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November 2, 2009

Duluth vessel traffic 10/30-11/1 - Travis Chadwick
1-century-11-1-09-tc.jpg (89965 bytes)
American Century departing Duluth with a load of coal. 
2-kam-11-1-09-tc.jpg (99443 bytes)
Kaministiqua loading grain at Harvest States.
3-kam-11-1-09-tc.jpg (105997 bytes)
Stern view.
4-msbimnr-11-1-09-tc.jpg (80517 bytes)
Mesabi Miner loading coal at SMET.
5-fidelity-11-1-09tc.jpg (69362 bytes)
Beluga Fidelity loading grain at Harvest States.
6-courage-11-1-09-tc.jpg (40123 bytes)
American Courage loading coal at SMET. She unloaded a cargo of limestone earlier in the day.

Manitowoc, Wis. - Charlie Nelson
November-1,-2009-203.jpg (56348 bytes) November-1,-2009-208.jpg (57475 bytes) November-1,-2009-212.jpg (68686 bytes) November-1,-2009-226.jpg (51203 bytes) November-1,-2009-231.jpg (60909 bytes)
November-1,-2009-241.jpg (67739 bytes) November-1,-2009-252.jpg (53781 bytes) November-1,-2009-184.jpg (68497 bytes) November-1,-2009-263.jpg (77254 bytes) November-1,-2009-293.jpg (73771 bytes)

St. Marys River - Roger LeLievre
Chief-Wawatam.jpg (74305 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha, with barge Chief Wawatam ashore (right). Note the crane in position at the barge's bow, which appears to have already been cut away.
Ojibway-110109-rl.jpg (87331 bytes)
Ojibway enters the MacArthur Lock.
Callaway-110109-rl.jpg (105458 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway in the lower St. Marys River Sunday.

St Lawrence Seaway South shore canal and Port of Quebec - Kent Malo
Algocape10-29-09-km.jpg (73874 bytes)
Algocape upbound for Thunder Bay
Algocape10-29-09-km-b.jpg (90653 bytes) TonyMackay11-01-09-km.jpg (82476 bytes)
Tony Mackay with loaded barge CBC 4507 upbound for Chicago
Vigilant111-01-09-km.jpg (117652 bytes)
Vigilant 1 on the stern of the CBC barge 4507
JMShelley10-30-09-km.jpg (73411 bytes)
JW Shelley downbound at Kahnawake St Lawrence Seaway for Quebec City
JMShelley10-30-09-km-b.jpg (96939 bytes) Glen10-29-09-km.jpg (88584 bytes)
Glen upbound for Nanticoke
Glen10-29-09-km-b.jpg (102737 bytes)    

Toledo, Ohio - Bob Vincent
1-HCJackson-10-30-09-bv.jpg (69321 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson waiting on coal
2-GLTrader-10-30-09-bv.jpg (46572 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader  coming in
3-HCJackson-10-31-09-bv.jpg (62745 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson being loaded
4-HCJackson-10-31-09-bv.jpg (131345 bytes)
Loaded boat
5-HCJackson-10-31-09-bv.jpg (94923 bytes)
Hatch Crane
6-HCJackson-10-31-09-bv.jpg (90595 bytes)
Jackson waiting to leave
7-AIntegrity-10-31-09-bv.jpg (57767 bytes)
American Integrity unloading coal at Midwest International
8-AIntegrity-10-31-09-bv.jpg (95081 bytes)
Another view
9-FMiramichi-10-31-09-bv.jpg (73474 bytes)
Federal Miramichi at ADM
10-FMiramichi-10-31-09-bv.jpg (104731 bytes)
Another look
11-RHPJMartin-10-31-09-bv.jpg (82515 bytes)
 Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin at the Andersons, left around 11pm
12-AIntegrity-10-31-09-bv.jpg (63260 bytes)
American Integrity backing out to turn basin
13-AIntegrity-10-31-09-bv.jpg (55226 bytes)
After two tries, when back to Midwest to dock

A trip up the Calumet River, from Lake Michigan to Lake Calumet - Tom Milton
1-algomarine1-10-29-09-tm.jpg (89859 bytes)
Algomarine from under the Ewing (92nd st) bridge
2-algomarine2-10-29-09-tm.jpg (79672 bytes)
Algomarine at 92nd st. awaiting repairs
3-algomarine3-10-29-09-tm.jpg (73762 bytes)
Algomarine bow (ship was reported to have been towed due to needed engine repairs)
4-glt-tugs-10-29-09-tm.jpg (81319 bytes)
Great Lakes Tug yard (South Chicago)
5-huellets-10-29-09-tm.jpg (102750 bytes)

