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November 18, 2009

Efforts to refloat the CSL Assiniboine - Ron Beaupre
1-cslassin-17-11-09-rb.jpg (57416 bytes)
Ocean Hercule races by Mariatown on her way to release CSL Assiniboine.
2-cslassin-17-11-09-rb.jpg (64352 bytes)
Duga leads the way up the river.
3-cslassin-17-11-09-rb.jpg (45017 bytes)
 Duga races up the river.
4-cslassin-17-11-09-rb.jpg (69824 bytes)
The tugs get ready to push.
5-cslassin-17-11-09-rb.jpg (78875 bytes)
Both tugs at full power and the ship has her engines driving ahead too.
6-cslassin-17-11-09-rb.jpg (83112 bytes)
She did not budge so Duga retires for the night to wait for reinforcements.

Cardinal Tuesday - Tom Rutledge
assinboine-on-a-shoal-cardi.jpg (83060 bytes) assinboine-and-maritime-tra.jpg (92898 bytes) spruceglen-under-the-presco.jpg (80986 bytes) spruceglen-and-maritime-tra.jpg (74977 bytes)  

Presque Isle at Stoneport
- Ben & Chanda McClain
PrsqIs-BCM-11-17-09-03.jpg (117518 bytes)
Presque Isle loading at Stoneport
PrsqIs-BCM-11-17-09-04.jpg (97692 bytes) PrsqIs-BCM-11-17-09-05.jpg (88522 bytes) PrsqIs-BCM-11-17-09-06.jpg (117990 bytes) ValB-BCM-11-17-09-01.jpg (111435 bytes)
Tug Valerie B
ValB-BCM-11-17-09-02.jpg (99969 bytes)        

Michipicoten at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1_mich_11_5_09_rb.jpg (95062 bytes)
2_mich_11_5_09_rb.jpg (162336 bytes)
Bow view at the ore dock

St. Clair and Detroit Rivers - Erich Zuschlag
acansarn-11-15-09ez.jpg (79985 bytes)
Algocanada in layup in Sarnia
aeast-11-15-09ez.jpg (66294 bytes)
Algoeast at Imperial Oil in Sarnia
alakerecor-11-15-09ez.jpg (89199 bytes)
Algolake passing Recors Point
cndnavcol-11-15-09ez.jpg (117424 bytes)
Canadian Navigator off Colchester light
hurlight-11-15-09ez.jpg (108169 bytes)
Huron light ship
latlakerecor-11-15-09ez.jpg (83764 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha and Algolake passing Recors
latrecor-11-15-09ez.jpg (90866 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha at Recors
rspdet-11-15-09ez.jpg (66777 bytes)
Robert S Pierson off Amherstburg

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