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November 10, 2009

CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock - Bob Vincent
1-HCJackson-11-9-09-bv.jpg (108647 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson loading for the Canadian Soo steel plant
2-HCJackson-11-9-09-bv.jpg (87952 bytes)
Jackson was delayed because of broken Haulage cable.
3-McKeeSons-11-9-09-bv.jpg (78360 bytes)
McKee Sons waiting for the Jackson to finish
4-Invincible-11-9-09-bv.jpg (91006 bytes)
Tug Invincible backing under ship loader
5-McKeeSons-11-9-09-bv.jpg (90999 bytes)
McKee Sons getting ready to load for Menominee

BBC Jade arriving in Goderich Monday - Bruce Douglas
BBC-Jade-arr-Goderich-ON-2..jpg (104313 bytes) BBC-Jade-at-elev-Goderich-O.jpg (145391 bytes)      

Welland Canal Traffic - John McCreery
1-Tadoussac-11-6-09-jm.jpg (90850 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac above lock 7 with a load of stone for Port Cartier
2-FederalSakura-11-6-09-jm.jpg (89177 bytes)
Federal Sakura upbound for Ashtabula Ohio
3-Montrealais-11-6-09-jm.jpg (85735 bytes)
Montrealais down at the Glendale Bridge
4-Algosteel-11-6-09-jm.jpg (86412 bytes)
Algosteel departing lock 2 downbound
5-CSL-Laurentien-11-6-09-jm.jpg (97082 bytes)
CSL Laurentien entering Lock 2
6-CanEnterprise-Clipper-11-.jpg (72757 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise and ASI Clipper at Port Weller
7-Mrs-C-11-6-09-jm.jpg (126449 bytes)
Pilot boat Mrs C and Algosteel
8-Mrs-C-11-6-09-jm.jpg (98072 bytes)
Mrs C headed for the lake
9-Mapleglen-11-6-09-jm.jpg (45862 bytes)
Mapleglen raised in Lock 1
10-Mapleglen-11-6-09-jm.jpg (76071 bytes)
Gates swung open for Mapleglen - destination Thunder Bay     

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