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November 5, 2009

11/6 - Manistee at Stoneport - Ben & Chanda McClain
Manst-11-4-09-BCM-01.jpg (53651 bytes)
Manistee & Calumet
Manst-11-4-09-BCM-02.jpg (62456 bytes) Manst-11-4-09-BCM-03.jpg (64612 bytes)
Manst-11-4-09-BCM-04.jpg (85231 bytes)
Alongside the dock
Manst-11-4-09-BCM-05.jpg (73131 bytes)
Tied up ready to load

11/6 - St Lawrence Seaway South Shore Canal
- Kent Malo
BargeCaribbean11-5-09-km.jpg (93715 bytes)
Barge Caribbean up bound at Kahnawake Mohawk Reserve above Montreal
ATBLucia11-5-09-km.jpg (102796 bytes)
ATB Lucia pushing barge Caribbean
CSLAssiniboine11-2-09-km.jpg (79163 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine downbound with cereal for Baie Comeau, Quebec
VMSMaisonneuve11-5-09-km.jpg (74088 bytes)
VMS Maisonneuve depth sounding vessel heading up to Lac St Louis

11/6 - American Courage in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1_ACour_11_3_09_rb.jpg (121625 bytes)
Waiting to load ore at the Upper Harbor
2_ACour_11_3_09_rb.jpg (108676 bytes)
Stern view

11/6 - Tony Mackay alongside Courtright Brine Dock waiting weather -
George Lee
Misc-112.jpg (78532 bytes) Misc-113.jpg (77008 bytes)      

11/6 - Robert S Pierson in Kingsville -
Erich Zuschlag
rspkvillea-11-05-09.jpg (62030 bytes) rspkvilleb-11-05-09.jpg (61207 bytes)      

11/6 - Historical Perspective; the old St. Lawrence Canals -
Ron Beaupre
1-kenora-rb878.jpg (64070 bytes)
Kenora and Collier wait for their turn at locking down at Dickenson's Landing. Can anyone name the CSL canaller upbound?

11/5 - Duluth traffic on Tuesday -
 Travis Chadwick
1-tregurtha11-4-09tc.jpg (67502 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha arriving Duluth for SMET
2-tregurtha11-4-09tc.jpg (42524 bytes)
Another view
3-barker-11-4-09-tc.jpg (39804 bytes)
James R. Barker loading coal at SMET
4-blough-11-4-09-tc.jpg (70529 bytes)
Roger Blough arriving Duluth on her first trip here of the season
5-blough-11-4-09-tc.jpg (48366 bytes)
6-blough-11-4-09-tc.jpg (53524 bytes)
Another view

11/5 - Toledo - Bob Vincent
1-COlympic-11-4-09-bv.jpg (101656 bytes)
Canadian Olympic under ship loader
2-COlympic-11-4-09-bv.jpg (74303 bytes)
Another view
3-CTransport-11-4-09-bv.jpg (61263 bytes)
Canadian Transport getting ready to leave ADM
4-CTransport-11-4-09-bv.jpg (94881 bytes)
Great Lakes Tug Nebraska
5-CTransport-11-4-09-bv.jpg (99673 bytes)
Canadian Transport pulling away from dock
6-CTransport-11-4-09-bv.jpg (97634 bytes)
Great Lakes Tug Nebraska out in front
7-CTrasport-11-4-09-bv.jpg (94347 bytes)
Great Lakes Tug Idaho helping
8-CTransport-11-4-09-bv.jpg (104767 bytes)
Heading for the train bridge
1-LATregurtha-11-3-09-bv.jpg (85739 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha under the ship loader
2-LATregurtha-11-3-09-bv.jpg (145790 bytes)
Another view
3-JJCarrick-11-3-09-bv.jpg (103533 bytes)
John J. Carrick coming into Toledo
4-JPRoth-11-03-09-bv.jpg (42502 bytes)
J. P. Roth after 38 yrs as a Longshoreman, Retired

11/5 - Green Bay - Scott Best
1-Manitowoc-11-04-09-sb.jpg (90797 bytes)
Manitowoc arriving on Fox River heading for Western Lime.
2-Manit-11-04-09-sb.jpg (91087 bytes)
Stern view squeezing through the RR bridge.
1-Alpena-11-04-09-sb.jpg (64812 bytes)
Alpena at Mason St Bridge on her last trip of the season to Green Bay.

11/5 - Seaway tugs - Ron Beaupre
1-ohio-04-11-09-rb.jpg (83204 bytes)
Ohio tows Canal Barge Co. CBC 2762 up the Seaway.
2-johnmselvick-04-11-09-rb.jpg (78973 bytes)
John M Selvick follows behind.

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