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November 12, 2009

Windoc tow from Port Weller - Paul Beesley
1-windoc-11-11-09-pb.jpg (132184 bytes)
Windoc & Nadro's tug Vigilant 1 in Lock 1 as the lock starts to lower.
2-windoc-11-11-09-pb.jpg (106025 bytes)
Vigilant 1 pulling the Windoc below Lock 1.
3-windoc-11-11-09-pb.jpg (82767 bytes)
Close-up of Vigilant 1 towing the Windoc.
4-windoc-11-11-09-pb.jpg (72075 bytes)
Pilot Boat Mrs C alongside the Vigilant 1 below Port Weller.
5-windoc-11-11-09-pb.jpg (70603 bytes)
McKeil's tug Wyatt M as the trailing tug.  Pilot boat can be seen leaving the Vigilant 1.

Duluth vessel traffic for Tuesday - Travis Chadwick
1-progress-11-10-09tc.jpg (64245 bytes)
Canadian Progress inbound at Duluth for DMIR.
2-progress-11-10-09tc.jpg (76393 bytes) 3-prisle-11-10-09-tc.jpg (96352 bytes)
Presque Isle outbound of Duluth after unloading limestone. She is bound for Two Harbors to load taconite. 
4-prisle-11-10-09-tc.jpg (95886 bytes) 5-lodzka-11-10-09-tc.jpg (79075 bytes)
Ziemia Lodzka entering Duluth bound for CHS grain elevators in Superior.
8-lodzka-11-10-09-tc.jpg (90983 bytes)
Both tugs working as she is eased into the berth at CHS.
9-spirit-11-10-09-tc.jpg (65869 bytes)
American Spirit loading taconite in Two Harbors.
10-prisle-11-10-09tc.jpg (80511 bytes)
Presque Isle also in Two Harbors.
11-spirit-11-10-09tc.jpg (58291 bytes)
 Wide angle showing both boats.
12-spltrck-11-10-09tc.jpg (96602 bytes)
 Split Rock Lighthouse lighting ceremony in remembrance of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Marinette / Menominee - Dick Lund
1-MS-11-11-09-dl.jpg (68231 bytes)
McKee Sons heads past Menominee North Pier Lighthouse on their way to Menominee Paper Co. with a load of coal on Wednesday morning
2-MS-11-11-09-dl.jpg (57055 bytes)
3-MS-11-11-09-dl.jpg (57375 bytes)
The Pere Marquette 41 is still at Marinette Fuel & Dock with the William H. Donner ahead of it
4-MS-11-11-09-dl.jpg (73715 bytes)
The boom is swung out as a workboat heads ashore with the lines to tie up
5-MS-11-11-09-dl.jpg (52375 bytes)
Unloading has begun
1-PM41-11-09-09-dl.jpg (50541 bytes)
Wide view of the Pere Marquette 41/Undaunted at Marinette Fuel & Dock with the tug, Nickelena, astern Monday.
2-PM41-11-09-09-dl.jpg (52464 bytes)
Close-up of the Pere Marquette 41/Undaunted
3-PM41-11-09-09-dl.jpg (60269 bytes)
Close-up of the Undaunted with the Nickelena docked astern
4-PM41-11-10-09-dl.jpg (52313 bytes)
Tuesday morning found the Undaunted out of the notch of the barge (and the Nickelena gone)
5-PM41-11-10-09-dl.jpg (71111 bytes)
Close-up of the Undaunted
6-PM41-11-10-09-dl.jpg (84400 bytes)
The stern of the Pere Marquette 41 is heavily ballasted, apparently to check out the bow thruster
7-PM41-11-10-09-dl.jpg (61867 bytes)
Dockside view with most of the bow out of the water

Hamilton November 10 - John McCreery
1-Saginaw-11-10-09-jm.jpg (92201 bytes)
Saginaw unloading canola at pier 10-6
2-Saginaw-11-10-09-jm.jpg (78824 bytes)
Saginaw and Canadian Leader
3-Frontenac-11-10-09-jm.jpg (54252 bytes)
Frontenac at US Steel Canada just prior to departure for Thunder Bay
4-Algonova-11-10-09-jm.jpg (99512 bytes)
Algonova at Bronte

James R. Barker at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1_jrb_11_5_09_rb.jpg (94364 bytes)
Unloading the first coal into the hopper after a month of repairs
2_jrb_11_5_09_rb.jpg (81126 bytes)
Departing after unloading

Algorail at Ludington Harbor - Nancy Schrader Keith
1-Algorail-11-10-09-ngk-jpg.jpg (37228 bytes)
Stern of Algorail beside docked SS Spartan
2-Badger-Algorail-11-10-09-.jpg (73454 bytes)
Algorail passes Badger on way out
3-Algorail-11-10-09-ngk-jpg.jpg (112099 bytes)
Bow of Algorail as it approaches channel to exit harbor
4-Algorail-11-10-09-ngk-jpg.jpg (87755 bytes)
Algorail out in Lake Michigan

Historical Perspectives - Chris Wilson (74910 bytes)
Unknown saltie in Toronto Harbor in 1964.  Please post ID to Search page.
1-USS-Parle-Niagara-River-1.jpg (104098 bytes)
 The USS Parle (708) up in the Niagara River near Youngstown, N.Y. in 1964.
2-Lakes_Welland64-cw.jpg (107931 bytes)
Welland in 1964.  Please post ID to Search page.

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