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November 15, 2009

South Chicago - Tom Kort
1-Innovation-11-13-tk.jpg (90396 bytes)
Innovation was in the Chicago area unloading cement
2-Innovation-11-13-tk.jpg (100862 bytes) 3-Innovation-11-13-tk.jpg (89846 bytes)
Shot of the tug
4-Manitowoc-11-13-tk.jpg (117465 bytes)
Manitowoc was also in the Chicago area taking on a load of coal
5-Manitowoc-11-13-tk.jpg (134692 bytes)
Another angle and all the tugs in the background.
7-Manitowoc-11-13-tk.jpg (117654 bytes)
View of the stern.
8-Cedarglen-11-13-tk.jpg (112453 bytes)
Cedarglen was in northern Indiana taking on a load of grain (corn?).
9-Cedarglen-11-13-tk.jpg (106928 bytes)
Another view with the storage bins in the background.
10-Cedarglen-11-13-tk.jpg (86704 bytes)
Loading the ship
11-Burnsharbor-11-13-tk.jpg (81666 bytes)
Burns Harbor was also in unloading.
12-Burnsharbor-11-13-tk.jpg (71006 bytes)
Stern and unloader
13-Burnsharbor-11-13-tk.jpg (59958 bytes)
Business end of the unloading boom.
14-Burnsharbor-11-13-tk.jpg (64629 bytes)
Getting gassed up for the next trip.  Only saw one tanker truck, how much fuel would they take on?

 Traffic on the Maumee, Detroit, and Rouge Rivers - Chuck Wagner
1-CSL-11-13-09-cw.jpg (93910 bytes)

CSL Assiniboine at the Andersons in Toledo.

2-CSL-11-13-09-cw.jpg (139927 bytes)
Painting around the draft markings.
3-CSL-11-131-09-cw.jpg (113711 bytes) 4-Mtrl-11-13-09-cw.jpg (66706 bytes)
Montrealais in Toledo.
5-Pch-11-13-09-cw.jpg (103050 bytes)
Pochard at ADM in Windsor.
6-Fer-11-13-09-cw.jpg (129412 bytes)
Detroit - Windsor truck ferry.
7-McK-11-13-09-cw.jpg (104956 bytes)
McKee Sons downbound for the Detroit Bulk Storage dock. 
8-McK-11-13-09-cw.jpg (93599 bytes) 9-Man-11-13-09-cw.jpg (107692 bytes)
Manistee downbound in the Detroit River.
10-Man-11-13-09-cw.jpg (88330 bytes)
11-HCJ-11-13-09-cw.jpg (76592 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson approaching the Jefferson Ave. bridge.
12-HCJ-11-13-09-cw.jpg (92617 bytes)
Passing through the Fort Street bridge.
13-HCJ-11-13-09-cw.jpg (53447 bytes) 14-HCJ-11-13-09-cw.jpg (99949 bytes)
Passing the Diamond Jack.
15-HCJ-11-13-09-cw.jpg (88191 bytes)
Approaching the Dix Ave. bridge and Severstal.

Saturday at Welland Canal - Bill Bird
1.GCLeitch-11-14-09-bb.jpg (52645 bytes)
Gordon C Leitch downbound approaching old Bridge 10
2-Algosoo-11-14-09-bb.jpg (49933 bytes)
Algosoo clear of Lock 8
3AlgosooMarinelinkExplorer-.jpg (76723 bytes)
Algosoo passing barge Marinelink Explorer at stone dock
4-CommodoreStraits-11-14-09.jpg (73989 bytes)
Commodore Straits will push barge-the two are expected to be in service in a few weeks
5-CommodoreStraitsMarinelin.jpg (92646 bytes)
View of barge from tug
6Mapleglen-11-14-09-a-bb.jpg (103385 bytes)
At high noon Mapleglen under Clarence Street Bridge in Port Colborne
7-Mapleglen-11-14-09-b-bb.jpg (72211 bytes)
Stern view as she heads for west wall above Lock 8 for supplies and servicing
8-Canadian-Progress-11-14-0.jpg (79744 bytes)
Canadian Progress entering PC harbor.

