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September 19, 2009

Southern Lake Michigan aerial views - Tom Kort
2-StMaryCon-9-18-tk.jpg (81160 bytes)
St Mary Conquest was in the Chicago area unloading cement.
4-StMaryCon-9-18-tk.jpg (89506 bytes) 1-StMaryCon-9-18-tk.jpg (85136 bytes) 3-StMaryCon-9-18-tk.jpg (97218 bytes) 5-Barge-9-18-tk.jpg (193236 bytes)
Barges being recycled
6-Tugs-9-18-tk.jpg (141309 bytes) 7-SykesBeeghly-9-18-tk.jpg (86890 bytes)
Wilfred Sykes and the Beeghly were at a steel mill north side of Gary unloading
7aSykesBeeghly-9-18-tk.jpg (86498 bytes) 11-Sykes-9-18-tk.jpg (86651 bytes)
9-Beeghly-9-18-tk.jpg (68803 bytes)
8-Beeghly-9-18-tk.jpg (92340 bytes)
View of unloader
10-Beeghly-9-18-tk.jpg (116120 bytes) 12-PresqueCallaway-9-18-tk.jpg (107777 bytes)
Further east, the Presque Isle and The Callaway unloading at another mill.
12a-PresqueCallaway-9-18-tk.jpg (138689 bytes) 12b-PresqueCallawaway-9-18-.jpg (92954 bytes)
13-PresqueI-9-18-tk.jpg (124412 bytes)
14-PresqueI-9-18-tk.jpg (83518 bytes) 16-Callaway-9-18-tk.jpg (103172 bytes) 15-Callaway-9-18-tk.jpg (64814 bytes) 21-Isolda-9-18-tk.jpg (79829 bytes)
Further east at another mill, found the Isolda with rolled steel.
22-Isolda-9-18-tk.jpg (81784 bytes) 17-Isolda-9-18-tk.jpg (103452 bytes) 19-Isolda-9-18-tk.jpg (110372 bytes) 18-Isolda-9-18-tk.jpg (84682 bytes) 20-Isolda-9-18-tk.jpg (79091 bytes)
View into the cargo hold

St. Lawrence at Brockville
- John McCreery
1-Houghton-9-01-09-jm.jpg (110355 bytes)
Kehoe tug Houghton upbound at Brockville.
2-Houghton-9-01-09-jm.jpg (113520 bytes)
3-Houghton-9-01-09-jm.jpg (82206 bytes)
Tug and barge
4-Kaministiqua-9-01-09-jm.jpg (80269 bytes)
Kaministiqua passing the wreck of the Conestoga above Cardinal Ontario
5-Conestoga-9-01-09-jm.jpg (65777 bytes)
Info and picture of the dive sight.
6-Sea-Fox-II-9-01-09-jm.jpg (73679 bytes)
Sea Fox II and Kaministiqua.
7-Kaministiqua-9-01-09-jm.jpg (69981 bytes)
Kaministiqua up at Brockville.
8-GenBrockIII-9-01-09-jm.jpg (171266 bytes)
General Brock III.
9-FairJeanne-9-01-09-jm.jpg (168342 bytes)
Fair Jeanne at Brockville.
10-FairJeanne-9-01-09-jm.jpg (141670 bytes)
Stern view     

Recent Duluth traffic
- Travis Chadwick
1-fedmatane9-17-09tc.jpg (97150 bytes)
Federal Matane loading grain at CHS #2.
2-manistee-9-17-09tc.jpg (75014 bytes)
Head on shot of Manistee.
3-manistee-9-17-09tc.jpg (55960 bytes)
Close up of pilot house.
4-manistee-9-17-09tc.jpg (83124 bytes)
Departing Duluth after unloading salt at Hallett 5.
5spruceglen9-16-09tc.jpg (64751 bytes)
Spruceglen waiting to load coal at Superior Midwest Energy Terminal.
6montrealais916-09tc.jpg (51305 bytes)
Montrealais creeping past Paul R. Tregurtha on her way to DMIR.

Algosea in the Welland Canal under the QEW on Thursday
- David F. Wood
DSCN2532.jpg (90432 bytes) DSCN2534.jpg (82028 bytes)      

Manistee loading at Marquette
- Lee Rowe
ManisteeLR09180902.jpg (112186 bytes) ManisteeLR09180909.jpg (122222 bytes)      

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