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October 9, 2009

Grounded Federal Agno being assisted by Ocean tugs - Michael Rodaway
1-DiaAgno-10-8-09-MR.jpg (77400 bytes)
The tanker Diamond Star waiting to take the lower Beauharnois lock from the Kaministiqua. The grounded Federal Agno seen through the trees.
2-FedAgno-10-8-09-MR.jpg (77975 bytes)
The grounded Federal Agno assisted by Ocean tugs.
3-FedAgno-10-8-09-MR.jpg (94141 bytes)
Federal Agno aground well to the North of the Pointe-Fortier anchorage

Federal Agno - Ken Goslett
1-FedAgno-100809kg.jpg (71270 bytes)
Federal Agno aground in Lac-St-Louis below Beauharnois lock 3.
2-FedAgno-100809kg.jpg (60628 bytes)
Tugs try to free Federal Agno.

Federal Agno Lake St Louis - Kent Malo
Federal-Agno8-10-09-km.jpg (64301 bytes)
Federal Agno aground in Lake St Louis below the Beauharnois locks
Federal-Agno8-10-09-km-b.jpg (69401 bytes)
Ocean tug Duga on the stern
Ocean-Intrepide8-10-09-km.jpg (80482 bytes)
Tug Ocean Intrepide heading up the South shore canal to pull the grounded Federal Agno.
Welland Canal - Brad Davies
1-canprospector-oct609-bd.jpg (84321 bytes) 2-algosea-oct609-bd.jpg (95816 bytes) 2-canprospector-oct6-09-bd.jpg (67544 bytes) algosea-oct609-bd.jpg (98065 bytes) pilicia-oct609-bd.jpg (67243 bytes)
Algosoo on the Rouge River - Chuck Wagner
1-Wyo-10-08-09-cw.jpg (123666 bytes)
Tug Wyoming on the stern as the Algosoo backs up the Rouge River.
2-AlgSo-10-08-09-cw.jpg (139751 bytes)
Passing through the Jefferson Ave bridge with the work boat ready for launching.
3-AlgSo-10-08-09-cw.jpg (94586 bytes)
Work boat launched.
4-AlgSo-10-08-09-cw.jpg (90193 bytes)
Picking up one of the bow lines.
5-AlgSo-10-08-09-cw.jpg (104857 bytes)
Swinging the boom.
Goderich update - Bruce Douglas
1-CHJackman-10-8-09-bjd.jpg (124207 bytes)
Capt Henry Jackman from the hill.
2-CHJackman-10-8-09-bjd.jpg (86870 bytes)
Capt Henry Jackman loading salt Thursday.
3-CHJackson-10-8-09-bjd.jpg (203763 bytes)
Capt Henry Jackman from the lighthouse.
Stolt Kite downbound at Maitland Ont. - Murray Blancher
2-Stolt-Kite-10-08-09-MB-.jpg (49778 bytes) 1-Stolt-Kite-10-08-09-MB-.jpg (58329 bytes)      
Joyce L VanEnkevort and barge Great Lakes Trader unloading stone in the Soo - Lee Rowe
JVEGLTraderLR100709_13.jpg (95717 bytes)        

Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey

1-pm41-10-8-09-ts-a.jpg (79392 bytes)
Undaunted-Pere Marquette 41 upbound nearing the Essexville Range Lights
2-pm41-10-8-09-ts-b.jpg (78635 bytes)
Tug Undaunted close up
3-pm41-10-8-09-ts-c.jpg (77126 bytes)
Stern view preparing to make the turn into Bay Agg.
Research vessel Seneca Monday off Buffalo - Captain Caleb P. Basiliko
image001.jpg (19742 bytes)        
Welland Canal Photos from 2005 - Paul Beesley
1-bbcont-04-04-05-pb.jpg (102398 bytes)
 BBC Ontario upbound at Port Robinson early in the season.  Apr 4.
2-gcl-04-04-05-pb.jpg (71797 bytes)
Gordon C Leitch downbound toward Lock 1.  Apr 4.
3-gcl-04-04-05-pb.jpg (87590 bytes)
Gordon C Leitch approaching Lock 1.  Apr 4.
4-roman-04-04-05-pb.jpg (77224 bytes)
Stephen B Roman upbound toward Lock 2.  Apr 4.
5-isle-04-05-05-pb.jpg (69446 bytes)
Algoisle clear of Lock 1 upbound.  Apr 5.

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