Duluth Wednesday and Thursday - Travis Chadwick
1-beeghly-11-12-09-tc.jpg (56789 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly anchored in the inner harbor waiting to load coal at SMET after fleetmate Mesabi Miner, with G-tugs in foreground.
2-lodzka-11-12-09-tc.jpg (127259 bytes)
Ziemia Lodzka departing Duluth after loading grain at CHS in Superior.
3-miner-11-12-09-tc.jpg (73255 bytes)
Mesabi Miner loading coal at SMET.
4-mccarthy-11-12-09-tc.jpg (76659 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy, Jr. loading coal at SMET.
5-quebecois-1-12-09tc.jpg (43560 bytes)
Quebecois unloading cement at St. Lawrence Cement dock in Duluth.
6-persenk-11-12-09-tc.jpg (152507 bytes)
Persenk arriving Duluth bound for CHS, her second trip here this season.
7-century-11-12-09-tc.jpg (41900 bytes)
American Century at Murphy Fuel Dock, then to SMET.
8-fdsakura-11-12-09tc.jpg (37797 bytes)
 Federal Sakura at anchor off Duluth entry.
9-algomrne11-12-09tc.jpg (133980 bytes)
Algomarine arriving Duluth for DMIR and a load of taconite.

Hamilton, Ont. - Eric Holmes
1-LaPrairie-13-11-09-eh.jpg (112065 bytes)
Tug LaPrairie in the Burlington Ship Canal
2-LaPrairie-13-11-09-eh.jpg (117665 bytes)
stern view
3-Omnirich-13-11-09-eh.jpg (121844 bytes)
Tug Omni Richileau in the Burlington Ship Canal
4-Omnirich-13-11-09-eh.jpg (141903 bytes)
stern view
5-Onegosem-13-11-09-eh.jpg (114460 bytes)
Onego Sementina in the Burlington Ship Canal
6-Onegosem-13-11-09-eh.jpg (109547 bytes)
stern view
7-Onegosem-13-11-09-eh.jpg (104287 bytes)
Onego Sementina being escorted by the LaPrairie,and Omni Richileau

USCGC Alder doing buoy work in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1_alder_11_11_09_rb.jpg (92986 bytes)
At the Upper Harbor
2_alder_11_11_09_rb.jpg (100505 bytes)
Lower Harbor

Cleveland, Ohio Saturday - Paul Magyar
1-TUGOHIO-11-14-09-PM.jpg (86834 bytes)
Tug Ohio Inbound Cleveland main entrance with the Tug South Carolina in tow.
2-SAMLAUD-11-14-09-PM.jpg (90785 bytes)
Sam Laud downbound the Cuyahoga River after passing under the W. 3rd St. Bridge.
3-SAMLAUD-11-14-09-PM.jpg (134869 bytes)
Sam Laud downbound the Cuyahoga River approaching the Columbus Rd. lift bridge.

Escanaba Friday  - Lee Rowe
JLBlockLr11130902.jpg (92531 bytes)
Joseph L Block
WSykesLR11130905.jpg (77695 bytes)
Wilfred Sykes approaching
BlockSykesLR11130912.jpg (122680 bytes)
Sykes at the dock

Marquette, Mich. Saturday - Lee Rowe
JRBarkerLR11140905.jpg (100740 bytes)
James R Barker unloading coal
 DAnnPathfinderLR11140905.jpg (73115 bytes)
Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder ready to load ore
DAnnPathfinderLR11140910.jpg (125305 bytes)
Wide view

Tug Ohio Tows Fleetmate South Carolina to Cleveland - Rich Nicholls
1-S-Carolina-11-14-09-rn.jpg (113454 bytes)
The tug Ohio arrived Saturday at the Great Lakes Shipyard in Cleveland's old riverbed with the tug South Carolina in tow.  They came from Lake Michigan and the South Carolina requires engine repairs.

Busy slip at Essar Steel Algoma Ron S.
ships-in-slip.jpg (113276 bytes)        

John Spence with barge slowly pulling into Grand Traverse Bay Friday - Rich
PB131052.jpg (137512 bytes)        

Eastbound Michipicoten in Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island Friday - Dianne Donati
Michipicoten-11-13-09-dd.jpg (66970 bytes)        

Historical Perspectives - Put-In-Bay auto ferry post cards - Steve Phillips
Put-In-Bay-(2).jpg (189338 bytes) Put-In-Bay-(3).jpg (158139 bytes) Put-In-Bay-(4).jpg (149342 bytes) Put-In-Bay-(5).jpg (129363 bytes) Put-In-Bay.jpg (167355 bytes)
Put-In-Bay-(1).jpg (174257 bytes) Put-In-Bay-(6).jpg (90256 bytes)      

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