 The last of the Huellets on former Republic Steel site
6-algowood1-10-29-09-tm.jpg (100001 bytes)
 Algowood at Nidera grain
7-algowood2-10-29-09-tm.jpg (86716 bytes)
 Algowood starboard quarter
8-ctc1-10-29-09-tm.jpg (109409 bytes)
CTC No. 1 at new storage location between the former Indiana Grain Coop & Continental Grain silos
9-ctc1-portqtr-10-29-09-tm.jpg (127136 bytes)
CTC No. 1 port quarter
10-ctc1stern-10-29-09-tm.jpg (136277 bytes)
CTC No. 1 Stern
11-algowood-3-10-29-09-tm.jpg (102952 bytes)
Algowood stern
12-tugalgowood-10-29-09-tm.jpg (104849 bytes)
Barge pusher passing Algowood

American Mariner at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1_amar_10_29_09_rb.jpg (92986 bytes)
Loading ore
2_amar_10_29_09_rb.jpg (142417 bytes)
Bow view with fall colors
3_amar_10_29_09_rb.jpg (114129 bytes)
Stern view

Marquette - Lee Rowe

Arthur M Anderson unloading coal in Green Bay on an overcast Thursday
- Lee Rowe
LATregurthaLR10310901.jpg (72581 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha at the dock, loaded, waiting.
LATregurthaLR10310904.jpg (88222 bytes) AMAndersonLR102909_04.jpg (40273 bytes)    

Port Huron - Ed Schuyler
1.-R.B.-10-30-09-ES.jpg (43845 bytes)
Roger Blough upbound on her first trip of the year.
2.-R.B.-10-30-09-ES.jpg (41051 bytes) 3.-R.B.-10-30-09-ES.jpg (43994 bytes) 4.-R.B.-10-30-09-ES.jpg (65216 bytes)
Stern view, heading to Calcite, MI to load stone.
5.-F.S.--10-30-09-ES.jpg (68587 bytes)
Federal Sageunay downbound.
6.-F.S.--10-30-09-ES.jpg (61342 bytes) 7.-F.S-10-30-09-ES.jpg (60065 bytes)
Heading to Africa.
Pere Marquette 41 / Undaunted in Ludington recently - Nancy Keith
1-PM41-10-18-09-ngk.jpg (87263 bytes)
Tied up on the north shore by the Washington Avenue bridge.
2-PM41-10-18-09-ngk.jpg (68582 bytes)
Bow shot.
3-PM41-10-18-09-ngk.jpg (67029 bytes)
With the Washington Avenue bridge in the background.
4-PM41-10-18-09-ngk.jpg (81829 bytes)
Tug Undaunted in the notch. Spartan (left) and Badger in the background.
 They had just unloaded a cargo of Aglime - used on farm fields - taken from the quarries by Manistique. Thanks to the wind they were here overnight before going back up for another load, which they took to Holland.

Southampton, Ont. Gales - John van der Doe.
Southampton,-ON-(2).jpg (47499 bytes) Southampton,-ON-(3).jpg (91498 bytes) Southampton,-ON-(6).jpg (41666 bytes) Southampton,-ON-(10).jpg (80428 bytes) Southampton,-ON-(15).jpg (118306 bytes)

Svitzer Bedford after the alleged fire aboard the tugs engine room at Oct. 28, Quebec City -  Steve Geronazzo 
Svitzer-Bedford_001.jpg (98643 bytes) Svitzer-Bedford_002.jpg (87829 bytes) Svitzer-Bedford_003.jpg (88844 bytes) Svitzer-Bedford_004.jpg (94326 bytes)  

Fish Tugs - Gerry O.
Derwyn-E.jpg (197639 bytes)
Baril on October 8, 2009, and what is believed to be Derwyn  E. which is owned at Nobel, Ontario and was found alongside Hwy. 69 between Nobel and Pointe Au Baril on October 8, 2009.
Playtime-of-Byng-Inlet.jpg (136747 bytes) The-Dollar-Boat.jpg (131552 bytes)
Inlet at Byng Inlet, on October 8, 2009, The Dollar Boat at Pointe Au 
Barbara-B.jpg (118399 bytes)
Barbara B. at Britt, Ontario on October 8, 2009, Playtime of Byng 

Sarnia ferries and Detroit River post cards - Steve Phillips
IMG_0001.jpg (110161 bytes) IMG_0002.jpg (138206 bytes) IMG_0003.jpg (234849 bytes) IMG_0004.jpg (184656 bytes) IMG_0005.jpg (96244 bytes)
IMG_0006.jpg (147149 bytes) IMG_0007.jpg (205539 bytes) IMG_0008.jpg (174837 bytes) IMG_0009.jpg (208330 bytes) IMG_0010.jpg (146921 bytes)

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