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October 8, 2009

Welland Canal Photos - Paul Beesley
1-glen-10-02-09-pb.jpg (76446 bytes)
Tanker Glen downbound below Lock 2.  She was previously the Liquid Beauty and the Brovig Fjord.  Oct 2
2-altair-10-05-09-pb.jpg (67783 bytes)
MCT Altair upbound from Lock 1.  In the background you can see CCGC Cape Providence entering Lock 1.  Oct 5.
3-altair-10-05-09-pb.jpg (85657 bytes)
MCT Altair upbound from Lock 1. 
4-spirit-10-06-09-pb.jpg (86270 bytes)
Tug Salvor with barge Alouette Spirit downbound toward Lock 1.  Oct 6.
5-spirit-10-06-09-pb.jpg (85488 bytes)
Tug Salvor in the notch of the Alouette Spirit.  Oct 6.
Iroquois Lock - Murray Blancher
1-Saguenay-10-07-09-MB-.jpg (90157 bytes)
Saguenay upbound at Iroquois
2-Saguenay-01-07-09-MB-.jpg (61433 bytes) 3-Saguenay-10-07-09-MB-.jpg (83996 bytes) 4-Orla-10-07-09-MB-.jpg (76550 bytes)
Orla upbound at Iroquois
5-Orla-10-07-09-MB-.jpg (83472 bytes)
6-Orla-10-07-09-MB-.jpg (88487 bytes) 7-Beluga-Fascinastion-10-07.jpg (96548 bytes)
Beluga Fascination downbound at Iroquois
8-Beluga-Fascination-10-07-.jpg (86894 bytes) 9-10-07-09-Ecosse-10-07-09-.jpg (69944 bytes)
Ecosse secured at Prescott Elevator
10-Ecosse,Seahound&-barge-1.jpg (64675 bytes)
Ecosse, Seahound & barge secured at Prescott Elevator
Recent ships at Thunder Bay Ontario - Daniel McCreery 
1-Ojibway-10-1-09-dm-1.jpg (151331 bytes)
Ojibway loading at Viterra C House elevator, formerly Agricore
2-Ojibway-10-1-09-dm-1.jpg (140290 bytes)
Close up
3-Ojibway-10-1-09-dm-1.jpg (98799 bytes)
Bow on
4-Frontenac-10-2-09-dm.jpg (94880 bytes)
Night view of Frontenac at Mission Terminal.
5-Frontenac-10-2-09-dm-1.jpg (55479 bytes)
Wide view.
6-Montrealais-10-4-09-dm-1.jpg (35053 bytes)
Moon and Montrealais at Mission Terminal.
7-Montrealais-10-4-09-dm-1.jpg (44092 bytes)
Close up
8-Dool-Algonorth-10-5-09-dm.jpg (88337 bytes)
Algonorth and Dool
9-Dool-Redhead-10-5-09-dm-1.jpg (86613 bytes)
Tim S Dool in dry dock
10-Provider-10-5-09-dm-1.jpg (98449 bytes)
Canadian Provider early morning at Cargill
11-Montrealais-10-5-09-dm-1.jpg (79251 bytes)
Montrealais moved over to James Richardson.
12-Montrealais-10-5-09-dn-1.jpg (86593 bytes)
Twilight view
13-Provider-10-6-09-dm-1.jpg (82563 bytes)
Provider moved over and loading at Viterra B.
14-Provider-10-6-09-dm-1.jpg (97022 bytes)
Close up
15-Redhead-10-6-09-dm-1.jpg (147332 bytes)
Redhead at Viterra C
South Chicago Tuesday - Steve Bauer
1-Andrsn-10-06-09-sb.jpg (178352 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson arriving in Calumet Harbor, getting ready to turn for the trip down the river to KCBX
2-Andrsn-10-06-09-sb.jpg (77933 bytes)
Backing under Ewing Ave (92nd St) bridge, making the turn for 95th St.
3-Andrsn-10-06-09-sb.jpg (76298 bytes)
Holding short of 95th St bridge at the request of the NS-5 bridge tender account train traffic.
4-Andrsn-10-06-09-sb.jpg (68145 bytes)
Crewmember watching the clearance under the 95th St bridge in a light rain.
5-Andrsn-10-06-09-sb.jpg (85818 bytes)
Backing under the NS-5 bridge through the "five bridges" area.
Port Huron - Bruce Hurd
100_9169.jpg (86782 bytes)
UCCGC Mackinaw upbound
100_9171.jpg (61101 bytes)
MCT Altair docked at Sun Oil Sarnia seen form Port Huron.
Cason J. Callaway panoramic - taken Sunday on the Fox River in Green Bay - Greg Carlson
cason_panoramic2.jpg (197928 bytes)        
Mesabi Miner in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1_MM_10_5_09_rb.jpg (120828 bytes)
Waiting at the Upper Harbor ore dock in Marquette after an unloading hopper breakdown
Historical Perspectives - 1950s ship photos from my dad's collection - Julie Schopieray
1-algomahII-1954-js.jpg (65368 bytes) Algomah II 1954 2-AlgomahII-1954-js.jpg (64615 bytes)
 Algomah II at St. Ignace 1954
3-MackinacIslander-1954-js.jpg (56911 bytes)
Mackinac Islander  at Mackinac Island 1954
4-JT-Wing-1954-js.jpg (102572 bytes)
JT. Wing at Belle Isle 1954
5-deck-vacationland-1954-js.jpg (79245 bytes)
Onboard the Vacationland 1954
6-put-in-bay-1940-js.jpg (154225 bytes)
Put-in-Bay June 1940
7-put-in-bay-1940-js.jpg (91286 bytes)
Put-in Bay side view from a distance 1940

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