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November 22 - 21, 2009

CSL Assiniboine freed late Saturday -  Ron Beaupre
1-cslassin-21-11-09-rb.jpg (42848 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine pours grain off into Big 551. Ocean Bertrand Jeansonne on the stern, Duga on the right.
2-cslassin-21-11-09-rb.jpg (33657 bytes)
Duga has the bow line taught while ballast is pumped out. Bertrand on the stern.
3-cslassin-21-11-09-rb.jpg (28418 bytes)
 The tow is in the shipping channel and close to Galop Island.
1-chartofriver-rb.jpg (176422 bytes)
Chart of river showing exact location of CSL Assiniboine. Note depth around ship.

Cardinal and Prescott Saturday -  Dave Bessant
1-Oakglen-11-21-09-WDB.jpg (93120 bytes)
Arriving at Cardinal where Oakglen has just passed by Assiniboine.
2-Oakglen-11-21-09-WDB.jpg (75154 bytes)
Oakglen stern view.
3-BravoBertrandJeansonneHer.jpg (71650 bytes)
Ocean Bravo, Ocean Bertrand Jeansonne and Ocean Hercule with the Assiniboine
4-Mapleglen-11-21-09-WDB.jpg (71474 bytes)
Mapleglen approaching Assiniboine from the East
5-MapleglenAssiniboine-11-2.jpg (65870 bytes)
Mapleglen about to pass in the channel ahead of Assiniboine, she slows down somewhat.
6-MapleglenAssiniboine-11-2.jpg (72666 bytes)
Mapleglen passing Assiniboine
7-MapleglenAssiniboine-11-2.jpg (62072 bytes)
Mapleglen clear of Assiniboine
8-Mapleglen-11-21-09-WDB.jpg (59816 bytes)
Stern view
9-FederalSakura-11-21-09-WD.jpg (152585 bytes)
Federal Sakura approaching Assiniboine from the West
10-AssiniboineFederalSakura.jpg (74399 bytes)
 Federal Sakura passing in front of Assiniboine
11-FederalSakura-11-21-09-W.jpg (72813 bytes)
Federal Sakura stern view
12-JWShelleyDuga-11-21-09-W.jpg (68108 bytes)
J W Shelley at Preacott with the tug Duga rafted to barges Big 556 and Big 551
13-JWShelley-11-21-09-WDB.jpg (83006 bytes)
Window washing on the J W Shelley as she is being loaded
14-Duga-11-21-09-WDB.jpg (85310 bytes)
Duga bow on
15-Duga556551-11-21-09-WDB.jpg (81716 bytes)
Duga rafted to the barges, you can see how barge Big 551 sits unevenly in the water as she is being emptied ( heavier at the closest end )
16-CSL20-11-21-09-WDB.jpg (78199 bytes)
The identifiers in the windows of the trucks being loaded from the barge ( CSL #20 )
17-Quebecois-11-21-09-WDB.jpg (89164 bytes)
Quebecois heading east under the Prescott Ogdensburg International Bridge.
18-JWShelleyDuga-11-21-09-W.jpg (93664 bytes)
Overview of the unload
19-FrontenacAssiniboine-11-.jpg (50683 bytes)
Frontenac approaching Assiniboine
20-FrontenacAssiniboine-11-.jpg (58628 bytes)
Frontenac passing Assiniboine
21-Assiniboine-11-21-09-WDB.jpg (71221 bytes)
Tug Ocean Bravo crew going into town
22-DugaBig551-11-21-09-WDB.jpg (55478 bytes)
Tug Duga drifting backwards to Assiniboine
23-AssiniboineDuga-11-21-09.jpg (48938 bytes)
Duga arriving very carefully
24-AssiniboineDuga-11-21-09.jpg (47465 bytes)
Duga manouevering very skillfully alongside Assiniboine
25-Duga-11-21-09-WDB.jpg (57781 bytes)
Duga with Barge Big 551 in position to be loaded
26-DugaBig551-11-21-09-WDB.jpg (78068 bytes)
Loading begins at around 5:05 pm

Keweenaw Water Way -  Roland Burgan
1-Courage-11-2009-RB.jpg (103161 bytes)
 American Courage in the Keweenaw Waterway. Nov. 2009.
1-CleliaII-7-2009-RB.jpg (115123 bytes)
Cruise Ship Clelia II at Houghton, Mi. summer 2009
2-CleliaII-7-2009-RB.jpg (82967 bytes)    

