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October 25 - 26, 2009

Ships at Hamilton and the Welland Canal - John McCreery
1-Federal-Polaris-10-24-09-.jpg (93906 bytes)
Federal Polaris at anchor in Burlington Bay.
2-FederalPolaris-10-24-09-j.jpg (74881 bytes)
Another view
3-Federal-Polaris-10-24-09-.jpg (114526 bytes)
Close up
4-Federal-Polaris-1024-09-j.jpg (106058 bytes) 5-Federal-Miramichi-10-24-0.jpg (91193 bytes)
Federal Miramichi upbound approaching the Glendale bridge.
6-Federal-Miramichi-10-24-0.jpg (74817 bytes) 7-Federal-Miramichi-10-24-0.jpg (85635 bytes)
Stern view with Algosteel
8-Barnacle-10-24-09-jm.jpg (76855 bytes)
Barnacle upbound toward lock two
9-Barnacle-10-24-09-jm.jpg (88013 bytes) 10-Algolake-10-24-09-jm.jpg (72297 bytes)
Algolake above lock one

Saturday at Welland Canal
- Bill Bird
1-FederalMiramichi-10-24-09.jpg (67740 bytes)
Federal Miramichi heading towards Lock 2
2-Federal-Miramichi-10-24-0.jpg (57889 bytes)
Stern view
3-Algosteel-10-24-09-bb-a.jpg (57003 bytes)
Algosteel heavy laden with ore for Quebec City sliding along the wall into Lock 7
4-Algosteel-10-24-09-bb-b.jpg (54826 bytes)
Stern view
5-Ecosse&barge-10-24-09-bb.jpg (89075 bytes)
Tug Ecosse and barge heading towards Lock One
6-Ecossecargo10-24-09-bb.jpg (130370 bytes)
Cargo is a half mile of a new type of oil pipeline said to be headed for Europe for testing and then possible use in South America
7-Ecosse-10-24-09-bb.jpg (135356 bytes)
Ecosse closeup
8-Barnacle-10-24-09-bb-a.jpg (63644 bytes)
Veteran shipwatchers keeping an eye on Barnacle in her first trip through the Welland Canal
9-Barnacle-10-24-09-bb-b.jpg (78688 bytes)
About to enter Lock 2
10-Barnaclepilot-10-24-09-b.jpg (29180 bytes)
Pilot asking "Did I mark her up"  No captain, it was a smooth landing. 

Welland Canal - Randy Martens
kspirit-rm-10252009.jpg.jpg (54869 bytes)
 Kathryn Spirit between Lock 1 & 2
kspirit2-rm-10252009.jpg.jpg (49256 bytes)
Up close view of the gantry cranes on the Kathryn Spirit.
kspirit3-rm-10252009.jpg (81794 bytes)
 inner workings of the gantry crane
kspirit4-rm-10252009.jpg (67455 bytes) kspirit5-rm-10252009.jpg (57976 bytes)
Stern view
kspirit6-rm-10252009.jpg (63126 bytes)
The stack
CSLL2-rm-10252009.jpg (100750 bytes)
CSL Laurentien
CSLL4-rm-10252009.jpg (73828 bytes) CSLL3-rm-10252009.jpg (75909 bytes) CSLL1-rm-10252009.jpg (66067 bytes)
cslah3-rm-10252009.jpg (77413 bytes)
Atlantic Huron coming out of Lock 2
CSLAH2-rm-10252009.jpg (29697 bytes)
AB's painting the deck of the Atlantic Huron
cslah4-rm-10252009.jpg (85595 bytes)
Stern Profile of the Atlantic Huron
CS-rm-10252009.jpg (90973 bytes)
Commodore Straits Tug
ME1-rm-10259.jpg (131475 bytes)
Marine Link Explorer without a pilot house
ME2-rm-10259.jpg (78648 bytes)        

Straits of Mackinac
- Dianne Donati
Victory-10-25-09-dd.jpg (95601 bytes)
Tug Victory with barge Lewis J Kuber westbound on Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island
USCGC-Mackinaw-10-25-09-dd.jpg (111398 bytes)
USCGC Mackinaw safely moored in its home dock of Cheboygan after doing two weeks of maneuvers.
Arthur-M-Anderson-10-25-09.jpg (116706 bytes)
Arthur M Anderson eastbound passing Mackinac Island
Arthur-M-Anderson-2-10-25-0.jpg (121515 bytes)
Passing Bois Blanc Island.

Michipicoten downbound at Brockville, Ont.
- Murray Blancher
1-Michipicoten-10-25-09-MB-.jpg (74008 bytes) 2-Michipicoten-10-25-09-MB-.jpg (115179 bytes) 3-Michipicoten-10-25-09-MB-.jpg (90535 bytes) 4-Michicipcoten-10-25-09-MB.jpg (102455 bytes)

Federal Kushiro entering the Port of Rotterdam -
Chris Rombouts
FedKushiroRot251009cr1.jpg (74407 bytes) FedKushiroRot251009cr2.jpg (88294 bytes) FedKushiroRot251009-cr3.jpg (82924 bytes)    

Photo ID
Cape_Charles-10-25-09cd.jpg (121089 bytes)
Cape Charles Port Said. Any information please post to the search page

Escanaba, Mich.
- Dick Lund
1-WS_AS-10-24-09-dl.jpg (69408 bytes)
The Wilfred Sykes loads in Escanaba on Saturday while the American Spirit waits out in Little Bay de Noc
2-WS-10-24-09-dl.jpg (80154 bytes)
Close-up of the Sykes under the loader
3-AS-10-24-09-dl.jpg (57375 bytes)
Close-up of the American Spirit at anchor off the ore dock
4-JT-10-24-09-dl.jpg (85332 bytes)
Close-up of the Joseph H. Thompson back in temporary lay-up at the C. Reiss North Dock

Lee A. Tregurtha at the Upper Harbor ore dock in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1_lat_10_19_09_rb.jpg (113119 bytes)
Loading ore

Barnacle is on her maiden voyage into the Great Lakes -  Ron Beaupre
1-barnacle-23-10-09-rb.jpg (62791 bytes)
She is upbound passing Ogden Island.
2-barnacle-23-10-09-rb.jpg (64335 bytes)      

Recent Boats in Bath, Ont. - Tom Rutledge
atlantic-huron-in-bath-bow-.jpg (85748 bytes)
Atlantic Huron
english-river-bath-ont-oct-.jpg (76501 bytes)
English River
roman-in-Picton-Oct-09sm.jpg (80244 bytes)

Travels aboard the tug Undaunted and barge Pere Marquette 41 - Ted Wagner
Undaunted-(4).jpg (129541 bytes)
Unloading early at Grand Haven
Undaunted.jpg (70427 bytes)
A wall of water over the stern, Lake Huron squall
Undaunted-(3).jpg (72654 bytes)
Mississagi loading at Cedarville
Undaunted-(2).jpg (48911 bytes)
Another Lake Huron squall at sunset
Undaunted-(1).jpg (83734 bytes)
 Nighttime passage through downtown Detroit

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