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September, 2009

Marquette, Mich. - Lee Rowe
MichipicotenLR09200905.jpg (87218 bytes)
 Michipicoten arriving at harbor light
MichipicotenLR09200923.jpg (87627 bytes)
Michipicoten approaching the dock
AmMarinerLR09200902.jpg (87714 bytes)
American Mariner unloading coal at the Shiras Dock.
AmMarinerLR09200904.jpg (71842 bytes)
Another view.

CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock
- Bob Vincent
1-CSLNiagara-9-20-09-bv.jpg (111559 bytes)
CSL Niagara forward view on deck
2-CSLNiagara-9-20-09-bv.jpg (127537 bytes) Butting on hatch covers 3-CSLNiagara-9-20-09-bv.jpg (98754 bytes)
Boom being centered
4-CSLNiagara-9-20-09-bv.jpg (71776 bytes)
Loaded and heading for Bowmanville, Ont.
5-McKeeSons-9-20-09-bv.jpg (92119 bytes)
McKee Sons wait for the CSL Niagara to finish
6-McKeeSons-9-20-09-bv.jpg (131651 bytes)
Tug Invincible
7-McKeeSons-9-20-09-bv.jpg (90493 bytes)
McKee Sons
8-McKeeSons-9-20-09-bv.jpg (70350 bytes)
Stern view

Welland Canal
- Eric Holmes
1-Jspence-09-19-09-eh.jpg.jpg (109862 bytes)
John Spence and barge McAshpalt 401 at Bridge 5.
2-Jspence-09-19-09-eh.jpg.jpg (77588 bytes) 3-Eider-09-19-09-eh.jpg.jpg (107607 bytes)
Eider passing the John Spence
4-Eider-09-19-09-eh.jpg.jpg (77282 bytes)
Above Lock 3
5-Eider-09-19-09-eh.jpg.jpg (133889 bytes)
Passing under Bridge 5

Saginaw in Buffalo -
Brian W.
1-Saginaw-9-20-2009-BWJr.jpg (178430 bytes)
Saginaw tied up stern first at the ADM Standard Elevator on the Buffalo River.
2-Saginaw-9-20-2009-BWJr.jpg (105323 bytes)
Tranquil setting along the riverbank showing the contrast between the wild side of the Buffalo River and also it's industrial history.
3-Saginaw-9-20-2009-BWJr.jpg (64816 bytes)
From the Ohio St. Bridge as a cloud of grain dust envelopes the boat.
4-English-River-9-20-2009-B.jpg (91310 bytes)
English River is seen unloading at Lafarge Cement from the opposite side of the bridge as the last photo.
5-Saginaw-9-20-2009-BWJr.jpg (132553 bytes)
CSX switcher out of Ohio St. Yard (Buffalo Creek Yard) is seen kicking cars at the ADM Flour Mill on Ganson St.
2-Peace-Bridge-9-20-09-BW.jpg (70743 bytes)
 International Peace Bridge spanning the Niagara River between Buffalo and Fort Erie, Ontario
Peace-Bridge-9-20-09-BW.jpg (36309 bytes)      

Presque Isle loading at Stoneport, Mich. for only the second time since 1997 -  Steve Worm 
presque-isle-sept-20-007.jpg (81729 bytes) presque-isle-sept-20-012.jpg (75554 bytes) presque-isle-sept-20-013.jpg (120689 bytes) presque-isle-sept-20-017.jpg (111918 bytes) presque-isle-sept-20-018.jpg (95285 bytes)

Wheatly and Kingsville
- Steve Philips
IMG_0201.jpg (94384 bytes) IMG_0203.jpg (90487 bytes) IMG_0209.jpg (98571 bytes) IMG_0243.jpg (61726 bytes) IMG_0246.jpg (89867 bytes)
Fish tug Henry J III at Kingsville harbor with Mississaugi tied up at stone dock
IMG_0250.jpg (71974 bytes)        

Saginaw in Buffalo
- Dan Syrcher
1-Saginaw-09-19-09-ds.jpg (57521 bytes)
Washington pulling the Saginaw  over a high spot
2-Saginaw-09-19-09-ds.jpg (59868 bytes) 3-Saginaw-09-19-09-ds.jpg (104606 bytes)
Washington and the Saginaw closing in on the Skyway and the DL&W terminal.
4-Saginaw-09-19-09-ds.jpg (81773 bytes) Saginaw with General Mills in the background.  

Manas at the Iroquois Lock on her first trip up the Seaway - Ron Beaupre
1-manas-20-09-09-rb.jpg (82331 bytes)
Manas was built in Turkey last year
2-manas-20-09-09-rb.jpg (73499 bytes)      

Welland Canal gathering
- Roger Lelievre
Calumet-91909rl-1.jpg (102493 bytes) Calumet-91909rl-2.jpg (82175 bytes) Calumet-91909rl-3.jpg (82573 bytes) Calumet-91909rl-4.jpg (76581 bytes) Calumet-91909rl-5.jpg (138947 bytes)
Calumet-91909rl-6.jpg (60654 bytes) Calumet-91909rl-7.jpg (95603 bytes) EverestDC-91909rl.jpg (92935 bytes)
D.C. Everest
PortholesJPG.jpg (161834 bytes)
Pile of discarded portholes.
RussianTrawlers.jpg (118157 bytes)
Remains of two Russian trawlers.
Techno-St-Laurent-91909rl.jpg (110166 bytes)
Tug Techno St. Laurent
Browsing-for-goodies-2.jpg (89967 bytes) Browsing-for-goodies.jpg (94885 bytes) Buck-Longhurst.jpg (74869 bytes) Dave-and-Char.jpg (61536 bytes)
George-and-Darlene.jpg (72620 bytes) Jack-the-Lad.jpg (74551 bytes) Jimmy-Gallant-sells-raffle-.jpg (60388 bytes) Jimmy-Sprunt.jpg (73929 bytes) Marine-Mart.jpg (93902 bytes)
Paul-Beesley,-Saturday-spea.jpg (52014 bytes) Seaway-Review-display.jpg (72895 bytes) Slide-show.jpg (44836 bytes) Speaker-D'Arcy-Jenish-2.jpg (45775 bytes) Speaker-D'Arcy-Jenish.jpg (66443 bytes)
Paul-Beesley.jpg (91211 bytes) Door-Prizes.jpg (89955 bytes) DSC_0522.jpg (55129 bytes) The-usual-suspects.jpg (76978 bytes)  

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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