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October 16, 2009

Toledo Activity - Luke Archer
1-Stefania1-10-14-09-la.jpg (59318 bytes)
Stefania I departing the river from the Andersons elevator, passing under the Anthony Wayne Bridge.
2-Stefania1-10-14-09-la.jpg (82452 bytes)
Stefania I passing the Willis B. Boyer on a rainy evening.
Duluth- Tom Caine
1-Orla-10-14-09-tc.jpg (62491 bytes)
Orla, loaded with grain, ready to heave anchor and start down bound trip
2-Jdlei-10-14-09-tc.jpg (72732 bytes)
John D. Leitch approaching North American Salt Dock (formerly Cutler-Magner)
McKee Sons unloading in Holland - Matt Hughes
Picture-001.jpg (87865 bytes) Picture-003.jpg (99658 bytes) Picture-004.jpg (74409 bytes)    
Oakglen departing Montreal for Nanticoke on Wednesday -Rene Beauchamp
IMG_5179.jpg (95291 bytes) IMG_5180.jpg (76585 bytes)
Fleetmate Richelieu had to moved out of the way
IMG_5181.jpg (75774 bytes)    

Cleveland, Ohio - Bill Kloss
AlgomaGuardian-10-15-09-bk.jpg (84484 bytes)
Algoma Guardian at Port Authority dock
AlgomaGuargianstern-10-15-0.jpg (120607 bytes)
Coveredwalkway-10-15-09-bk.jpg (93155 bytes)
New covered walkway
Walkway-10-15-09-bk.jpg (99214 bytes)
Walkway in front of Mather
WGMather-10-15-09-bk.jpg (90356 bytes)
Mather and Cleveland buildings
WGMatherstern-10-15-09-bk.jpg (71616 bytes)
Mather stern
Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder at the Upper Harbor ore dock in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1_DA_Path10_15_09_rb.jpg (116058 bytes)        
Sam Laud in Lake Huron eastbound - Dianne Donati
Sam-Laud-10-14-09-dd.jpg (66377 bytes)
Sam Laud eastbound passing Bois Blanc Island
Sam-Laud-2-10-14-09-dd.jpg (70982 bytes)
Sam Laud eastbound in Lake Huron
Badger returns to Ludington - Bob Kalal
275--10-15-09-9_25am.jpg (21335 bytes) 289--10-15-09-9_39am.jpg (21960 bytes) 318--10-15-09-10_09am.jpg (18152 bytes)    
Welland Canal April 2005 - Paul Beesley
1-canpro-04-21-05-pb.jpg (106688 bytes)
Canadian Progress slides the wall toward Lock 2.  Apr 21/05.
2-smcpf-04-21-05-pb.jpg (86798 bytes)
Petite Forte & St Mary's Cement.  Apr 21/05.
3-chjac-04-22-05-pb.jpg (89945 bytes)
Capt Henry Jackman leaving Lock 6 west.  Apr 22/05.
4-queb-04-22-05-pb.jpg (86240 bytes)
Quebecois in Port Weller drydock.  Apr 22/05.
5-fedmac-04-23-05-pb.jpg (72935 bytes)
Federal Mackinac downbound from Lock 2.  Apr 23/05.
6-juleen-04-23-05-pb.jpg (91675 bytes)
 Juleen 1 leaving the Isolda below Port Weller, Apr 23/05.
7-birch-04-25-05-pb.jpg (63291 bytes)
Birchglen leaving Lock 7.  Apr 25/05.
8-birch-04-25-05-pb.jpg (56066 bytes) 9-uscgcb-04-25-05-pb.jpg (109735 bytes)
USCGC Buffalo upbound at the Glendale bridge.  Apr 25/05.
10-way-04-29-05-pb.jpg (114376 bytes)
 Algoway reflected in the canal water.  Apr 29/05.
11-way-04-29-05-pb.jpg (59678 bytes)
Algoway downbound toward Lock 1.  Apr 29/05.
12-way-04-29-05-pb.jpg (70099 bytes)
Algoway downbound toward Lock 1.  Apr 29/05.
13-fedems-04-29-05-pb.jpg (135358 bytes)
Federal Ems upbound from Lock 1.  Apr 29/05.
14-fedems-04-29-05-pb.jpg (83501 bytes)
Federal Ems upbound from Lock 1.  Apr 29/05.
15-fedems-04-29-05-pb.jpg (89443 bytes)
Federal Ems upbound toward Lock 2.  Apr 29/05.
Elton Hoyt 2nd deck cracks - Capt. Bill Hoey
In late December 1983 the Hoyt developed a crack on deck while downbound on Lake Huron. The vessel stopped in Detroit River where the ship was inspected and the deck was welded. The vessel then proceeded to  Ashtabula to unload. EltonHoytCrack-a-1983wah.jpg (51277 bytes)
 Channel iron lined up over the crack at hatch 11 to be welded.
EltonHoytCrack-a-1983wah-ye.jpg (55512 bytes)
Cracks outlined
EltonHoytCrack-b-1983wah.jpg (58233 bytes)
Ships officers and officials reviewing the work.
EltonHoytCrack-c-1983wah.jpg (64853 bytes)
Layout of the channels on the deck to be welded.
  EltonHoytCrack-d-1983wah.jpg (38702 bytes)
View forward from hatch 13 to the work area.
EltonHoytIIcrack-e-1983wah.jpg (20599 bytes)
Meeting the Elton Hoyt II near Nicholson's Terminal.
EltonHoytIIcrack-f-1983wah.jpg (43105 bytes)
Welding in progress on the repairs in mid Detroit River.

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