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November 8, 2009

Vessel traffic in Duluth for Thursday Nov. 5 - 6 - Travis Chadwick
1-hlwhite-11-5-09-tc.jpg (113369 bytes)
H. Lee White arriving Duluth for a split load of coal from Hallett and SMET.
2-hlwhite-11-5-09-tc.jpg (116168 bytes)
Bow shot.
3-hlwhite-11-5-09-tc.jpg (97837 bytes)
6-century-11-5-09-tc.jpg (73968 bytes)
American Century in the turning basin on her way to SMET.
4-msbminer-11-5-09-tc.jpg (69879 bytes)
Mesabi Miner arriving Duluth for SMET.
5-msbminer-11-5-09-tc.jpg (81677 bytes) 1-bridge-11-5-0-tc.jpg (42231 bytes) 1-msbminer-11-6-09-tc.jpg (64272 bytes)
Mesabi Miner departing Duluth with a load of coal Nov. 6.
2-msbminer-11-6-09-tc.jpg (99630 bytes)
Mesabi Miner heading out into the open lake with fleetmate James R. Barker inbound in the distance.
3-jbarker-11-6-09-tc.jpg (102741 bytes)
James R. Barker arriving Duluth for SMET.
4-mariner-11-6-09-tc.jpg (101441 bytes)
American Mariner backing out of Cutler Stone dock after unloading stone with J. A. W. Iglehart in foreground.
5-mariner-11-6-09-tc.jpg (91149 bytes)
American Mariner departing Duluth in ballast for Silver Bay and a load of taconite.
6-saginaw-11-6-09-tc.jpg (73004 bytes)
Saginaw on a rare trip to Duluth/ Superior passing museum ship Meteor.
7-saginaw-11-5-09-tc.jpg (85262 bytes)
Saginaw making the turn into Harvest States grain elevator.
8-saginaw-11-6-09-tc.jpg (117574 bytes)
Night shot of Saginaw loading.
9-anderson-11-6-09tc.jpg (91613 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson steaming up the St. Louis River for the Reiss Dock with a load of limestone.
10-anderson11-6-09tc.jpg (64378 bytes)
Bow close-up.

Welland Canal Saturday - Bill Bird
1-Canadian-Olympic-11-7-09-.jpg (59001 bytes)
Canadian Olympic upbound at Port Robinson
2-Frontenac-11-7-09-a-bb.jpg (94464 bytes)
Frontenac passing through Bridge 11 with a nice salute.
3-Frontenac-11-7-09-b-bb.jpg (69286 bytes)
Stern view
4-Algocape-11-7-09-bb.jpg (71993 bytes)
Algocape clear of the flight locks
5-AlgocapeMississagi-11-7-0.jpg (79478 bytes)
Algocape having departed Lock 3 meets Mississagi which moments earlier landed on the wall
6-Mississagi-11-7-09-bb.jpg (79567 bytes)
Mississagi about to enter Lock 3 
7-Everlast&NormanMcLeod-11-.jpg (64948 bytes)
Tug Everlast and barge Norman McLeod upbound at Allanburg
8-JohnSpence&bargeCBC4504&L.jpg (62034 bytes)
John Spence towing barge CBC 4504 with Lac Manitoba following as the trio heads for Lock 3
9-Barge4504-11-7-09-bb.jpg (70454 bytes)
Barge closeup.
10LacManitoba-11-7-09-bb.jpg (67212 bytes)
Tug Lac Manitoba brings up the rear
11-Algosoo-11-7-09-bb.jpg (65679 bytes)
Algosoo approaching Lock 2. 
12-ZiemiaLodzka-11-7-09-bb.jpg (76168 bytes)
Polish salty Ziemia Lodzka clear of Lock 7

Welland Canal - Eric Holmes
1-Ziemialodska-07-11-09-eh.jpg (69129 bytes)
Ziemia Lodska upbound above Lock 3.
2-Ziemialodska-07-11-09-eh.jpg (118856 bytes)
Ziemia Lodska upbound under Bridge 5.

Cleveland -  Bill Kloss
1-GLTraderwaiting-11-07-200.jpg (143381 bytes)
 Great Lakes Trader waiting the Sam Laud to load for the Mittal run.
2-SamLaudloading-11-07-2009.jpg (89758 bytes)
Sam Laud loading
3-GLTradercloseup-11-07-200.jpg (55943 bytes)
Trader close up

Cason J. Callaway backing down to the KCBX coal dock in South Chicago Saturday evening- Gary R. Clark
callaway-11-07-09-grc.jpg.jpg (125888 bytes)        

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