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October 19 - 20, 2009

CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock - Bob Vincent
1-AmIntegrity-10-18-09-bv.jpg (132590 bytes)
American Integrity
2-AmIntegrity-10-18-09-bv.jpg (68435 bytes)
In for Repairs
3-AmValor-10-18-09-bv.jpg (62676 bytes)
American Valor, Lay-up
4-CathDesgagnes-10-18-09-bv.jpg (106639 bytes)
Catherine Desgagnes waiting for loading crew
5-CathDesgagnes-10-18-09-bv.jpg (64317 bytes)
Catherine Desgagnes under the ship loader
6-CathDesgagnes-10-18-09-bv.jpg (99166 bytes)
Forward Deck view
7-CathDesgagnes-10-18-09-bv.jpg (153694 bytes)
Aft Deck House
8-CathDesgagnes-10-18-09-bv.jpg (198381 bytes)
Coal in the boat
Fall Colors at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1_manist_9_18_09_rb.jpg (177529 bytes)
2_MM_10_5_09_rb.jpg (119399 bytes)
Mesabi Miner and Presque Isle Park
3_DA_Path10_15_09_rb.jpg (240613 bytes) Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder    
Goderich, Ontario - Bruce Douglas
Mississagi-ld-salt-Goderich.jpg (71417 bytes)
Mississagi loading salt.
Mississagi-clearing-Goderic.jpg (99836 bytes)
Mississagi clearing, Mike J.
Ojibway-loading-grain-Goder.jpg (130297 bytes)
Ojibway loading grain.
Debbie-Lyn-with-Algorail-Go.jpg (101627 bytes)
Debbie-Lyn assisting Algorail.
Algorail-turning-in-the-bas.jpg (113989 bytes)
Algorail turning in basin.
Algorail-loading-salt-Goder.jpg (92094 bytes)
Algorail loading salt.
Algorail-and-grain-trains-G.jpg (205958 bytes)
Algorail and grain-trains.
Welland Canal Oct. 19 - Paul Beesley
1-norris-10-19-09-pb.jpg (64305 bytes)
James Norris upbound at Port Weller. 
2-oak-10-19-09-pb.jpg (84759 bytes)
Oakglen down from Lock 2.
3-oak-10-19-09-pb.jpg (76913 bytes)
Oakglen approaching Lock 1, downbound. 
4-hound-10-19-09-pb.jpg (137950 bytes)
Seahound towing a spare lock gate below Lock 1.  These were brought from storage above the shipyard to a dock below the lock.
5-spirit-10-19-09-pb.jpg (78239 bytes)
 Algoma Spirit downbound from Lock 3.
6-spirit-10-19-09-pb.jpg (87115 bytes)
Algoma Spirit passing under the High Bridge.
7-hound-10-19-09-pb.jpg (121175 bytes)
 Seahound upbound at the Homer bridge. 
Seaway South shore canal at Kahnawake - Kent Malo
SwellMaster109-19-09-km6.jpg (103182 bytes)
Tug Swell Master returning to the dredge D 6 above Cote Ste Catherine lock from the dump site with her barge D 8.
SwellMaster10-19-09-km-d.jpg (116756 bytes) SwellMaster10-19-09-km-c.jpg (128916 bytes) CCGSGriffon10-19-09-km.jpg (123561 bytes)
CCGS Griffon down bound at Kahnawake above Cote Ste Catherine lock, for the St Lawrence River.
CCGSGriffon10-19-09-km-b.jpg (135120 bytes)
CCGSGriffon10-19-09-km-c.jpg (129581 bytes)        
Manitowoc outbound at Smith Park in Essexville - Todd Shorkey
1-mani-10-18-09-ts-a.jpg (88755 bytes) 2-mani-10-18-09-ts-b.jpg (103963 bytes)      
Lake Huron passage - Dianne Donati
Maumee-10-19-09-dd1.jpg (91640 bytes)
Maumee westbound  in Lake Huron passing Mackinac Island.
Arthur-M-Anderson-10-19-09-.jpg (106988 bytes)
Arthur M Anderson westbound on Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island in Cheboygan.
Historical perspective - post cards of Detroit,Windsor and Belle Isle ferries - Steve Phillips
detroitwindsor-_0002.jpg (134932 bytes) detroitwindsor-_0003.jpg (141712 bytes) detroitwindsor-_0004.jpg (165041 bytes) detroitwindsor-_0005.jpg (135076 bytes) detroitwindsor-_0006.jpg (143433 bytes)
detroitwindsor-_0007.jpg (180455 bytes) detroitwindsor-_0008.jpg (148176 bytes) detroitwindsor0009.jpg (200410 bytes) detroitwindsor-_0010.jpg (187104 bytes) detroitwindsor-_0011.jpg (224202 bytes)
detroitwindsor-_0001.jpg (255051 bytes)        

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