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November 24, 2009

Prescott and Mariatown - Ron Beaupre

5-bertrand-23-11-09-rb.jpg (79544 bytes)
  Ocean Bertrand Jeansonne has z-drive 5000 HP and was christened last summer.
6-cslassin-23-11-09-rb1.jpg (84298 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine awaits the arrival of the Rt Hon Paul J Martin to take her cargo.
1-bravo-23-11-09-rb.jpg (59895 bytes)
 Ocean Bravo takes barge Big 551 down past Mariatown. 
2-commodore-23-11-09-rb.jpg (68265 bytes)
Commodore Straits shows off her new elevated pilothouse.
 3-commodore-23-11-09-rb.jpg (68665 bytes)
 Commodore Straits is flying the Marine Link houseflag.
4-commodore-23-11-09-rb.jpg (58480 bytes)
She is pushing Big 503 & Big 543.

CSL Assiniboine secured at Prescott - Murray Blancher
1-CSL-Assiniboine-11-23-09-.jpg (104696 bytes) 2-CSL-Assiniboine-11-23-09-.jpg (118489 bytes)      

Green Bay - Scott Best
1-CJC-11-23-09-sb.jpg (66119 bytes)
Callaway backing out through Walnut St Bridge.
2-CJC-11-23-09-sb.jpg (72830 bytes)
Bow view at Main St Bridge.
3-CJC-11-23-09-sb.jpg (56365 bytes)
Close up starting her turn in the East River Turning basin
4-CJC-11-23-09-sb.jpg (52658 bytes)
Half way around in the turning basin.
5-CJC-11-23-09-sb.jpg (72830 bytes)
All the way around and ready to head up the Bay, next stop Stoneport
1-Integrity-11-23-09-sb.jpg (45642 bytes)
 Integrity outbound the Fox River at the first RR Bridge ST Crapo in the background at Lafarge Green Bay.
2-Integrity-11-23-09-sb.jpg (46713 bytes)
Close up passing downtown Green Bay from the just opened "City Deck" a new boardwalk in downtown Green Bay.
3-Integrity-11-23-09-sb.jpg (68141 bytes)
Stern view heading through Main St bridge and heading back to Alpena.

Hamilton - John McCreery
SpringBreeze-AtHuron-11-18-.jpg (110780 bytes)
Atlantic Huron being shifted at J R Richardson assisted by a McKeil tug.
Spring-breeze-I-11-18-09-jm.jpg (86133 bytes)
Spring Breeze I berthed just ahead of the loading facility at Richardson, unreported by the harbour master's office.
FedManitou-SpringBreezeI-11.jpg (134683 bytes)
Federal Manitou loading at Richardson with the Spring Breeze I berthed in front of her, neither showing on the port list as seems the case with all visitors to Richardson.

Toronto - George Lee
Misc-123.jpg (92532 bytes) Misc-124.jpg (79667 bytes) Misc-125.jpg (84959 bytes) Misc-126.jpg (148680 bytes) Misc-127.jpg (88481 bytes)
Misc-128.jpg (125308 bytes) Misc-134.jpg (108294 bytes) Misc-138.jpg (131967 bytes) Misc-144.jpg (76108 bytes)
Charter vessel Capt. Matthew Flinders
Misc-145.jpg (144149 bytes)
Main engine CAT 3412

Historical Perspectives - Welland Canal in the mid 60's - Chris Wilson
Port_Weller_66.jpg (207469 bytes)
Aerial of the Port Weller area from 1966. What ships are in the photo?
Linde_2_Welland64.jpg (101581 bytes)
Saltie Linde from 1964
Linde_1_Welland64.jpg (79711 bytes)    

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