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September 24, 2009

Detroit River Wednesday - Mike Nicholls
432999b02092309mn.jpg (73699 bytes)
Homeland Security 432999 downbound at the Ambassador Bridge.
DetroitPassengerTerm0309230.jpg (58321 bytes)
Detroit Passenger Terminal.
PEREMAQUETTE10s06092309mn.jpg (44650 bytes)
Pere Marquette 10 in Ojibway Slip.
MARITIMETRADERb07092309mn.jpg (52328 bytes)
Maritime Trader unloading at the ADM Dock in Windsor.
MARITIMETRADERs09092309mn.jpg (49680 bytes)
CRESSWELLPETERRb10092309mn.jpg (52143 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell loading at Ojibway Salt.
CRESSWELLPETERRs12092309mn.jpg (39051 bytes)      

Gladstone, Mich. - Dick Lund
1-JLK-GL-09-22-09-dl.jpg (78380 bytes)
Bows-on view unloading
2-JLK-GL-09-22-09-dl.jpg (100670 bytes)
Wide view unloading
3-JLK-GL-09-22-09-dl.jpg (64902 bytes)
Close-up of the tug & barge
4-JLK-GL-09-22-09-dl.jpg (102930 bytes)
Tug, Victory in the stern of the James L. Kuber

Lee A. Tregurtha unloading stone at Marquette's Upper Harbor
- Rod Burdick
1_lat_9_19_09_rb.jpg (89979 bytes)        

Weekend traffic at Sarnia -
John McCreery
1-Amalia-9-19-09-jm.jpg (47934 bytes)
Pilot boat passing Agawa Canyon on returning from the saltie Amalia.
2-Amalia-9-19-09-jm.jpg (85146 bytes)
 Amalia downbound
3-Amalia-9-19-09-jm.jpg (73454 bytes) 4-FedPride-9-19-09-jm.jpg (88355 bytes)
Federal Pride
5-FedPride-9-19-09-jm.jpg (127715 bytes)
Pride and pilot boat Huron Belle.
6-FedPride-9-19-09-jm1.jpg (115920 bytes)
Pilot change astern of the departing Herbert C Jackson.
7-Voorneborg-9-20-09-jm.jpg (93129 bytes)
Voorneborg upbound at Sarnia.
8-Voorneborg-9-20-09-jm.jpg (72708 bytes) 9-Voorneborg-9-20-09-jm.jpg (95876 bytes) 10-Voorneborg-9-20-09-jm.jpg (112562 bytes)
Pilot boat following her out
11-Voorneborg-9-20-09-jm.jpg (123203 bytes)
Huron Belle and Vrooneborg above the Blue Water bridges.
12-Voorneborg-9-20-09-jm.jpg (95470 bytes)
Pilot change on the open lake

Welland Gathering - Dave Wobser
1-Welland-9-17-09-djw.jpg (89267 bytes)
Rt. Hon. Paul R. Martin waiting to enter Lock Three 
2-Welland-9-17-09-djw.jpg (92595 bytes)
Algosea downbound meeting Martin 
3-Welland-9-17-09-djw.jpg (87836 bytes)
4-Welland-9-17-09-djw.jpg (96047 bytes)
Martin approaching the Glendale Bridge 
5-Welland-9-17-09-djw.jpg (87243 bytes)
Downbound Canadian Olympic approaching Lock Eight 
6-Welland-9-18-09-djw.jpg (58225 bytes)
Clelia II downbound
7-Welland-9-18-09-djw.jpg (101278 bytes)
Stern view
8-Welland-9-18-09-djw.jpg (80519 bytes)
Cedarglen downbound at the Homer Bridge
9-Welland-9-18-09-djw.jpg (83431 bytes)
Starboard bridge wing trimmed for loading dock
10-Welland-9-18-09-djw.jpg (88390 bytes)
MR Kane pushing a spud barge into Lock Seven
11-Welland-9-18-09-djw.jpg (115764 bytes)
MR Kane
12-Welland-9-18-09-djw.jpg (146270 bytes)
Stern view
13-Welland-9-18-09-djw.jpg (114711 bytes)
Tim S. Dool approaching the Glendale Bridge upbound
14-Welland-9-18-09-djw.jpg (94848 bytes)
Friday evening shopping before the slide shows
15-Welland-9-18-09-djw.jpg (82515 bytes)
More shopping...
16-Welland-9-18-09-djw.jpg (55914 bytes)
...and socializing
17-Welland-9-19-09-djw.jpg (125602 bytes)
Algosteel in Lock Seven
18-Welland-9-19-09-djw.jpg (70960 bytes)
Leaving Lock Seven
19-Welland-9-19-09-djw.jpg (122243 bytes)
Canadian Olympic approaching Lock Three upbound
20-Welland-9-19-09-djw.jpg (75161 bytes)
Stern view
21-Welland-9-19-09-djw.jpg (112714 bytes)
Box being delivered to the salty
22-Welland-9-19-09-djw.jpg (71795 bytes)
Eider in Lock Seven
23-Welland-9-19-09-djw.jpg (76960 bytes)
Eider leaving Lock Seven upbound
Stern view

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