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October 21, 2009

John Sherwin at the dock in DeTour - Marc Vander Meulen
05_Sherwin_AKA_101809_mvm.jpg (66276 bytes) 05_Sherwin_bow2_101809_mvm.jpg (113531 bytes) 05_Sherwin_bow_101809_mvm.jpg (134911 bytes) 05_Sherwin_bow3_101809_mvm.jpg (85534 bytes) 05_Sherwin_bow_thruster_101.jpg (94819 bytes)
05_Sherwin_hull_101809_mvm.jpg (132413 bytes) 05_Sherwin_stern2_101809_mv.jpg (63513 bytes) 05_Sherwin_stern_101809_mvm.jpg (88412 bytes) 05_Sherwin_rudder2_101809_m.jpg (107500 bytes) 05_Sherwin_rudder_101809_mv.jpg (135318 bytes)
05_Sherwin_stern_thruster_1.jpg (264668 bytes) 05_Sherwin_no_prop_101809_m.jpg (101126 bytes) 05_Sherwin_stern_tube_10180.jpg (79142 bytes) 05_AKA_Sherwin_101809_mvm.jpg (85566 bytes)  

Moving the carferry Arthur K. Atkinson across the Interlake coal dock slip to make room for the John Sherwin - Marc Vander Meulen
04_AKA_101509_mvm.jpg (66202 bytes) 04_AKA_profile_101509_mvm.jpg (128839 bytes) 04_AKA_bow2_101509_mvm.jpg (79529 bytes) 04_AKA_bow_101509_mvm.jpg (152064 bytes) 04_AKA_bow1_101509_mvm.jpg (114422 bytes)
04_AKA_tugs_101509_mvm.jpg (147474 bytes) 04_AKA_push2_101509_mvm.jpg (71768 bytes) 04_AKA_push_101509_mvm.jpg (76317 bytes) 04_AKA_Ojibway_101509_mvm.jpg (95494 bytes)  

- John McCreery
1-CanProvider-10-19-09-jm.jpg (66820 bytes)
Canadian Provider arriving off the Burlington Piers with ore from Pointe Noire - and running smoke free.
2-Provider-10-19-09-jm.jpg (90122 bytes)
Stern view headed to unload at Dofasco - next port Toledo.
3-Merlin-10-19-09-jm.jpg (106686 bytes)
Merlin outbound.
4-Aird-Provider-10-19-09-jm.jpg (131676 bytes)
Provider joins the John B Aird at the Dofasco Dock.
5-Shelley-Energy-10-19-09-j.jpg (97834 bytes)
J W Shelley loading at James Richardson Pier 25 with the Hamilton Energy alongside.
6-Kelso-10-19-09-jm.jpg (64578 bytes)
Coast Guard's Kelso arriving.
7-Kelso-10-19-09-jm.jpg (116821 bytes)
Headed into a stiff breeze.
8-Quebecois-Shelley-10-19-0.jpg (62402 bytes)
Quebecois and Shelley at Eastport.
9-Quebecois-Shelley-10-19-0.jpg (83248 bytes)
A closer view from across Burlington Bay.

Cleveland - Bill Kloss
1-Victoriaborg-10-20-2009-b.jpg (115399 bytes)
Victoriaborg at Port docks
2-AmMarinerInbound-10-20-20.jpg (106294 bytes)
American Mariner inbound passing the Cleveland West Light
3-AmMariner-10-20-2009-bk.jpg (59956 bytes)
Unloading at Cleveland Bulk Terminal

Mississagi in Alpena
- Ben & Chanda McClain
Missg-10-19-09-BCM-01.jpg (77554 bytes) Missg-10-19-09-BCM-02.jpg (96430 bytes) Missg-10-19-09-BCM-03.jpg (89680 bytes)    

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