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October 12, 2009

South Chicago - Tom Kort
1-CTC1-10-11-tk.jpg (116515 bytes)
CTC No. 1 has been moved intact.  It was tied near a scrap yard and for a while, some equipment had been spotted near the boat.
2-CTC1-10-11-tk.jpg (153556 bytes)
New location for the boat, Sherwin was stored here.
3-CTC1-10-11-tk.jpg (94321 bytes)
Bow shot
4-tugs-10-11-tk.jpg (110831 bytes)
Tugs and retired fire boat.
5-Limassol-10-11-tk.jpg (94192 bytes)
6-Limassol-10-11-tk.jpg (106387 bytes) 8-sykes-10-11-tk.jpg (86555 bytes)
Wilfred Sykes
10-sykes-10-11-tk.jpg (118375 bytes)
Moving a little bottom silt
11-sykes-10-11-tk.jpg (100097 bytes) 12-sykes-10-11-tk.jpg (106867 bytes)
9-sykes-10-11-tk.jpg (54535 bytes)
Rudder hard over
13-sykes-10-11-tk.jpg (43520 bytes)
14-sykes-10-11-tk.jpg (120067 bytes)
Stern and rudder action
16-sykes-10-11-tk.jpg (71522 bytes)
Crew on deck.
17-tugs-10-11-tk.jpg (87228 bytes)
G Tugs

Duluth-Superior -
Tom Caine
1-Aveng-10-11-09-tc.jpg (76403 bytes)
 Avenger IV and PML 9000 with scrap from Hallett #5
2-Aveng-10-11-09-tc.jpg (88743 bytes)
close up
3-Aveng-10-11-09-tc.jpg (102039 bytes)
Avenger IV off ore docks
4-Indian-10-11-09-tc.jpg (80766 bytes)
Indiana Harbor at turning buoy outbound with coal
5-Indian-10-11-09-tc.jpg (64541 bytes)
rounding turning buoy
6-Beegl-10-11-09-tc.jpg (103720 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly unloading coal at Hallett #5
7-Presq-10-11-09-tc.jpg (77288 bytes)
Presque Isle inbound for CN Missabe with limestone
8-Presq-10-11-09-tc.jpg (69435 bytes)
Winding off ore docks
9-Quebe-10-11-09-tc.jpg (88709 bytes)
Quebecois off-loading at Holcim-St. Lawrence
10-Adame-10-11-09-tc.jpg (105827 bytes)
Adam E. Cornelius loading grain at Cenex Harvest States
11-Adame-10-11-09-tc.jpg (104659 bytes)
Close up

Herbert C. Jackson in Buffalo -
Brian W.

Jackson led up the Buffalo River Entrance Channel by the tug Washington.

Jackson making her first turn just above the North & South Piers.

Through the Watson Basin as seen from the Port Bridge Wing of the Missile Cruiser USS Little Rock.

Michigan St., just off the St. Mary's Cement (Kellogg) Elevator as the Jackson is clearing through the draw.

Tug pulling astern to slow the reach of the Jackson as the tow starts into the dangerous curve under the Ohio St. Bridge.

Easing the big freighter's bow up through the bend at Ohio St. while the stern swings under the bridge on an acute angle.

The bow lookout is calling in the closing distance to the wall of the old Electric Elevator Dock.

Stern is now coming around as the bridge tender at Ohio St. begins to lower the draw behind her.

Tug has dropped her tow line and is lightly pushing the Jackson's bow up to the Standard Elevator while deckhands secure the lines before unloading can begin.
Herbert C. Jackson unloading stone at the Lower Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick

Scenic view


Canadian Empress at Kahnawake - Kent Malo

Cruise vessel Canadian Empress as they sail past the Water Drum restaurant at Kahnawake Mohawk Reserve above Montreal.

The vessel was heading for a night stop at Montreal Sunday

Crew and passengers

Kathryn Spirit carries a deck load of containers down the river at Mariatown - Ron Beaupre
1-kathryn-11-10-09-rb.jpg (59056 bytes)        
Straits of Mackinac, 10-9  - Dianne Donati

Arthur M. Anderson passing the Round Island Lighthouse going eastbound in the straits.

Arthur M. Anderson eastbound in Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island.

Edgar B. Speers going eastbound in the straits.

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