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September 20, 2009

Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey
1-hiawatha-9-19-09-ts-a.jpg (135794 bytes)
Hiawatha steaming on the Saginaw River
2-hiawatha-9-19-09-ts-b.jpg (102394 bytes)
Passing the smaller of Bay City's two tall ships, the Appledore V
3-hiawatha-9-19-09-ts-c.jpg (103054 bytes)
Stern view leaving the Kingfish Dock
4-calumet-9-19-09-ts-a.jpg (70912 bytes)
Calumet passing through the Veterans Memorial Bridge
5-calumet-9-19-09-ts-b.jpg (68076 bytes)
Stern view at Liberty Bridge
6-jmarie-9-19-09-ts-a.jpg (141081 bytes)
Tug Jill Marie backing away from the Kingfish dock
7-jmarie-9-19-09-ts-b.jpg (91199 bytes) 8-jmarie-9-19-09-ts-c.jpg (63944 bytes) 9-jmarie-9-19-09-ts-d.jpg (107084 bytes)  

Marquette, Mich.
- Lee Rowe
LATregurthaLr09190904.jpg (115100 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha unloading
MichipicotenLR09190902.jpg (103358 bytes)
Michipicoten loading

Manistee arriving at Marquette's Upper Harbor ore dock
- Rod Burdick
1_manistee9_18_09_rb.jpg (104576 bytes)
First visit in Lower Lakes colors

St. Clair River Saturday -
Keith Norling
Ojibway-2-SCR-19Sep09-KAN.jpg (63658 bytes)
Ojibway-Bow-SCR-19Sep09-KAN.jpg (59229 bytes) Ojibway-Stern-SCR-19Sep09-K.jpg (67149 bytes) Marine-City-Parade-HCJ-FP-C.jpg (66262 bytes) HCJ-Bow-SCR-19Sep09-KAN.jpg (48201 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly
HCJ-Stack-SCR-19Sep09-KAN.jpg (55278 bytes) HCJ-Going-SCR-19Sep09-KAN.jpg (86058 bytes) Canadian-Transport-Lambton-.jpg (91362 bytes)
Canadian Transport
Canadian-Transport-Approach.jpg (82631 bytes) Canadian-Transport-Marine-C.jpg (70218 bytes)
Canadian-Transport-Bow-19Se.jpg (66924 bytes) CT-Upper-Lakes-Banner-19Sep.jpg (78708 bytes) Canadian-Transport-Stacks-1.jpg (74378 bytes) Canadian-Transport-Stern-SC.jpg (92678 bytes) Canadian-Transport-Going-SC.jpg (87595 bytes)
Agawa-Canyon-SCR-19Sep09-KA.jpg (75310 bytes)
Agawa Canyon
Agawa-Canyon-Bow-SCR-19Sep0.jpg (89360 bytes) Agawa-Canyon-Canadian-Trans.jpg (104133 bytes)
Agawa Canyon-Canadian Transport meet at Lambton
Federal-Pride-Lambton-19Sep.jpg (68181 bytes)
Federal Pride
Federal-Pride-Bow-Wake-Lamb.jpg (109164 bytes)
Federal-Pride-Pilot-House-S.jpg (78006 bytes) Federal-Pride-Stern-Lambton.jpg (103150 bytes) Amalia-Stack-SCR-19Sep09-KA.jpg (117292 bytes)

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