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October 29, 2009

Toledo - Bob Vincent
1-LATregurtha-10-28-09-bv.jpg (65978 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha at CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock
2-LATregurtha-10-28-09-bv.jpg (100730 bytes)
Another look
3-LATregurtha-10-28-09-bv.jpg (143756 bytes)
Getting ready to leave
4-Tregurtha-Progress-10-28-.jpg (73391 bytes)
Meeting the Canadian Progress in the channel
5-CProgress-10-28-09-bv.jpg (28521 bytes)
Canadian Progress heading to CSX Torco
6-CSLLaurentien-10-28-09-bv.jpg (77099 bytes)
CSL Laurentien at the Andersons K Dock

Detroit River - Jana Smith
1-Barnacle-10-26-09-jls.jpg (65102 bytes)
Barnacle waiting at Windsor
3-Federal-Miramichi-10-26-0.jpg (97410 bytes)
Federal Miramichi unloading at Windsor
4-Robert-S-Pierson-10-26-09.jpg (77366 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson unloading at Windsor
2-Robert-S-Pierson-10-26-09.jpg (94121 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson close-up at Windsor
5-Federal-Patroller-10-26-0.jpg (76171 bytes)
Federal Patroller at Detroit
6-Atlantic-Huron-10-26-09-j.jpg (71376 bytes)
Atlantic Huron at Windsor fuel dock

Manistee loading salt at Cargill in Cleveland Wednesday - Bill Kloss
1-Manistee-10-28-09-bk.jpg (86894 bytes)        

Green Bay and Menominee - Lee Rowe
IntegrityLR102809_09.jpg (45662 bytes)
Integrity and  G.L. Ostrander departing Green Bay.
IntegrityLR102809_13.jpg (51179 bytes)
Through the bridge.
IntegrityLR102809_37.jpg (58543 bytes)
NickelenaLR102809_02.jpg (62248 bytes)
Nickelena departing Menominee with her tow, passing the James Kuber and Viking.
NickelenaLR102809_06.jpg (61710 bytes)
JKuberLR102809_02.jpg (55168 bytes)
 James Kuber getting some work done.

Kingsville Harbor Wednesday - Steve Phillips
IMG_0337.jpg (52029 bytes) IMG_0340.jpg (72579 bytes) IMG_0342.jpg (80966 bytes) IMG_0333.jpg (134553 bytes)  

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