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September 29, 2009

Grand Haven Lighthouse Monday with 14-17 foot waves - Tom Gerger
1-Grandhaven-9-28-09-tg.jpg (39592 bytes) 2-Grandhaven-9-28-09-tg.jpg (58445 bytes) 3-Grandhaven-9-28-09-tg.jpg (73509 bytes) 4-Grandhaven-9-28-09-tg.jpg (55784 bytes)  
Sam Laud in Cleveland working the Mittal Shuttle run. With wind gusts of 40 to 50 miles per hour, she was in a safe place Monday - Bill Kloss
Sam-Laud-09-28-09-bk.jpg (70240 bytes)
Sam Laud at Cleveland Bulk Terminal
Laud-Loader-09-28-09-bk.jpg (79716 bytes)
At the loader
Laud-Tables-09-28-09-bk.jpg (109902 bytes)
Passing Wendy Park
Coastguardstation-09-28-09-.jpg (126571 bytes)
The old Coast Guard Station
Laudbow-09-28-09-bk.jpg (100587 bytes)
Entering Cuyahoga River
Laud-Pilothouse-09-28-09-bk.jpg (72554 bytes)
Sambow-09-28-09-bk.jpg (100766 bytes)
Passing downtown Cleveland
Laud-Vetsbridge-09-28-09-bk.jpg (139570 bytes)
Underneath Veterans Memorial Bridge
Laudtraffic-09-28-09-bk.jpg (127640 bytes)
Traffic waiting at Center St. Swingbridge
Waves-09-28-09-bk.jpg (94837 bytes)
Waves crashing against Edgewater breakwall
Alpena, Mich. - Ben & Chanda McClain
KAndrie9-28-09-009.jpg (67773 bytes)
Tug Karen Andrie/tanker barge Endeavor
KAndrie9-28-09-010.jpg (55680 bytes)
View of bay
Manitowoc loading ore at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
2_manit_9_24_09_rb.jpg (128986 bytes) 1_manit_9_24_09_rb.jpg (102246 bytes)      
Escanaba, Mich. - Lee Rowe
JJMunsonLR09280906.jpg (59244 bytes)
John J Munson in the harbor
JJMunsonLR09280903.jpg (74408 bytes)
Bow view
JLBlockLR09280905.jpg (72396 bytes)
Joseph L Block unloading stone at the Reiss dock.

Wheatly Harbor in August -  Steve Phillips
IMG_0207.jpg (125292 bytes) IMG_0220.jpg (84653 bytes) IMG_0223.jpg (100090 bytes) IMG_0205.jpg (83078 bytes)
Great Lakes Fish Corp. truck

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