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November 20, 2009

Tony Mackay and barge Sault Au Cochon alongside CSL Assiniboine  - Ron Beaupre
1-cslassin-19-11-09-rb.jpg (61703 bytes)
They did not load grain onto the barge.

Mariatown - Murray Blancher
1-Sault-Au-Cochon-19-11-09-.jpg (82975 bytes)
Tony Mackay & Sault Au Cochon upbound at Mariatown
2-Tony-Mackay-&-Sault-Au-Co.jpg (88360 bytes) 3-Tony-Mackay-19-11-09-MB-.jpg (76707 bytes) 4-Tony-Mackay&Sault-Au-Coch.jpg (74904 bytes)
Tont Mackay & Sault Au Cochon upbound at Mariatown
5-Assiniboine-19-11-09-MB-.jpg (74093 bytes)
Assiniboine aground at Galop Canal
6-Duga-&-Assiniboine-19-11-.jpg (83816 bytes)
Duga & Assiniboine
7-Ocean-Hercule-19-11-09-MB.jpg (76819 bytes) 8-Duga,Ocean-Hercule&-Assin.jpg (63481 bytes)
Duga, Ocean Hercule & Assiniboine
9-Assiniboine-19-11-09-MB-.jpg (84938 bytes) 10-Assiniboine-19-11-09-MB-.jpg (167759 bytes)

Salties at Hamilton and the Welland Canal - John McCreery
1-BBC-Aust-11-18-09-jm.jpg (104580 bytes)
BBC Australia approaching the Glendale bridge, upbound for Detroit.
2-BBC-Aust-11-18-09-jm.jpg (105806 bytes)
Stern view
3-Persenk-11-18-09-jm.jpg (116764 bytes)
Persenk downbound below lock 1
4-Persenk-11-18-09-jm.jpg (106790 bytes)
Persenk and pilot boat Mrs C
5-Stefania-I-11-18-09-jm.jpg (82671 bytes)
Stefania I approaching the Glendale bridge
6-Stefania-I-11-18-09-jm.jpg (68335 bytes) 7-Stefania-I-11-18-09-jm.jpg (84289 bytes)
Stern view, destination Duluth
8-FedManitou-11-18-09-jm.jpg (96126 bytes)
Federal Manitou unloading at pier 14W Hamilton
9-FedManitou-11-18-09-jm.jpg (92100 bytes)
Another view
10-FedManitou-11-18-09-jm.jpg (114889 bytes)
Stern view across Burlington Bay
11-SpringBreeze-I-11-18-09-.jpg (93465 bytes)
Spring Breeze I at J R Richardson Eastport

Alpena, Mich. - Ben & Chanda McClain
TugValr-BCM-11-19-09-01.jpg (90325 bytes)
Tug Valerie B leaving
TugValr-BCM-11-19-09-02.jpg (93517 bytes) TugValr-BCM-11-19-09-03.jpg (92765 bytes) TugValr-BCM-11-19-09-04.jpg (80047 bytes) TugValr-BCM-11-19-09-05.jpg (49725 bytes)
Picking up the barge & equipment
TugValr-BCM-11-19-09-06.jpg (59311 bytes)
Manitowoc coming in
TugValr-BCM-11-19-09-07.jpg (74888 bytes)
Close up
TugValr-BCM-11-19-09-08.jpg (90898 bytes)
Getting tied up

Former Coast Guard tug Apalachee in Cleveland - Steve Phillips
IMG_0366.jpg (172759 bytes) IMG_0368.jpg (231521 bytes) IMG_0369.jpg (143649 bytes)    

Port Stanley L.R. Jackson - Steve Phillips
IMG_0360.jpg (105916 bytes)
L.R. Jackson arrives
IMG_0361.jpg (115645 bytes) IMG_0363.jpg (93049 bytes)
Unloads its catch
IMG_0364.jpg (89729 bytes)
The dock is full of totes of fish ready to be loaded on the truck, next stop the fish plant in Wheatly.

Radium Yellowknife in Kingston - Tom Rutledge
radium-yellowknife-in-kings.jpg (40302 bytes) radium-yellowknife.jpg (108984 bytes)      

Historical Perspective -  John J. Boland (2) - Greg Olsen
John_J_Boland.jpg (72303 bytes)
Originally launched as the Stephen M. Clement.  Date of photo unknown, my grandfather was 2nd mate in 1949, so I presume the photo was from that time frame.  Location unknown.

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