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October 3 - 4, 2009

10/4 - Duluth-Superior - Tom Caine
1-Jrbar-10-3-09-tc.jpg (60093 bytes)
James R. Barker loading coal at SMET
2-Cslas-10-3-09-tc.jpg (59971 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine loading bentonite at Hallett 5
3-Jdlei-10-3-09-tc.jpg (85453 bytes)
John D. Leitch loading taconite at CN Missabe
4-Jdlei-10-3-09-tc.jpg (85093 bytes)
fresh paint on bow
5-Jdlei-10-3-09-tc.jpg (123560 bytes)
close up
6-Belug-10-3-09-tc.jpg (78348 bytes)
Beluga Fascination at Cenex Harvest States
7-Belug-10-3-09-tc.jpg (114933 bytes)
bow close up

10/4 - Shipping at Hamilton
- John McCreery
1-FederalKushiro-10-2-09-jm.jpg (90615 bytes)
Federal Kushiro at pier 14W, Hamilton.
2-FederalKushiro-10-2-09-jm.jpg (62312 bytes)
Another view
3-FederalKushiro-10-2-09-jm.jpg (93662 bytes)
Bow shot
4-Algolake-10-2-09-jm.jpg (94899 bytes)
Algolake arriving at the Burlington piers with a load of coal for Dofasco.
5-Algolake-10-2-09-jm.jpg (131719 bytes)
Stern view passing under the bridges.
6-AlgolakeProgress-10-2-09-.jpg (89374 bytes)
Passing the Canadian Progress, which just got in ahead of her to unload coal.

10/4 - Marquette, Mich.
Lee Rowe
CMBeeghlyLR10010908.jpg (92520 bytes)
Charles M Beeghly loading on Thursday.
LATregurthaLR10010906.jpg (94949 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha arriving Thursday night
LATregurthaLR10010904.jpg (91405 bytes)
Lee A bow.
MesMinerLR10030903.jpg (111062 bytes)
 Mesabi Miner passing Granite Island
MesMinerLR10030912.jpg (120049 bytes)
Approaching Marquette's upper harbor.

10/4 - Challenger in South Chicago
- Gary R. Clark
chalngr-10-03-09-grc.jpg (72546 bytes)        

10/4 - Whistles on the Water
in St. Clair, Mich. Oct. 3 - Ron Piskor
1-wotw1-10-3-09-rp.jpg.jpg (179779 bytes)
Steam for this event was provided by a 1923 portable boiler made by the Port Huron Tractor and Thrasher Company.
2-wotw2-10-3-09-rp.jpg.jpg (152819 bytes)
This was the first event of this type that used actual steam to blow the many whistles that were there. The last event of this type was 20 years ago and used compressed air to power the whistles.
3-wotw3-10-3-09-rp.jpg.jpg (151330 bytes)
Many Great Lakes Ships whistles were blown along with smaller railroad and factory whistles..
4-wotw4-10-3-09-rp.jpg.jpg (197658 bytes)
.The 2 whistles that are normally displayed at the River Crab were present. One was from the Mercury and the other is from the Comet.The whistle off the Bob Lo boat Columbia was also there.
5-wotw5-10-3-09-rp.jpg.jpg (134612 bytes)
An example of some of the smaller whistles that were blown.
6-wotw6-10-3-09-rp.jpg.jpg (183644 bytes)
There was a manifold mounted along the St.Clair River boardwalk that had several whistles mounted to it The public was allowed to come down and choose a whistle you would like to blow and have your photo taken for free while doing so. Very Gracious Hosts!


Click here to listen to an audio clip of the Columbia's whistle from the event.

10/3 - Stormy Duluth - Tom Caine
1-Cslas-10-2-09-tc.jpg (75267 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine coming off Lake Superior
2-Cslas-10-2-09-tc.jpg (74407 bytes)
Entering Duluth Piers
3-Cslas-10-2-09-tc.jpg (57841 bytes)
Minnesota Point in background
4-Cslas-10-2-09-tc.jpg (115371 bytes)
Wave overtops pier
5-Cslas-10-2-09-tc.jpg (93763 bytes)
Clearing South Pier Inner Light
6-Cslas-10-2-09-tc.jpg (113112 bytes)
Under Aerial Bridge
7-Cslas-10-2-09-tc.jpg (68852 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine has arrived
8-Spier-10-2-09-tc.jpg (89941 bytes)
South Pierhead Light
9-Npier-10-2-09-tc.jpg (109648 bytes)
North Pierhead Light
10-Lwalk-10-2-09-tc.jpg (81179 bytes)
11-Coll-10-2-09-tc.jpg (125770 bytes)
Collateral damage
10/3 - Anchored for weather - Robert McGreevy
1WilfordSykes10022009RMcgjp.jpg (74594 bytes)
Wilfred Sykes passing between Mackinac Island and Saint Ignace.
2Block&Sykes10022009RMcgjpg.jpg (68226 bytes)
Joseph L. Block on anchor West side of Mackinac Island with Sykes maneuvering to go on anchor.
10/3 - Mariatown - Ron Beaupre
1-tuscarora-02-10-09-rb.jpg (78943 bytes)
 Tuscarora heads up the river at . She is heading for Lake Superior and a load of grain.
2-panagia-02-10-09-rb.jpg (85382 bytes)
Panagia sailing for Singapore from Cleveland.
10/3 - Indiana Harbor waits out gale warnings Friday at anchor off of the western end of Madeline Island - Tim Eldred
1-indianahrbr-10-2-09-TE.jpg (46553 bytes)
 Madeline Island Ferry Bayfield continues with its scheduled trips from La Pointe to Bayfield.
10/3 - Stephen B. Roman unloading cement along the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, Ohio - Kent Gurney
Roman-PanA.jpg (105004 bytes)        

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