CSL Assiniboine Friday -
 Dave Bessant
2-CSLAssiniboine-10-20-09-W.jpg (79651 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine from the Galop canal at the eastern end.
3-CSLAssiniboine-10-20-09-W.jpg (78635 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine with the rearmost tug Ocean Hercule out of Montreal. You can see all the waves being pushed from the West up against the starboard side of Assiniboine
4-CSLAssiniboine-10-20-09-W.jpg (83328 bytes)
Assiniboine and all three tugs, Ocean Hercule, Duga and Ocean Bravo
5-CSLAssiniboine-10-20-09-W.jpg (101094 bytes)
All three tugs in line appearing the be side by side
6-CSLAssiniboine-10-20-09-W.jpg (72115 bytes)
A last view from the extreme end of the Galop canal
8-CSLAssiniboine-10-20-09-W.jpg (98609 bytes)
Tugs are not all in line but spaced along Assiniboine's port side bracing her against the wind and waves
9-CSLAssiniboine-10-20-09-W.jpg (80805 bytes)
J W Shelley at Prescott loading
10-CSLAssiniboine-10-20-09-.jpg (119098 bytes)
The trucks unloading perhaps the Assiniboine's cargo and from there perhaps to the J W Shelley?

Mississagi in Alpena - Ben & Chanda McClain
Missg-11-21-09-BCM-01.jpg (72241 bytes)
Mississagi unloading salt
Missg-11-21-09-BCM-02.jpg (51683 bytes) Missg-11-21-09-BCM-03.jpg (57116 bytes)
Backing out of the river

Brockville and Prescott - Murray Blancher
1-Assiniboine-11-21-09-MB-.jpg (165738 bytes) 2-Assiniboine-&-Mapleglen-1.jpg (51019 bytes) 3-Assiniboine-&-Federal-Sak.jpg (110646 bytes) 4-Oakglen-11-21-09-.jpg (58810 bytes) 5-Federal-Sakura-11-21-09-M.jpg (106028 bytes)
6-Federal-Sakura-11-21-09-.jpg (99096 bytes) 7-Federal-Sakura-11-21-09-.jpg (90218 bytes) 8-Assiniboine-&-Catherine-D.jpg (39799 bytes)    
1-Captian-Henry-Jackman-11-.jpg (71385 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman upbound at Brockville On.
2-Captian-Henry-Jackman-11-.jpg (81794 bytes)
3-Canadian-Enterptise-11-20.jpg (69431 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise upbound at Brockville On.
4-Canadian-Enterprise-11-20.jpg (72696 bytes) 5-SCL-Bern-11-20-09-MB-.jpg (63481 bytes)
SCL Bern upbound at Prescott On.
6-SCL-Bern-11-20-09-MB-.jpg (49197 bytes) 7-SCL-Bern-11-20-09-MB-.jpg (89057 bytes) 8-Assiniboine-11-20-09-MB-.jpg (84092 bytes)
Assiniboine aground at Gallop Canal
9-Ocean-Bravo,Duga-&-Ocean-.jpg (90523 bytes)
Group Ocean tugs sanding by with Assiniboine
10-J-W-Shelley-11-20-09-MB-.jpg (128627 bytes)
J W Shelley at Prescott Elevator


Recent Vessel Passages Welland Canal - John McCreery
1-Morning-Persenk-11-18-09-.jpg (108489 bytes)
Persenk against morning light
2-Front-MTrader-11-18-09-jm.jpg (105047 bytes)
BBC Australia in foreground with Frontenac and Maritime Trader in the flight locks
3-MaritimeT-11-18-09-jm.jpg (143519 bytes)
Maritime Trader rising in lock 7
4-Frontenac-11-18-09-jm.jpg (84929 bytes)
Frontenac approaching the Glendale bridge
5-Frontenac-Stefania-11-18-.jpg (80476 bytes)
 Frontenac passing the upbound Stefania I
6-Cuyahoga-11-18-09-jm.jpg (128304 bytes)
Cuyahoga passing the Marinelink Explorer at the stone dock Port Colborne
7-MarinelinkExplorer-11-18-.jpg (103222 bytes)
 Testing her lifting capacity
8-Cuyahoga-Trader-11-18-09-.jpg (79297 bytes)
Cuyahoga and Maritime Trader meet above Ramey's Bend
9-MaritimeTrader-11-18-09-j.jpg (83920 bytes)
Maritime Trader upbound towards lock 8
10-MarT-11-18-09-jm.jpg (91162 bytes)
The Trader passing the Marinelink Explorer
11-MaritimeTrader-11-18-09-.jpg (80167 bytes)
Closer View
12-MaritimeTrader-11-18-09-.jpg (86304 bytes) 13-StefaniaI-11-18-09-jm.jpg (103171 bytes)
Stefania I at Port Robinson
14-Cuyahoga-Stefania-11-18-.jpg (95636 bytes)
Cuyahoga passing Stefania I with not much room to spare between the channel markers

Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island - Dianne Donati
H-Lee-White-11-18-09-dd.jpg (68575 bytes)
H Lee White passing Nov. 18
Federal-Patriot-11-18-09-dd.jpg (80480 bytes)
 Federal Patriot

CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock, Toledo, Ohio - Bob Vincent 
1-CDesgagnes-11-19-09-bv.jpg (72202 bytes)
Catherine Desgagnes pumping water before loading
2-CDesgagnes-11-19-09-bv.jpg (111136 bytes)
Getting ready to load
3-CDesgagnes-11-19-09-bv.jpg (102648 bytes)
Loading # 4 hole
4-CDesgagnes-11-19-09-bv.jpg (81052 bytes)
Port side looking forward

Marinette, Wis. - Dick Lund
1-CD-11-16-09-dl.jpg (49624 bytes)
Catherine Desgagnes inbound Menominee River around 4:30 p.m. on Monday with a load of pig iron for Marinette Fuel & Dock
2-CD-PM-11-16-09-dl.jpg (61836 bytes)
Later that night, the Pere Marquette 41/Undaunted arrived, also with pig iron
3-PM-11-16-09-dl.jpg (49912 bytes)
4-CT-11-19-09-dl.jpg (44703 bytes)
On a rainy Thursday morning, the Canadian Transfer arrived back at Marinette Fuel & Dock with another load of salt (it was also here last Saturday)
5-CT-11-19-09-dl.jpg (30981 bytes)
Wide view on a gray day
6-CT-11-19-09-dl.jpg (62585 bytes)
Stern view as the boom and workboat are brought back aboard
7-CT-11-19-09-dl.jpg (50108 bytes)
Almost ready to depart around 12:45 p.m.
8-CT-11-19-09-dl.jpg (59086 bytes)
Pig iron deposited by Pere Marquette 41 in two trips (in the foreground), and salt delivered in two trips by the Canadian Transfer (the salt not under the black tarp)

Marquette, Mich. - Lee Rowe
CMBeeghlyLR11200903.jpg (83597 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly arriving
MichipicotenLR11200903.jpg (94857 bytes)
Michipicoten loading
ManitowocLR11200905.jpg (95317 bytes)
Manitowoc arriving
AmerCourageLR11200904.jpg (74596 bytes)
American Courage at the Shiras Dock, note the guard who was heading out our way
AmerCourageLR11200905.jpg (73409 bytes)

Herbert C. Jackson arriving at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1_hcj_11_11_09_rb.jpg (133085 bytes)        

Port Huron Authorama
Authorama.jpg (88060 bytes)
Daniel J. Morrell survivor Dennis Hale signs a book for a customer at the Great Lakes Authorama, Saturday at the Great Lakes Maritime Center in Port Huron. Hale's wife, Barb, looks on.

Historical boats over the years - Michael Sipper
1-Sherwin-11-21-09-MS.jpg.jpg (82422 bytes)
John Sherwin laid up at Fraser Shipyards, Superior Wi.
2-Comeaudoc-11-21-09-MS.jpg.jpg (77683 bytes)
Comeaudoc loading grain at Harvest States Elevator, Superior Wi.
3-GascII-11-21-09-MS.jpg.jpg (83020 bytes)
George A. Sloan & Calcite II laid up at Fraser Shipyards, Superior Wi.
4-HCH-11-21-09-MS.jpg.jpg (75480 bytes)
H C Heimbecker at the Soo. (1973)
5-JLM-11-21-09-MS.jpg.jpg (124505 bytes)
JL Mauthe laid up at the Municipal Dock, Superior Wi.
6-KinEnt-11-21-09-MS.jpg.jpg (129426 bytes)
Kinsman Enterprise loading grain at Harvest States Elevator, Superior Wi. (1996)
7-KE-11-21-09-MS.jpg.jpg (110941 bytes)
Kinsman Enterprise loading grain at Harvest States Elevator, Superior Wi. (1996)
8-LFPI-11-21-09-MS.jpg.jpg (65642 bytes)
Leon Fraser & Presque Isle Loading at DMIR, Two Harbors, Mn.
9-PHT-11-21-09-MS.jpg.jpg (92029 bytes)
Paul H. Townsend at Soo.
10-PI-11-21-09-MS.jpg.jpg (113767 bytes)
Presque Isle loading at BN, Superior Wi.     

Historical Perspective - Thames River steamers - Steve Phillips
IMG_0001.jpg (94515 bytes)
Omar D Conger at Wallaceburg
IMG_0002.jpg (132397 bytes)
City of Chatham at Chatham
IMG_0003.jpg (171624 bytes)    

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