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September 26, 2009

Recent Traffic at Sarnia - John McCreery 
1-Ojibway-9-19-09-jm.jpg (72124 bytes)
Ojibway downbound off Lake Huron, destination Windsor.
2-Ojibway-9-19-09-jm-1.jpg (78141 bytes)
Caught in the early morning light.
3-Ojibway-9-19-09-jm.jpg (100572 bytes)
Bow approaching the river mouth
4-AgawaCanyon-9-19-09-jm.jpg (81851 bytes)
Agawa Canyon
5-Jackson-9-19-09-jm.jpg (122181 bytes)
Herbert C Jackson upbound with a load of coal.
6-Quebecois-9-19-09-jm.jpg (73431 bytes)
Qubecois approaching buoys 1 and 2.
7-Quebecois-9-19-09-jm.jpg (74239 bytes)
In the last light of day.
8-Quebecois-9-19-09-jm.jpg (94988 bytes)
Turned toward the river mouth with another load of ore for Dofasco.
9-SandraMary-9-20-09-jm.jpg (95742 bytes)
Sandra Mary passing the chemical valley on her return from Lake Erie.
10-SandraMary-9-20-09-jm.jpg (121260 bytes)
Entering the Government Dock slip at Sarnia.
Rebecca Lynn in Lock 3 - John van der Doe
P1110608.jpg (101859 bytes) P1110612.jpg (87236 bytes) P1110614.jpg (86140 bytes) P1110616.jpg (121701 bytes)  
Port Huron - Bruce Hurd
100_9154.jpg (109039 bytes)
Tug Nickelena upbound for Escanaba
100_9151.jpg (69700 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard vessel Cape Providence
Arthur M. Anderson off Menominee - Dick Lund
1-AMA-09-24-09-dl.jpg (67111 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson passing Menominee, MI from about 10 miles away
American Mariner at the Lower Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1_amar_9_20_09_rb.jpg (131242 bytes)
Unloading coal at the Shiras Dock
2_amar_9_20_09_rb.jpg (116364 bytes)
Close up
Algoma Discovery aground in Germany - North German Broadcasting Corporation
Algoma-Discovery-aground-3.jpg (25666 bytes) Algoma-Discovery-aground-2.jpg (34846 bytes) Algoma-Discovery-aground-1.jpg (13685 bytes)    
Straits of Mackinac - Dianne Donati
Ostrander-Integrity-1-d.d.jpg (21161 bytes)
 Ostrander/Integrity eastbound going under the Mackinaw Bridge on September 24
Ostrander-Integrity-2-d.d.jpg (22397 bytes) Ostrander-Integrity-3-d.d.jpg (16304 bytes)    

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