Ethan and her barge
4-Ethan-09-16-09-WDB.jpg (133338 bytes) 5-Ethan-09-16-09-WDB.jpg (108913 bytes)
Ethan  and her barge with the new slips aligned

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