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November 9, 2009

Duluth - Michael R. Sipper.  
1-Miner-11-6-09-MS.jpg.jpg (102343 bytes)
Minor arriving at Midwest Energy Terminal,
2-Saginaw-11-6-09-MS.jpg.jpg (71051 bytes)
Saginaw loading at Harvest States,
3-Miner2-11-5-09-MS.jpg.jpg (84257 bytes)
Miner arriving through the Duluth Ship
4-Miner3-11-5-09-MS.jpg.jpg (90301 bytes) 5-Miner4-11-6-09-MS.jpg.jpg (88115 bytes)
6-Miner5-11-6-09-MS.jpg.jpg (130679 bytes)
Miner departing Duluth.
7-Miner6-11-6-09-MS.jpg.jpg (76598 bytes) 8-Miner7-11-6-09-MS.jpg.jpg (133960 bytes) 9-Miner8-11-6-09-MS.jpg.jpg (51323 bytes) 10-JRB-11-6-09-MS.jpg.jpg (83589 bytes)
James R. Barker arriving through the Duluth Ship Canal.
11-JRB-11-6-09-MS.jpg.jpg (79252 bytes) 12-JRB2-11-6-09-MS.jpg.jpg (116323 bytes) 13-JRB3-11-6-09-MS.jpg.jpg (75157 bytes) 14-AMA-11-6-09-MS.jpg.jpg (47218 bytes)
Arthur M Anderson arriving through the Duluth Ship Canal.

Green Bay & Sturgeon Bay Sunday - Dick Lund
1-PBSC-11-08-09-dl.jpg (61707 bytes)
 Stern view of the Prentiss Brown in the notch of the St. Mary's Conquest at St. Mary's Cement
2-PBSC-11-08-09-dl.jpg (87133 bytes)
Bow view of the duo unloading
3-PBSC-11-08-09-dl.jpg (144547 bytes)
Close-up of the tug, Prentiss Brown
4-PBSC-11-08-09-dl.jpg (70733 bytes)
 Port-side view, this side does not have the new coat of paint as seen on the starboard side
5-AC-11-08-09-dl.jpg (44393 bytes)
American Courage heads past C. Reiss dock heading for Georgia Pacific in the late afternoon
6-AC-11-08-09-dl.jpg (58695 bytes)
Stern view passing through the railroad bridge above C. Reiss
7-SB-11-08-09-dl.jpg (96079 bytes)
Buffalo and Philip R. Clarke remain where they have been since January at Bay Shipbuilding in Sturgeon Bay
8-SB-11-08-09-dl.jpg (81830 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha alongside the large graving dock waiting to be re-powered

Dublin Sea pushes barge DBL 185 into Iroquois Lock - Ron Beaupre
1-dublinsea-07-11-09-rb.jpg (78271 bytes) 2-dublinsea-07-11-09-rb.jpg (85556 bytes) 3-dublinsea-07-11-09-rb.jpg (79226 bytes)
 Dublin Sea will change pilots in the lock.
4-dublinsea-07-11-09-rb.jpg (67356 bytes)
 Next stop is New York City.

Welland Canal November 7 - John McCreery
1-Mississagi-11-7-09-jm.jpg (103009 bytes)
Mississagi clear of the Homer bridge on the approach to lock 3
2-Algocape-Mississagi-11-7-.jpg (84333 bytes)
Meeting the downbound Algocape
3-Algocape-Mississagi-11-7-.jpg (81896 bytes) 4-Mississagi-11-7-09-jm.jpg (84539 bytes) 5-Utviken-11-7-09-jm.jpg (96876 bytes)
Utviken apparently ready for "sea trials" on Lake Erie to test her recent repairs
6-Ziemia-Lodzka-11-7-09-jm.jpg (111204 bytes)
Ziemia Lodzka approaching lock 8
7-Lodzka-11-7-09-jm.jpg (91030 bytes) 8-Ziemia-Lodzka-11-7-09-jm.jpg (76585 bytes) 9-EngRiver-Utviken-11-7-09-.jpg (81620 bytes)
 English River passing the Utviken
10-English-River-11-7-09-jm.jpg (121173 bytes)
English River under Bridge 21  

Cleveland, Ohio - Paul Magyar
1-Calumet-11-8-09-pm.jpg (80995 bytes)
Calumet at the Osborne Dock on the Cuyahoga River assisted by the Tug Iowa
2-mckeesons-11-8-09-pm.jpg (97021 bytes)
Mckee Sons downbound the Cuyahoga River towed by the Tug Iowa
3-samlaud-11-8-09-pm.jpg (102441 bytes)
Sam Laud upbound the Cuyahoga River at NS Bridge #1 Sunday
1-Manitowoc-11-7-09-PM.jpg (70712 bytes)
Manitowoc Inbound Cleveland Harbor Saturday

Mississagi at Marblehead, Ohio - Dawn Roberts
1-Missi-11-8-09-dcr.jpg (70369 bytes)        

Historical perspective Alexander Leslie - from Steve Phillips
IMG_0003.jpg (200610 bytes) IMG_0004.jpg (232942 bytes) IMG_0002.jpg (273526 bytes) IMG_0001.jpg (228555 bytes)  

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