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September 30, 2009

Maumee departed Manistee Sunday afternoon - Marc Vander Meulen
Maumee_092709a_mvm.jpg (152738 bytes)
passing through the CSX railroad bridge
Maumee_092709c_mvm.jpg (96974 bytes)
in the Maple Street bridge opening
Maumee_092709d_mvm.jpg (51424 bytes)
waving from the Maumee's bridge wing
Maumee_092709e_mvm.jpg (128769 bytes)
crew on deck, watching the watchers
Maumee_092709f_mvm.jpg (134441 bytes)
close quarters
Maumee_092709g_mvm.jpg (91996 bytes)
into Lake Michigan

Pincton -
Ron Beaupre
1-glenora-25-09-09-rb.jpg (103475 bytes)
 Auto ferry Glenora crossing Bay of Quinte.
2-roman-26-09-09-rb.jpg (129050 bytes)
Stephen B Roman at the Essroc Cement plant at Picton.
3-roman-25-09-09-rb.jpg (74053 bytes)
  The plant is very large and many ships call here.
Rough day in the Straits of Mackinac - Robert McGreevy
1Alpena092909RMCG.jpg (42123 bytes)
Alpena at anchor off Saint Ignace.
2CasonJcalaway092909RMCG.jpg (76632 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway at anchor off Saint Ignace.
3OliveLMoore092909RMCG.jpg (73453 bytes)
Olive J. Moore at anchor off Saint Ignace.
4Radison092909RMCG.jpg (70887 bytes)
Star line ferry Radisson in following sea.
5Islandexpress092909RMCG.jpg (102384 bytes)
Arnold line ferry Island Express heading into the wind.
Tuesday at the LaFarge dock at St. Joseph, Mich. was a six spud barge in the river - Jim Lindholm
Andrie-spud-barge-at-St.jpg (127320 bytes)        

Anchored vessels off Alpena -
Ben & Chanda McClain
Bayvistors-BCM-9-29-09-01.jpg (60190 bytes)
Bayvistors-BCM-9-29-09-02.jpg (64604 bytes)
Bayvistors-BCM-9-29-09-03.jpg (62844 bytes)
Karen Andrie and Endeavour
St. Ignace - Olive L. Moore, Cason J. Callaway and Alpena anchored out and waiting.
CasOliAlp.jpg (58546 bytes)        
St. Clair River Sept. 9 - Jerry LeBlanc
DSCF0983.jpg (114521 bytes) DSCF0984.jpg (66356 bytes) DSCF0985.jpg (72160 bytes) DSCF0991.jpg (67521 bytes)  
Lake Superior Gales - Capt. R. Metz
Gale-on-Superior-Eagle-Harb.jpg (100665 bytes) Gale-on-Superior-off-of-M-2.jpg (77527 bytes) Gale-on-Lake-Superior-off-E.jpg (71632 bytes) 14-to-18-foot-seas-on-Super.jpg (73517 bytes)  
September views from the Joseph L. Block - Ben & Chanda McClain
JB-BCM-01.jpg (73478 bytes)
Loading at Port Inland
JB-BCM-02.jpg (76772 bytes)
approaching Mackinac Bridge
JB-BCM-03.jpg (83594 bytes)
loading in Cedarville
JB-BCM-03a.jpg (101047 bytes)
departing Cedarville
JB-BCM-04.jpg (61666 bytes)
passing American Century in St. Mary's River
JB-BCM-05.jpg (92060 bytes)
at the Soo Locks
JB-BCM-06.jpg (84431 bytes)
bow spray
JB-BCM-07.jpg (74239 bytes)
Sun rise
JB-BCM-08.jpg (78161 bytes)
JB-BCM-09.jpg (43171 bytes)
JB-BCM-10.jpg (54176 bytes)
unloading at DMIR
JB-BCM-11.jpg (125527 bytes)
Split Rock Lighthouse
JB-BCM-12.jpg (67154 bytes)
loading iron ore in Silver Bay,MN
JB-BCM-13.jpg (73600 bytes)
another view
JB-BCM-14.jpg (61643 bytes)
St. Mary's River
JB-BCM-15.jpg (59842 bytes)
JB-BCM-16.jpg (85747 bytes)
Burns Harbor,IN
JB-BCM-17.jpg (67032 bytes)

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