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October 11, 2009

Detroit River Cruise - Violet Bostwick
DSC_0057.jpg (135857 bytes) DSC_0056.jpg (88396 bytes) DSC_0008.jpg (172312 bytes) DSC_0005.jpg (134091 bytes) DSC_0004.jpg (100601 bytes)
DSC_0161.jpg (74280 bytes) DSC_0114.jpg (90741 bytes) DSC_0113.jpg (89684 bytes) DSC_0095.jpg (88647 bytes) DSC_0086.jpg (106521 bytes)
DSC_0168.jpg (87444 bytes) DSC_0188.jpg (116977 bytes) DSC_0191.jpg (103847 bytes) DSC_0230.jpg (80844 bytes) DSC_0273.jpg (111524 bytes)
DSC_0326.jpg (82917 bytes) DSC_0357.jpg (171590 bytes)      

Mariatown and Iroquois Lock
- Murray Blancher
1-Montrealais-10-10-09-MB-.jpg (100546 bytes)
Montrealais downbound at Mariatown
2-Montrealais-10-10-09-MB-.jpg (76352 bytes) 3-Grande-Mariner-10-10-09-M.jpg (111958 bytes)
Grande Mariner downbound at Mariatown
4-Grande-Mariner-10-10-09-M.jpg (100519 bytes) 5-Grande-Mariner-10-10-09-M.jpg (83099 bytes)
6-Spruceglen-10-10-09-MB-.jpg (141087 bytes)
Spruceglen Downbound at Iroquois Lock
7-Spruceglen-10-10-09-MB-.jpg (79285 bytes) 8-Tug-Margot-&-Barges-10-10.jpg (95393 bytes)
Tug Margot & barges upbound at Iroquois Lock
9-Tug-Margot-10-10-09-MB-.jpg (130189 bytes) 10-Tug-Margot-&-Barges-10-1.jpg (126119 bytes)
1-Cedarglen-10-09-09-MB-.jpg (56336 bytes)
Cedarglen upbound approaching Iroquois Lock
2-Cedarglen-10-09-09-MB-.jpg (64555 bytes) 3-Cedarglen-10-09-09-MB-.jpg (74613 bytes)    
Duluth traffic -Travis Chadwick
1-jackson-10-9-09-tc.jpg (59185 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson loading grain at CHS # 2.
2-jackson-10-9-09-tc.jpg (65894 bytes)
Close- up of Jackson.
3-tuscarora10-9-09tc.jpg (93133 bytes)
Tuscarora loading grain opposite of the Jackson at CHS # 1.
4-munson-10-9-09-tc.jpg (62569 bytes)
John G. Munson steaming towards the C. Reiss dock.
5-ammrinr-10-9-09-tc.jpg (58052 bytes)
Munson creeping past the American Mariner loading at SMET.
6-mapleglen10-9-09tc.jpg (95555 bytes)
Mapleglen loading grain at CHS # 1.
Alpena - Ben & Chanda McClain
MldIsMis-BCM-10-9-09-1.jpg (84394 bytes)
Middle Island Lighthouse
MldIsMis-BCM-10-9-09-2.jpg (80801 bytes)
Tugs & barges passing by
MldIsMis-BCM-10-9-09-3.jpg (90113 bytes)
Keepers Quarters
MldIsMis-BCM-10-9-09-4.jpg (51701 bytes)
Missisagi unloading salt
MldIsMis-BCM-10-9-09-5.jpg (85282 bytes)
Another view
Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder unloading at Ontario Stone in Cleveland Saturday - Bill Kloss
Pathfinder-10-10-09-bk.jpg (104482 bytes) Pathfinderboom-10-10-09-bk.jpg (132486 bytes) DorothyAnn-10-10-09-bk.jpg (145573 bytes)    
Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey
1-calumet-10-9-09-ts-a.jpg (54718 bytes)
 Calumet unloading at Sargent Essexville
2-calumet-10-9-09-ts-b.jpg (122845 bytes)
Close up
3-calumet-10-9-09-ts-c.jpg (95466 bytes)
Stern view from the Essroc dock.
Tug Mohawk with a tow of construction barges passes Amherstburg, Ont. - John van der Doe.
ABurg-(3).jpg (79888 bytes) ABurg-(4).jpg (65084 bytes) aBurg-(8).jpg (70662 bytes) ABurg-(12).jpg (71612 bytes)  
Andrea Marie 1 in Port Maitland, Ont. - Mike Flatt
Andrea-Marie-1.jpg (61390 bytes)        

