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September 22, 2009

Duluth-Superior - Tom Caine
1-Holly-9-20-09-tc.jpg (96811 bytes)
Hollyhock at DECC
2-Adame-9-21-09-tc.jpg (78936 bytes)
Adam E. Cornelius at Cenex Harvest States 1
3-Adame-9-21-09-tc.jpg (103350 bytes)
Under the spouts
4-Adame-9-21-09-tc.jpg (112324 bytes)
Allouez Marine grocery delivery in basket
5-Wjmc-9-21-09-tc.jpg (63682 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy Jr. trimming
6-Wjmc-9-21-09-tc.jpg (84717 bytes)
McCarthy outbound at High Bridge
7-Max-9-21-09-tc.jpg (89617 bytes)
Maxine Thompson with crane scow
8-Max-9-21-09-tc.jpg (135330 bytes)
Approaching CN Missabe
9-Algola-9-21-09-tc.jpg (107636 bytes)
Algolake loading taconite at CN Missabe Dock 6

Manistee in Alpena
-  Ben & Chanda McClain
manst9-21-09-001.jpg (122978 bytes)
Manistee unloading salt
manst9-21-09-008.jpg (76075 bytes)
Unloading finished, boom back in place

Recent Detroit River traffic -
Mike Nicholls
OJIBWAYb04091909mn.jpg (39738 bytes)
Ojibway at the ADM Sock in Windsor
OJIBWAYs02091909mn.jpg (41501 bytes) REBECCAb07091909mn.jpg (34180 bytes)
Rebecca at the Morterm Dock in Windsor
DetroitRiverLight01091809mn.jpg (34986 bytes)
Detroit River Light.

Recent Marquette Upper Harbor Activity
- Rod Burdick
1_da_path_9_10_09_rb.jpg (76589 bytes) Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder departing at sunrise 2_mm_9_13_09_rb.jpg (101692 bytes)
Mesabi Miner unloading coal
3_manistee9_18_09_rb.jpg (135003 bytes)
Bow view of Manistee at the ore dock
4_manistee9_18_09_rb.jpg (144566 bytes)
Manistee loading ore

Sturgeon Bay
1-StBay-9-20-09-tm.jpg (111516 bytes)
View down Madison Ave. in Sturgeon Bay, WI.
2-Bayship-9-20-09-tm.jpg (157347 bytes)
Bayship, Anderson & Clarke
3-BayShip2-9-20-09-tm.jpg (227049 bytes)
Bayship, American row
4-Bows-9-20-09-tm.jpg (132480 bytes)
Bayship,  Bows
5-BayShipWest-Side-9-20-09-.jpg (112397 bytes)
Bayship from the west side
6-BSWest-CSCA-9-20-09-tm.jpg (102558 bytes)
Courage, Sherwin, Clarke & Anderson
7-BSWestSCA-9-20-09-tm.jpg (72142 bytes)

St. Lawrence Seaway above Montreal
- Kent Malo
SwellMaster9-21-09-km.jpg (108152 bytes)
Swell Master and hopper dumpscow D H -8 at Cote Ste Catherine wharf, Sept. 21, 2009
Ecosse9-21-09-km.jpg (128721 bytes)
Nadro Marine tug Ecosse pulling a barge with container to Montreal
Sea-Hound9-21-09-km.jpg (155264 bytes)
Nadro Marine tug Sea Hound as the stern tug
Barge9-21-09-km.jpg (155500 bytes) 
Barge loaded with containers for Montreal
Carribbean9-21-09-km.jpg (63665 bytes)
ATB Lucia and the barge Caribbean in ballast up bound for Toledo, Ohio
ATBLucia9-21-09-km.jpg (68740 bytes)        

Iroquois Lock Sunday
- Dave Bessant
1-MaritimeTrader-09-20-09-W.jpg (82017 bytes)
Maritime Trader approaching the locks from the east
2-MaritimeTrader-09-20-09-W.jpg (97024 bytes)
under the raised Roadway
3-MaritimeTrader-09-20-09-W.jpg (115994 bytes) 4-MaritimeTrader-09-20-09-W.jpg (65540 bytes)
Cook and his BBQ
5-MaritimeTrader-09-20-09-W.jpg (127019 bytes)
Exiting the lock
6-MaritimeTrader-09-20-09-W.jpg (129660 bytes) 7-Manas-09-20-09-WDB.jpg (119974 bytes)
Manas approaching
8-Manas-09-20-09-WDB.jpg (86328 bytes) 9-Manas-09-20-09-WDB.jpg (117709 bytes) 10-Manas-09-20-09-WDB.jpg (78150 bytes)
Crew on the bridge
11-Manas-09-20-09-WDB.jpg (143299 bytes) 12-Manas-09-20-09-WDB.jpg (141332 bytes) 13-CleliaII-09-20-09-WDB.jpg (132396 bytes)
Celia II downbound on a Maritime Provinces tour
14-CleliaII-09-20-09-WDB.jpg (116965 bytes) 15-CleliaII-09-20-09-WDB.jpg (119166 bytes)
Buffet lunch being served
16-CleliaII-09-20-09-WDB.jpg (56693 bytes) 17-CleliaII-09-20-09-WDB.jpg (112686 bytes) 18-CleliaII-09-20-09-WDB.jpg (110428 bytes) 19-CleliaII-09-20-09-WDB.jpg (91839 bytes) 20-CleliaII-09-20-09-WDB.jpg (107217 bytes)
21-A397RebeccaLynn-09-20-09.jpg (190420 bytes)
Rebecca Lynn and her barge A397
22-RebeccaLynn-09-20-09-WDB.jpg (194959 bytes) 25-RebeccaLynn-09-20-09-WDB.jpg (142703 bytes) 24-RebeccaLynn-09-20-09-WDB.jpg (158116 bytes) 23-RebeccaLynn-09-20-09-WDB.jpg (95785 bytes)
26-Foxkit-09-20-09-WDB.jpg (221707 bytes)
Fox kit at the snack bar
27-RebeccaLynn-09-20-09-WDB.jpg (132707 bytes)
Rebecca Lynn turning downbound
28-Foxkit-09-20-09-WDB.jpg (139035 bytes) 29-antique2seater-09-20-09-.jpg (163553 bytes)
Antique 3 seater side by side Ski Doo at the Iroquois lock snack bar too

Monroe, Mich. -
John Frankhouse II
Mesabi-Miner-9-18-09-JF-1.jpg (80157 bytes)
 The Mesabi Miner and Paul R. Tregurtha were on the Raisin River in Monroe over the weekend, delivering coal to Monroe Edison.
Mesabi-Miner-9-18-09-JF-2.jpg (38485 bytes)
Mesabi Miner
Paul-R-9-19-09-JF-1.jpg (72492 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha arrive off Lake Erie

Historical Perspectives
 -  My Grandfathers letters from his early life on the Great Lakes - Mike Galbraith
He always had a love for the merchant vessels and wished he lived by the water to watch them everyday. This stemming from his young life on the waves during the steamer era of the early 1920's. He would make a trip to the Sault St. Marie locks and Welland cannel and locks as often as he could. P1010171.jpg (123930 bytes) P1010172.jpg (128265 bytes) P1010173.jpg (94611 bytes) P1010174.jpg (111659 bytes)

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