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September 23, 2009

Point Edward Friday - John McCreery
1-Kiyi-9-18-09-jm.jpg (85743 bytes)
Research vessel Kiyi headed out into the breeze
2-EdgarBSpeer-9-18-09-jm.jpg (70647 bytes)
Waves roll in as the Speer heads out
3-Speer-9-18-09-jm.jpg (91650 bytes)
Stern view
4-CanProspector-9-18-09-jm.jpg (61480 bytes)
Canadian Prospector
5-Nickelena-9-18-09-jm.jpg (63441 bytes)
Tug Nikelena and Saginaw approach as the Prospector departs
6-Nickelena-9-18-09-jm.jpg (70782 bytes)
Nickelena comes off the lake
7-Nickelena-9-18-09-jm.jpg (96124 bytes)
Nickelena entering the St.Clair River, sailing from Escanaba to Buffalo.
8-SandraMary-9-18-09-jm.jpg (75460 bytes)
Sandra Mary waiting to the east of the shipping channel.
9-SandraMary-9-18-09-jm.jpg (73370 bytes)
Bringing her barge in off a windy lake
10-Saginaw-9-18-09-jm.jpg (63843 bytes)
Saginaw approaching head on
11-Saginaw-9-18-09-jm.jpg (68707 bytes)
Making the turn toward the river mouth
12-Saginaw-9-18-09-jm.jpg (78782 bytes) 13-Saginaw-9-18-09-jm.jpg (80052 bytes)
Profile in the evening sun light.
14-Saginaw-9-18-09-jm.jpg (75725 bytes)
Past the Fort Gratiot Light, destination Buffalo.

St. Marys River
- Dawn C. Roberts
1-Ahuron-9-19-09-dcr.jpg (77834 bytes)
Atlantic Huron passing Sherman Park, downbound to the Soo
2-Inhebs-9-19-09-dcr.jpg (90528 bytes)
Indiana Harbor and Edgar B. Speer meeting in the St. Mary's River
3-Alake-9-19-09-dcr.jpg (74745 bytes)
Algolake passing Sheman Park, upbound
4-Pcres-9-19-09-dcr.jpg (69867 bytes)
Peter Creswell at a dock across the river
5-Leea-9-21-09-dcr.jpg (57815 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha taking on supplies from the Ojibway
6-Cprog-9-21-09-dcr.jpg (90460 bytes)
Canadian Progress at Rock Cut
7-Fmat-9-21-09-dcr.jpg (77188 bytes)
Federal Matane at Rock Cut
8-Away-9-22-09-dcr.jpg (97785 bytes)
Algoway departing Saginaw

Canadian Coast Guard Ship Griffon
departing the Seaway Marine & Industrial Ltd shipyard in Port Weller - Paul Beesley
1-griff-09-22-09-pb.jpg (84051 bytes) 2-griff-09-22-09-pb.jpg (78939 bytes) 3-griff-09-22-09-pb.jpg (89768 bytes)    

Marquette, Mich.
- Lee Rowe
CMBeeghlyLR09220905.jpg (94798 bytes)
Charles M Beeghly loading.

Tokyo Joe's in Port Dalhousie -
Matt Miner
tokyojoes-9-20-09-mm-a.jpg (69439 bytes)
Please post any history on the vessel on the Search Page
tokyojoes-9-20-09-mm-b.jpg (78190 bytes)      

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