Mariatown and Iroquois Lock
- Ron Beaupre
1-margot-10-10-09-rb.jpg (118423 bytes)
 Margot pushes two dump scows up the river at Mariatown.
2-spruceglen-10-10-09-rb.jpg (68980 bytes)
Spruceglen takes a load of coal to Belledune from Duluth.
Welland Canal - Paul Beesley
1-cslassin-10-08-09-pb.jpg (94938 bytes)
 CSL Assiniboine leaving Lock 3.
2-cslassin-10-08-09-pb.jpg (91588 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine down toward the Homer bridge.
3-dotann-10-08-09-pb.jpg (64711 bytes)
Dorothy Ann & Pathfinder upbound above Lock 1.
4-dotann-10-08-09-pb.jpg (83461 bytes)
Dorothy Ann & Pathfinder above Lock 1.
5-jtl-10-08-09-pb.jpg (96763 bytes)
John D Leitch leaving Lock 3 with Saguenay at the bridge.
6-andrie-10-08-09-pb.jpg (90190 bytes)
Karen Andrie & Endeavour entering Lock 6 east, downbound.
7-orla-10-08-09-pb.jpg (93853 bytes)
Orla upbound at the Homer bridge.
8-oel-10-08-09-pb.jpg (63167 bytes)
Orla moving from Lock 6 to Lock 7.
9-saguen-10-08-09-pb.jpg (88289 bytes)
Saguenay inbound Port Weller.
10-saguen-10-08-09-pb.jpg (99384 bytes)
Saguenay entering Lock 3, upbound.
Duluth activity - Mike Sipper
1-PI-10-04-09-MS.jpg.jpg (49423 bytes)
Presque Isle departing Duluth
2-JRB-10-04-09-MS.jpg.jpg (54669 bytes)
James R Barker arriving Duluth
3-MANISTEE-10-04-09-MS.jpg.jpg (53656 bytes)
Manistee departing Duluth (Bow)
4-MANISTEE-10-04-09-MS.jpg.jpg (60422 bytes)
Manistee departing Duluth (Stern)
5-ALGORAIL-10-04-09-MS.jpg.jpg (93848 bytes)
Algorail loading at CN Duluth
Army Corps tug Cheraw on the Black Rock Canal - Brian W.
1-Cheraw-10-09-09-BW.jpg (65065 bytes)
Cheraw heading up the Black Rock Canal as seen from the foot of Ferry St.
2-Cheraw-10-09-09-BW.jpg (77249 bytes)
Cheraw is now approaching the Ferry St. Lift Bridge.
3-Cheraw-10-09-09-BW.jpg (121011 bytes)
The tug is now seen passing through the draw with two toots on the whistle.
4-Cheraw-10-09-09-BW.jpg (47856 bytes)
Cheraw is now with her derrick boat  McCauly "on the hip" and heading through the Black Rock Canal at the International Peace Bridge.
5-Cheraw-10-09-09-BW.jpg (61589 bytes)
Tug-barge heading back to the Buffalo Port Terminal after a day's work on the canal with the head of the Niagara River, Lake Erie, and Canada in the background.
Fish Tugs in Port Maitland Port Dover, Ontario - Mike Flatt
L.R.-Jackson,-Port-Maitland.jpg (88669 bytes) Lincoln-R.,-Port-Maitland.jpg (200475 bytes) Lynsey-Lenore,-Port-Maitlan.jpg (136197 bytes) Rainbow-S.-in-Drydock,-Port.jpg (144190 bytes) Just-'N'-Case-,-Port-Dover.jpg (83004 bytes)
Glenmorangie-and-the-James-.jpg (113072 bytes) Glenmorangie-and-James-D.,-.jpg (92765 bytes) Fish-Tug,-Port-Dover.jpg (67664 bytes) Fishing-Tugs-in-Port-Dover.jpg (97611 bytes) Erie-Explorer,-Port-Dover.jpg (101770 bytes)
Erieau fish tugs - Steve Phillips
IMG_0191.jpg (140538 bytes)
Leonard S. is an odd craft for Lake Erie in the smelt trade (when this shot was taken) ex Atlantic ocean dragger the only one with a stern haul.
IMG_0182_1.jpg (49003 bytes)
Mi-Mark is a Liddle Bros boat
IMG_0189.jpg (58574 bytes)
Miss Melissa II &  Miss Nicole II (along with Miss Venessa & Isabel-Maria) are part of the Saco fleet out of Wheatly, Ont.
IMG_0174.jpg (74735 bytes)
Goderich fish tugs - Bruce Douglas
1-Fishing-tugs-10-8-09-bjd.jpg (141637 bytes)        
Post Cards - Steve Phillips
giant-post-cards_0001.jpg (166983 bytes) giant-post-cards_0002.jpg (176631 bytes) giant-post-cards_0003.jpg (189361 bytes) lightship-milwaukeeEPls-001.jpg (73523 bytes)  
Historical Perspectives - found in an antique shop in Erieau, a school project, two sheets of bristol board with photos - Steve Phillips
P&H--willowglen_0001.jpg (112588 bytes) P&H--willowglen_0002.jpg (54307 bytes) P&H--willowglen_0003.jpg (79967 bytes) P&H--willowglen_0004.jpg (63086 bytes) P&H--willowglen_0005.jpg (96621 bytes)
P&H--willowglen_0006.jpg (80083 bytes) P&H--willowglen_0007.jpg (69655 bytes) P&H--willowglen_0008.jpg (73640 bytes) P&H--willowglen_0009.jpg (72403 bytes)  

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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