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October 13, 2009

Snowy day in Duluth-Superior - Tom Caine
1-Mesab-10-12-09-tc.jpg (47134 bytes)
Mesabi Miner loading coal at SMET
2-Quebe-10-12-09-tc.jpg (40112 bytes)
Quebecois at Holcim-St. Lawrence Dock
3-Beegh-10-12-09-tc.jpg (45936 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly continues unloading coal at Hallett #5
4-Beegh-10-12-09-tc.jpg (87301 bytes)
Marine Tech crane scow alongside
5-Beegh-10-12-09-tc.jpg (127021 bytes)
Callie M. and crane scow
6-Maxi-10-12-09-tc.jpg (150376 bytes)
Maxine Thompson and scows at CN Missabe
7-Maxi-10-12-09-tc.jpg (193888 bytes)
Removing chutes at CN Dock 5
8-Orla-10-12-09-tc.jpg (69324 bytes)
Orla at Cenex Harvest States 1
9-Orla-10-12-09-tc.jpg (141623 bytes)
Taking garbage off Orla for steaming
10-Arthu-10-12-09-tc.jpg (43979 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson coming off Lake Superior
11-Arthu-10-12-09-tc.jpg (44760 bytes)
Approaching Duluth Piers
12-Arthu-10-12-09-tc.jpg (55873 bytes)
Anderson passes Mesabi Miner at SMET enroute C. Reiss Dock
13-Deer-10-12-09-tc.jpg (176482 bytes)
White-tail deer near Port Terminal
14-Presq-10-12-09-tc.jpg (76202 bytes)
Presque Isle unloading limestone at CN Missabe
15-Prt-10-12-09-tc.jpg (114813 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha coming off lake
Duluth - Superior - Chris Mazzella
1-AMA-10-12-09-cm.jpg (80577 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson arriving at the Duluth Piers for the first time of the 2009 shipping season
2-AMA-10-12-09-cm.jpg (85829 bytes)
Anderson unloading limestone at the C. Reiss Dock
3-CMBeeghly-10-12-09-cm.jpg (79855 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly unloading at Hallett 5
4-Quebecois-10-12-09-cm.jpg (110298 bytes)
Quebecois unloading at St. Lawrence Cement
5-Miner-Tregurtha-10-12-09-.jpg (35598 bytes)
Mesabi Miner departing, left, Paul R. Tregurtha backing, right.
6-Orla-10-12-09-cm.jpg (176662 bytes)
Orla loading at CHS
Handcock, Mich. - Danielle Adams
1-algosoo-10-12-09-da.jpg (59873 bytes)
Algosoo pulling into Mattila's dock in Hancock (View from Houghton)
2-algosoo-10-12-09-da.jpg (63622 bytes)
Getting ready to unload with snow flakes in the air
Michipicoten in the St. Lawrence Seaway south shore canal - Kent Malo
Michipicoten10-12-09-km.jpg (89217 bytes) Michipicoten10-12-09-km-c.jpg (101649 bytes)      
St. Lawrence River at Trois Rivieres - Kent Malo
OOCLMontreal10-12-09-km.jpg (41745 bytes)
OOCL Montreal showing pink instead of a red hull, up bound at Trois Rivieres, for Montreal.
MaerskPenang10-12-09-km.jpg (46661 bytes)
Mearsk Penang up bound at Trois Rivieres for Montreal
OceanCharlie101209-km.jpg (86991 bytes)
Ocean Charlie at her dock in Trois Rivieres, Quebec
BigBarges10-12-09-km.jpg (115831 bytes)
Big Barges at Trois Rivieres, Quebec
Gordon C. Leitch downbound approaches Cote-Ste-Catherine Lock - Ken Goslett
1.GLeitch-101209kg.jpg (94051 bytes)        
Historical Perspectives - John G. Mackay
Pictures taken at the Sarnia elevators in the 1950's. Captain Eric Fox is pictured in #5 on the left along with my father and mother George and Clare Mackay. Eric and my father grew up together in Wiarton. He took us on a tour of the boat and then treated us to dinner aboard. File0001.jpg (93529 bytes) File0003.jpg (90371 bytes) File0004.jpg (100989 bytes) File0005.jpg (89012 bytes)
Historical Perspectives - Steve Phillips
IMG-tankers_0002.jpg (70931 bytes) IMG-tankers_0003.jpg (66624 bytes) IMG-tankers_0004.jpg (49899 bytes) IMG-tankers_0001.jpg (195435 bytes)
Glenisla, labeled Collingwood Jan 23, 1924.

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