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November 23, 2009

Sunday at Welland - Bill Bird
1-Frontenac-11-22-09-bb.jpg (61873 bytes)
Frontenac passing through Homer Bridge on way to Lock 3
2-Algowood-11-22-09-bb.jpg (46598 bytes)
Algowood approaching Homer Bridge
3-Mapleglen-11-22-09-bb.jpg (68462 bytes)
Mapleglen clear of Lock 7
4-BBCAustralia-11-22-09-a-b.jpg (59401 bytes)
BBC Australia loading at old sand dock in Port Weller harbor.
5-BBC-Australia-11-22-09-b-.jpg (113048 bytes)
Close up showing container of what appears to be heavy equipment.  BBC Australia would leave berth and head down Lake Ontario in the afternoon.   

Tugs Ocean Bravo, Duga, Ocean Hercule and Ocean Bertrand Jeansonne Sunday morning at rest - Dave Bessant
1-HerculeDugaBertrandBravo-.jpg (85659 bytes)
Ocean Hercule with Duga rafted alongside, Assiniboine behind them and Ocean Bravo tied up by herself at the end of the elevators. Ocean Bertrand Jeansonne is behind Hercule.
2-HerculeDuga-11-22-09-WDB.jpg (81061 bytes)
Close up
3-Hercule-11-22-09-WDB.jpg (96421 bytes)
Ocean Hercule bow on
4-HerculeDuga-11-22-09-WDB.jpg (122374 bytes)
Hercule and Duga stern view
5-BertrandJeansonne-11-22-0.jpg (104781 bytes)
Ocean Bertrand Jeansonne bow on facing East
6-Assiniboine-11-22-09-WDB.jpg (46056 bytes)
Top of Assiniboine rudder
7-Assiniboine-11-22-09-WDB.jpg (79275 bytes)
Assiniboine with officials aboard

Assiniboine being pushed tugged coaxed and guided into Prescott Saturday night -  Dave Bessant
2-Gov-11-21-09-WDB.jpg (43036 bytes)
Transport Canada aboard
3-Gov-11-21-09-WDB.jpg (56401 bytes)
St Lawrence Seaway aboard
4-BertrandAssiniboineDuga-1.jpg (26218 bytes)
Assiniboine with her red lights, the tugs each with masts with 2 or 3 white lights, towed by tug Duga and pushed by the tug Ocean Bertrand Jeansonne, Ocean Bravo and Ocean Hercule at her sides ( it appears one on each side )
5-BertrandAssiniboineDuga-1.jpg (33937 bytes)
Approaching the bridge
6-JWShelley-11-21-09-WDB.jpg (49661 bytes)
 J W Shelley being loaded as we await the arrival of Assiniboine
7-TugsAssiniboine.11-21-09-.jpg (21433 bytes)
Tugs repositioning as they begin to turn Assiniboine towards the south, parallel to the bridge in order to guide her backwards to the North slip
8-TugsAssiniboine-11-21-09-.jpg (34995 bytes)
All lined up
9-TugsAssiniboine-11-21-09-.jpg (60648 bytes)
Ocean Bertrand Jeansonne pulling Assiniboine backwards
10-BertrandBravoAssiniboine.jpg (62832 bytes)
Bertrand Jeansonne pulling her back with Ocean Bravo's assistance
11-BravoAssiniboineBertrand.jpg (63512 bytes)
Almost aligned
12-AssiniboineBertrandShell.jpg (47954 bytes)
Bertrand Jeansonne with Assiniboine and J W Shelley in the southern slip
13-AssiniboineBertrand-11-2.jpg (58292 bytes)
Assiniboine being guided further back into the slip by Ocean Bertrand Jeansonne
14-DugaAssiniboine-11-21-09.jpg (34747 bytes)
Taut 5 inch nylon cable between Duga and Assiniboine as she moves backwards
15-Duga-11-21-09-WDB.jpg (55822 bytes)
Duga out of Trois Rivieres  providing resistance
16-DugaShelleyHerculeAssin-.jpg (65282 bytes)
You'll not see this again soon, Duga and Assiniboine with Ocean Hercule and J W Shelley in the background
17-AssiniboineBravo-11-21-0.jpg (61656 bytes)
Assiniboine tied up with Ocean Bravo behind her
18-AssiniboineBertrand-11-2.jpg (68605 bytes)
Ocean Bertrand Jeansonne tied up now behind Assiniboine
19-OceanBertrandJeansonne-1.jpg (68996 bytes)
Ocean Bertrand Jeansonne
20-OceanHercule-11-21-09-WD.jpg (60768 bytes)
Ocean Hercule tied up as well

McKee Sons in Grand Haven on Saturday - Dale Rosema
1-McKee-11-21-09-DTR.jpg (49566 bytes)
McKee Sons shining the light as they back out of Grand Haven Saturday morning
2-McKee-11-21-09-DTR.jpg (114244 bytes) 3-McKee-11-21-09-DTR.jpg (216933 bytes)
Close up of bow
4-McKee-11-21-09-DTR.jpg (99352 bytes)
Empty city docks on a quiet November morning
5-McKee-11-21-09-DTR.jpg (84595 bytes)
6-McKee-11-21-09-DTR.jpg (99238 bytes)
 Continuing to back out
7-McKee-11-21-09-DTR.jpg (113219 bytes)
Backing into the mist
8-McKee-11-21-09-DTR.jpg (203803 bytes)
Starting to turn
9-McKee-11-21-09-DTR.jpg (139802 bytes)
Turning with pier head

Cason J. Callaway in the Calumet River Saturday morning - Lou Gerard
IMG_4895.jpg (101674 bytes)
Backing under CN (EJ&E) bridge
IMG_4896.jpg (69235 bytes)
Callaway about to back through the 95th St. Bridge en route to KCBX.

Marquette, Mich. - Lee Rowe
AmCourageLR11210915.jpg (100144 bytes)
 American Courage waiting to load
MaitowocLR11210910.jpg (95563 bytes)
Manitowoc waiting to load
HCJacksonLR11210905.jpg (83573 bytes)
Herbert C Jackson waiting in the harbor
RSPiersonLR11210912.jpg (92278 bytes)
Robert S Pierson waiting

Busy Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1_mich_11_20_09_rb.jpg (89576 bytes)
Michipicoten arriving
2_cmbmich11_20_09_rb.jpg (93173 bytes)
Michipicoten and Charles M. Beeghly, bow views
3_rsp_ac11_21_09_rb.jpg (110818 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson and American Courage at anchor waiting to load

 ISA Inbound Cleveland Main entrance headed for the 24 west lakefront dock Sunday - Paul Magyar
1-ISA-11-22-09-PM.jpg (73960 bytes)        

Recent views from the tug Undaunted - Ted G. Wagner
HPIM2784-4.jpg (11246 bytes)
Digital camera strapped to a kite for some spectacular views
HPIM2806-2.jpg (12711 bytes)
 A near crash taking camera video
18-nov-09-018-1.jpg (12164 bytes)
Another aerial shot underway
HPIM2721.jpg (139304 bytes)
Restored WWII emergency steering station
18-nov-09-007.jpg (68117 bytes)
Some artwork in the engineroom

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