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October 23, 2009

Iroquois Lock - Murray Blancher
1-Victorious&John-J-Carrick.jpg (84492 bytes)
Tug & barge Victorious & John J Carrick upbound at Iroquois
2-Victoriuos&John-J-Carrick.jpg (102703 bytes)
4-tug-Victorious-10-22-MB-.jpg (124111 bytes)
tug Victorious
3-tug-Victorious-10-22-09-M.jpg (81882 bytes)
tug Victorious wheel house
5-Victorious&John-J-Carrick.jpg (98989 bytes)
Victorious & John J Carrick departing the Iroquois lock upbound

Green Bay Port - Scott Best
1-BillG-10-21-09-sb.jpg (118182 bytes)
Tug Bill G Pushing an empty stone barge up the Fox River near Mason St Bridge.
2-BillG-10-21-09-sb.jpg (136053 bytes)
Close up of the Bill G.
1-PrentissBrown-10-21-09-sb.jpg (67019 bytes)
Tug Prentiss Brown fires up her engine to warm up prior to departing.
1-CJC-10-21-09-sb.jpg (67584 bytes)
Cason J Callaway starting to head up the Fox River.
2-CJC-10-21-09-sb.jpg (73933 bytes)
Close up.
1-CJCBillG-10-21-09-sb.jpg (65802 bytes)
Tug Bill G squeezes in between the Cason J Callaway and the docked St Marys Conquest as they depart the Fox River with a loaded stone barge for Egg Harbor.
3-CJC-10-21-09-sb.jpg (67752 bytes)
Stern view heading up through Walnut St Bridge.
2-PrentissBrown-10-21-09-sb.jpg (68384 bytes)
Prentiss Brown turned and headed outbound.

Sherwin Tow and more - Mike Nicholls
ATKINSONARTHURKb07101909mn.jpg (50530 bytes)
10/19 Arthur K Atkinson at the De Tour Coal Dock.
ATKINSONARTHURKs27102009mn.jpg (42622 bytes) KATMIABAYb08102009mn.jpg (47679 bytes)
10/20 Katmai Bay.
SHERWINJOHNb28102009mn.jpg (39155 bytes)
John Sherwin at De Tour Coal Dock.
ALTMANANNAMARIEb02101809mn.jpg (55078 bytes)
October 18 - Sault Ste, Marie

Anna Marie Altman at MCM Shipyard.
SACREBLEUb03101809mn.jpg (45901 bytes)
Sacre Bleu.
 MacHANNAHMARYPAGEs22101709m.jpg (56411 bytes)
October 17 - Passing Mackinac Island
Mary Page Hannah and John Sherwin at Bridge.
MacSHERWIN38101709mn.jpg (72588 bytes) SHERWINHANNAHMP46101709mn.jpg (57102 bytes)
Mary Page Hannah turning to line up Round Island Passage.
FELICITYb65101709mn.jpg (65807 bytes)
SHEPLERCAPTb67101709mn.jpg (71088 bytes)
Capt Shepler
SHEPLERCAPTs68101709mn.jpg (45488 bytes) STRAITSEXPRESSb71101709mn.jpg (73809 bytes)
Island and Straits Express.
STRAITSEXPRESSs72101709mn.jpg (58488 bytes)
ISLANDEXPRESSs77101709mn.jpg (59456 bytes) ISLANDEXPRESSb76101709mn.jpg (70300 bytes) LtLansingSHoal02101709mn.jpg (42130 bytes)
October 17 Straits of Mackinac
Lansing Shoal Light.
LtWhiteShoalMISSISSAGI11101.jpg (37831 bytes)
Mississagi, White Shoal and Gray's Reef lights.
MISSISSAGIb08101709mn.jpg (40292 bytes)
ZEUSb51101709mn.jpg (45259 bytes)
Tug Zeus westbound for the Bridge.
AMERICANCOURAGEb10101609mn.jpg (32493 bytes)
October 16 - Sturgeon Bay and Green Bay

American Courage being moved away from the side of the John Sherwin at Bay Ship.
CAMERONOb08101609mn.jpg (50715 bytes)
Tug Cameroun O.
CAMERONOs06101609mn.jpg (58630 bytes) JIMMYLb09101609mn.jpg (65567 bytes)
Tug Jimmy L.
JIMMYLs01101609mn.jpg (59786 bytes) DBL185s05101609mn.jpg (67928 bytes)
Barge DBL 185 at Bay Ship.
AMERICANSPIRITb14101609mn.jpg (40814 bytes)
American Spirit at Bay Ship.
JACQUELINNICOLEb19101609mn.jpg (91954 bytes)
Tug Jacquelin Nicole released from the stern of the Sherwin, heading back to Sturgeon Bay.
HANNAHMARYPAGEs26101609mn.jpg (80724 bytes)
Tug Mary Page Hannah, towing the Sherwin in Green Bay.
WASHINGTONb29101609mn.jpg (63906 bytes)
Ferry Washington downbound in Green bay.
JOLIETb02101509mn.jpg (48866 bytes)
October 15 - St. Ignace & Sault Ste. Marie, MI

Star Line's Joliet arriving at St. Ignace.
LASALLEb04101509mn.jpg (53080 bytes)
La Salle at the St. Ignace Dock.
JOLIETs05101509mn.jpg (51119 bytes) DRUMMONDISLANDERIIIbb061015.jpg (43220 bytes)
Drummond Islander III substituting for the Sugar Islander II at Sugar Island.
DRUMMONDISLANDERIIIs1010150.jpg (48431 bytes) SUGARISLANDERIIIb08101509mn.jpg (43432 bytes)
Sugar Islander II.

Calumet Harbor, Chicago
1-Challenger-10-20-09-tm-.jpg (41230 bytes)
Challenger ghosting in on a gray day at Calumet Harbor, the Challenger had just rounded the south light.
2-Challenger-Calloway-10-20.jpg (45151 bytes)
Cason Calloway meeting the Challenger inside the breakwall in Calumet Harbor
3-Calloway-10-20-09-tm.jpg (85855 bytes)
Calloway outbound toward the south light checkpoint
4-Challenger-10-20-09-tm.jpg (72703 bytes)
St Marys Challenger entering the mouth of the Calumet River in Calumet Harbor, South Chicago, Illinois

Historical Perspectives - SS Badger at Kewaunee in April 1990.  Carl Fredericks photos.
img147.jpg (76272 bytes) img136.jpg (61114 bytes) img137.jpg (51344 bytes)    

Photos from Port Dover, Ontario.  April 2005 - Paul Beesley
1-lamb-04-17-05-pb.jpg (56638 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard Cutter Cape Lambton at her dock in Port Dover, Ontario.  Apr 17/05.
2-lamb-04-17-05-pb.jpg (56562 bytes)
Closer view of the superstructure of the Cape Lambton.  Apr 17/05.
3-lamb-04-17-05-pb.jpg (77159 bytes)
CCGC Cape Lambton at Port Dover.  This design of cutter is now used throughout North America for Search & Rescue.  Apr 17/05.
4-gun-04-17-05-pb.jpg (104176 bytes)
Flare gun from the old SAR cutter CCGC Spray.
5-flag-04-17-05-pb.jpg (39961 bytes)
Canadian flag and Canadian Coast Guard Jack.

San Diego ships - Lanny Wingbermuehle
san-diego,-day-5-017-(2).jpg (74916 bytes)
USS Makin Island (LHD 8), returned to port Oct. 21, 2009.
san-diego,-day-5-026-(2).jpg (69372 bytes)
Navy patrol boat in San Diego Bay.  Notice the machine gun.gun.

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