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September 28, 2009

Point Edward traffic - Marc Dease
1-jgm-9-23-09-md.jpg (56008 bytes)
John G. Munson down bound at 1& 2.
2-cpro-9-23-09-a-md.jpg (55785 bytes)
Canadian Prospector down at 1 & 2 followed by the CSL Laurentien and John D. Leitch.
3-cpro-9-23-09-b-md.jpg (69320 bytes)
Another view.
4-laur-9-23-09-a-md.jpg (59358 bytes)
The CSL Laurentien and John D. Leitch above the buoys.
5-laur-9-23-09-b-md.jpg (96378 bytes)
Another view.
6-jdl-9-23-09-md.jpg (61028 bytes)
 John D. Leitch down at the buoys.

Traffic at Walpole Island
- John McCreery
1-TimSDool-9-20-09-jm.jpg (33250 bytes)
Mirage-like approach of the Tim S Dool upbound at Walpole Island.
2-Dool-9-20-09-jm-1.jpg (42164 bytes)
Bow on
3-TSDool-9-20-09-jm.jpg (55742 bytes) 4-TimSDool-9-20-09-jm.jpg (59043 bytes) 5-TimSDool-9-20-09-jm.jpg (74411 bytes)
Dool and the ferry City of Algonac.
6-AlgonacDool-9-20-09-jm.jpg (88800 bytes)
City of Algonac headed for Algonac astern of the Dool.
7-Dool-9-20-09-jm.jpg (95460 bytes) 8-WalpoleIslander-9-20-09-j.jpg (122000 bytes)
The ferry Walpole Islander - busy enough to have both in service.
9-Dool-9-20-09-jm.jpg (66985 bytes)
Meeting the downbound Atlantic Huron.
10-AtHuron-9-20-09-jm.jpg (52804 bytes)
Atlantic Huron
Arthur M. Anderson loading at Stoneport - Ben & Chanda McClain
Anderson9-26-09-002.jpg (99331 bytes) Anderson9-26-09-009.jpg (61618 bytes) Anderson9-26-09-012.jpg (87077 bytes) Anderson9-26-09-018.jpg (87271 bytes)  

Marquette, Mich. -
Lee Rowe
LATregurthaLR09250902.jpg (101959 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha loading.
MichipicotenLR09250902.jpg (81121 bytes)
Michipicoten loading.
MichipicotenLR09250905.jpg (68395 bytes)
Worker painting?
CMBeeghlyLR09260910.jpg (76493 bytes)
Charles M Beeghly loading
Wilfred Sykes and Grand Haven South Pier - Donald Geske
Wilfredsykes-9-26-09-dg.jpg (86395 bytes)        
Jumbo Vision downbound at Brockville - Murray Blancher
1-Jumbo-Vision-09-27-09-MB-.jpg (74230 bytes)
2-Jumbo-Vision-09-27-09-MB-.jpg (72496 bytes) 3-Jumbo-Vision-09-27-09-MB-.jpg (69470 bytes) 4-Thousand-Islander-09-27-0.jpg (146523 bytes)
GBL Thousand Islander at GBL yard Gananoque On.

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