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November 19, 2009

Wednesday's efforts to refloat the CSL Assiniboine - Ron Beaupre
1-cslassin-18-11-09-rb.jpg (51629 bytes)
Engines are warmed up to full power as the Salvor, Ocean Hercule and Duga swing the stern of CSL Assiniboine off the shoal.
2-cslassin-18-11-09-rb.jpg (90629 bytes)
Lots of current to fight against.
3-cslassin-18-11-09-rb.jpg (79368 bytes)
 Lots of propwash and frustration.
4-cslassin-18-11-09-rb.jpg (57085 bytes)
Sitting in the sunshine while more plans are made.
5-cslassin-18-11-09-rb.jpg (48372 bytes)
  Like a grunt of disgust, CSL Assiniboine blows her stack.

CSL Assiniboine - Pillip Blancher
1-18-11-09-CSL-Assinaboine-.jpg (59517 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine aground at Gallop canal
2-18-11-09-CSL-Assinaboine-.jpg (89728 bytes)      

Royal Pescadores downbound at Port Huron Wednesday - Bruce Hurd
RoyalPescadores.jpg (80195 bytes)        

Photo of the Jack Wirt - displayed in a restaurant in Fairport, Ohio
Jack-Wirt-in-Fairport.jpg (46934 bytes)        

Historic Perspective Postcard - Rufus P. Ranney entering Duluth-Superior harbor with a cargo of coal - John van der Doe
Rufus-P.-Ranney.jpg (121986 bytes)        

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