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October 27, 2009

St Lawrence Seaway & Port of Montreal Oct 26. - Kent Malo
John-Spence10-26-09-km.jpg (68737 bytes)
Bow view, John Spence waiting for part of the deck load from Regine, this cargo is bound for B P Amoco Whiting Ind., at the McKay pier Monday
John-Spence10-26-09-km-b.jpg (72763 bytes) Regine10-26-09-km.jpg (120857 bytes)
Newly built Regine at Bickerdike pier with 3 refinery vessels for B P Amoco Whiting Ind.
Regine10-26-09-km-b.jpg (88542 bytes)
Accommodation view of the Regine at Bickerdike pier,
Ohio10-26-09-km.jpg (100177 bytes)
Great lakes tug Ohio, a stranger to these parts, she is also waiting for one of the vessels aboard the Regine.
John-M-Selvick10-26-09-km.jpg (126988 bytes)
Another stranger to these parts is the tug John M Selvick,  waiting for a vessel for her barge.
Ojibway10-26-09-km.jpg (78425 bytes)
Ojibway upbound in the Seaway at Kahnawake.
Tony-Mackay10-26-09-km-b.jpg (92543 bytes)
Tony MacKay downbound for Bickerdike pier at Kahnawake

Hike Metal Wheatly, Ont. - Steve Phillips
IMG_0312.jpg (138677 bytes) IMG_0306.jpg (110643 bytes) IMG_0307.jpg (114631 bytes)    

Ferry Photo's - Jim Lindholm
R-C-Richter,-Washington-isl.jpg (115375 bytes)
R.C. Richter
Robert-Noble-ferry-Washingt.jpg (117811 bytes)
Robert Noble from the Washington Island Ferry Co.
Port-City-Princess-May-28,-.jpg (112333 bytes)
Port City Princess at Muskegon
Ferry-Bayfield-9-7-00.jpg (82394 bytes) Ferry-Island-Queen--2000.jpg (55461 bytes)
LaSalle-at-MC--5-03-09.jpg (88132 bytes)        

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