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November 16, 2009

Ships in Goderich, Ontario on Saturday - Philip Nash
1-RSPierson-14-10-09-pn.jpg (87231 bytes)
Robert S Pierson preparing to load soybeans(?) at the Goderich Elevator.
2-RSPierson-14-10-09-pn.jpg (103318 bytes)
Loading has started on the Pierson with dust flying from the cargo hold.
3-CDNNavigator-14-10-09-pn.jpg (69315 bytes)
Canadian Navigator at Sifto Salt dock waiting to re-start loading due too problems with the loader.
4-CDNNavigator-14-10-09-pn.jpg (82836 bytes)
Canadian Navigator in Goderich under sunny skies and warm temperatures.
5-CDNNavigator-14-10-09-pn.jpg (124760 bytes)
Underneath the boom of the Navigator.
6-CDNNavigator-14-10-09-pn.jpg (86067 bytes)
Shot of the Navigator's bridge.
7-CDNNavigator-14-10-09-pn.jpg (87795 bytes)
Stern of the Navigator.
8-GoderichSalt-14-10-09-pn.jpg (74461 bytes)
The loading spout in the Navigator's cargo hold.
9-Dover-14-10-09-pn.jpg (133420 bytes)
MacDonald Marine Tug Dover with the Pierson loading at the elevator.
10-CapeDiscovery-14-10-09-p.jpg (119238 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard Ship Cape Discovery which is based in Goderich for the season.

Canadian Transfer in Marinette - Dick Lund
1-CT-11-14-09-dl.jpg (62085 bytes)
Arriving at Marinette Fuel & Dock around 8:45 p.m. on Saturday with the dock's fifth load of salt for the 2009-2010 shipping season
2-CT-11-14-09-dl.jpg (66314 bytes)
Stern view unloading later that night
3-CT-11-14-09-dl.jpg (64449 bytes)
Bow view form the Ogden Street Bridge
4-CT-11-14-09-dl.jpg (55741 bytes)
Dockside view

Silver Bay & Two Harbors - Michael R. Sipper
1-HLW-11-13-09-MS.jpg.jpg (55886 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha waiting for H. Lee White to load at Silver Bay.
2-LAT-11-14-09-MS.jpg.jpg (63759 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha loading at Silver Bay.
3-LAT-11-14-09-MS.jpg.jpg (68199 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha getting ready to depart Silver Bay.
4-EBS-11-14-09-MS.jpg.jpg (53567 bytes)
Edgar B Speer loading at Two Harbors on a foggy day.
5-Loaders-11-14-09-MS.jpg.jpg (94115 bytes)
Belt Loaders at Silver Bay.
6-HLW-11-13-09-MS.jpg.jpg (52342 bytes)
H Lee White arriving at Silver Bay.
7-HLW-11-13-09-MS.jpg.jpg (71418 bytes)
H Lee White loading at Silver Bay on a foggy, cloudy day.

Historical Perspectives - US Navy in Duluth, date unknown, possibly for 1959 Seaway opening.  E. C. Carlson photos, Carl Fredericks collection.
img384.jpg (111708 bytes) img382.jpg (73202 bytes) img386.jpg (52171 bytes) img383.jpg (39340 bytes) img375.jpg (79346 bytes)
img377.jpg (63767 bytes)        

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