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October 5, 2009

10/6 - Alpena - Ben & Chanda McClain
Missg-BCM-10-5-09-1.jpg (103027 bytes)
Missisagi out in the bay
Missg-BCM-10-5-09-2.jpg (87734 bytes)
passing breakwall
Missg-BCM-10-5-09-3.jpg (75574 bytes)
coming in
Missg-BCM-10-5-09-4.jpg (63775 bytes)
crewman going over the side
Missg-BCM-10-5-09-5.jpg (95127 bytes)
Tug G.L Ostrander and barge Integrity
Missg-BCM-10-5-09-6.jpg (74724 bytes)
Moving the boom
Missg-BCM-10-5-09-7.jpg (77126 bytes)
Unloading salt

10/6 - Duluth-Superior - Tom Caine
1-Algos-10-5-09-tc.jpg (94296 bytes)
Algosteel loading taconite at CN Missabe
2-Canol-10-5-09-tc.jpg (72278 bytes)
Canadian Olympic loading coal at SMET
3-Canol-10-5-09-tc.jpg (72135 bytes)
4-Canol-10-5-09-tc.jpg (48201 bytes)
5-Jlb-10-5-09-tc.jpg (62001 bytes)
 Joseph L. Block rounding turning buoy
6-Jlb-10-5-09-tc.jpg (50513 bytes)
Outbound at pierheads
7-Jlb-10-5-09-tc.jpg (56076 bytes)
8-Ndako-10-5-09-tc.jpg (72763 bytes)
North Dakota ready to sail Mapleglen at CHS
9-Mapl-10-5-09-tc.jpg (53292 bytes)
Mapleglen rounding turning buoy
10-Mapl-10-5-09-tc.jpg (57002 bytes)
Lining up for piers
11-Jwsh-10-5-09-tc.jpg (99114 bytes)
J. W. Shelly loading at Cenex Harvest States 1
12-Jgmun-10-5-09-tc.jpg (67694 bytes)
John G. Munson entering East Gate Basin
13-Jgmun-10-5-09-tc.jpg (75023 bytes)
Bow with J. B. Ford in background

10/6 - Charles M. Beeghly in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1_cmb_9_26_09_rb.jpg (90664 bytes)
Bow view at the Upper Harbor ore dock
2_cmb_10_1_09_rb.jpg (119761 bytes)
Loading ore

10/6 - Herbert C. Jackson delivered coal to Marquette's Shiras Dock - Lee Rowe
HCJacksonLR10050903.jpg (90384 bytes)
 Herbert C Jackson unloading coal.
HCJacksonLR10050905.jpg (77944 bytes)
Another view.

10/6 - Canadian Olympic in Hancock - Danielle Adams
1-canolympic-10-4-09-da.jpg (79327 bytes)
Canadian Olympic making their way in the Portage Shipping Canal after getting turned around
2-canolympic-10-4-09-da.jpg (50427 bytes)
Getting tied up at the dock
3-canolympic-10-4-09-da.jpg (59609 bytes)
Unloading - a view from the Houghton side
4-canolympic-10-4-09-da.jpg (12628 bytes)
Heading out into Lake Superior right around 9 p.m.

10/6 - Badger towed from Ludington - Bob Kalal
1-10-5-09-154pm.jpg (18852 bytes) 15-10-5-09-230pm.jpg (15382 bytes) 17-10-5-09-234pm.jpg (18038 bytes) 25-10-5-09-250pm.jpg (15589 bytes) 31-10-5-09-302pm.jpg (15535 bytes)

10/5 - Green Bay -
Scott Best
 1-Selvicktugs-10-04-09-sb.jpg (77896 bytes)
Selvick tugs William C Selvick tied to the Carla Anne Selvick, the William C brought in 2 loaded stone barges to the South Leitch dock recently.
1-SamLaud-10-04-09-sb.jpg (83159 bytes)
Sam Laud outbound through the first RR Bridge.
2-SamLaud-10-04-09-sb.jpg (100196 bytes)
Heading out through the Walnut St. Bridge.
1-Cuyahoga-10-04-09-sb.jpg (76846 bytes)
Cuyahoga heading up through the Downtown bridges, Main St and Walnut St.
2-Cuyaghoa-10-04-09-sb.jpg (94839 bytes)
Close up approaching Mason St.
3-Cuyahoga-10-04-09-sb.jpg (90073 bytes)
Stern view departing the river after a quick unload Sunday evening.

10/5 - Lake Erie fishing
- Wheatly, Erieau and Port Stanley Sunday - Steve Philips
IMG_0274.jpg (114312 bytes) IMG_0275.jpg (126256 bytes) IMG_0277.jpg (115477 bytes) IMG_0279.jpg (79177 bytes) IMG_0283.jpg (135887 bytes)
IMG_0284.jpg (114750 bytes)        
10/5 - Mesabi Miner remained at the dock in Marquette after unloading coal - Lee Rowe
MesMinerLR10040906.jpg (77466 bytes)        
10/5 - Stefania I upbound at Mariatown bound for Oshawa - Ron Beaupre
1-stefania-04-10-09-rb.jpg (71084 bytes)        

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