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October 7, 2009

Loading at Port Dolomite - Chuck Wagner
1-WSyk-10-06-09-cw.jpg (99921 bytes)
Wilfred Sykes loading for a Lake Michigan port.
2-WSyk-10-06-09-cw.jpg (73178 bytes)
Topping off before getting underway.
3-LJK-10-06-09-cw.jpg (89406 bytes)
Tug Olive L. Moore / Barge Lewis J. Kuber at anchor waiting for the Sykes to depart.
4-LJK-10-06-09-cw.jpg (94464 bytes)
View from the stern.
5-LJK-10-06-09-cw.jpg (41735 bytes)
Late afternoon sun emerges from behind the clouds.
6-Mich-10-06-09-cw..jpg (115746 bytes)
Michipicoten loading for a Lake Superior port.
7-Mich-10-06-09-cw.jpg (88137 bytes)
Flags fluttering in a stiff breeze.
8-Mich-10-06-09-cwF.jpg (99568 bytes)
From the bow.
9-Cuy-10-06-09-cw.jpg (96871 bytes)
Cuyahoga inbound to load.
10-Cuy-10-06-09-cw.jpg (77296 bytes)
Rain shower out on the lake.
11-Cuy-10-06-09-cw.jpg (101033 bytes)
Michipicoten still loading at the dock.
12-CuyMi-10-06-09-cw.jpg (110631 bytes)
Cuyahoga approaching the anchorage area.

Toledo Activity
- Luke Archer
1-CanProspector-10-6-09-la.jpg (54069 bytes)
Canadian Prospector passing the Willis B. Boyer with the help of two G-Tugs.
2-CanProspector-10-6-09-la.jpg (59026 bytes)
Close-up of Canadian Prospector
3-CanProspector-10-6-09-la.jpg (113434 bytes)
Heading for the NS swing bridge and then on to the Andersons elevators.
Ashland, Wisc. - Chris Mazzella
1-amariner-10-5-09-cm.jpg (56388 bytes)
American Mariner unloading
2-amariner-10-6-09-cm.jpg (35682 bytes)
Mariner viewed from near the Excel Power Plant
Historical perspective - Julie Schopieray Pictures from my parents' honeymoon in 1954 and from Monroe harbor in 1958.
1-hoffman-8-3-1958-js.jpg (77136 bytes)
Hoffman at Monroe Harbor  8-3-1958
2-Hoffman-8-3-1958-js.jpg (114008 bytes)
Side view Hoffman Monroe Harbor  8-3-1958
3-Straightsof-Mackinac-1954.jpg (86273 bytes)
Straights of Mackinac- St. Ignace Harbor 7-2-1954
4-CityofCleveland-1954-js.jpg (102767 bytes)
City of Cleveland - May 1954 location unknown
5-TugSeneca-1954-js.jpg (80807 bytes)
Tug Seneca St. Ignace Harbor  1954
Pinedale Historical Perspective Gallery updated

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