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November 28 - 29, 2009

Green Bay Friday - Scott Best
1-ACourage-11-27-09-sb.jpg (80108 bytes)
American Courage unloading at Georgia Pacific.
1-manistee-11-27-09-sb.jpg (86484 bytes)
Manistee unloading at Fox River Dock.
2-manistee-11-27-09-sb.jpg (94505 bytes)
Close up.

Vaasaborg in Menominee - Dick Lund
1-Vaas-11-28-09-dl.jpg (68432 bytes)
Vassaborg loading pulp in Menominee on Saturday morning
2-Vaas-11-28-09-dl.jpg (76041 bytes)
Overhead view of the loading
3-Vaas-11-28-09-dl.jpg (91661 bytes)
Dockside view
4-Vaas-11-28-09-dl.jpg (79950 bytes)
View from the Ogden Street (Menekaunee) Bridge

Vaasaborg in Menominee - Scott Best
1-Vassaborg-11-28-09-sb.jpg (64481 bytes)
 Inbound the Menominee River passing Menominee Lighthouse.
2-Vassaborg-11-28-09-sb.jpg (63036 bytes)
Starting to turn around in the Ansul turning basin.
3-Vassaborg-11-28-09-sb.jpg (57916 bytes)
Close up heading for the dock at K&K Warehouse.

James Norris in Goderich - Wayne Brown
1-Nor-Disc-11-28-09-wb.jpg (88152 bytes)
James Norris loading with Cape Discovery in Goderich on 11-28-09.
2-Norris-11-28-09-wb.jpg (86193 bytes)
3-Norris-11-28-09-wb.jpg (68039 bytes)    

Cape Vincent - Tom Rutledge
assinboine-in-town-cape-vin.jpg (62862 bytes) assinboine-and-fed-cape-vin.jpg (82768 bytes) federal-patorit-cape-vincen.jpg (66385 bytes)    

Thursday along the Seaway, Brockville to Iroquois - Dave Bessant
1-TonyMackaySaultauCochon-1.jpg (46467 bytes)
Tug Tony Mackay upbound past Morristown NY across from Brockville with barge Sault au Cochon
2-TonyMackay-11-26-09-WDB.jpg (57775 bytes)
Tony Mackay close up
3-CommodoreStraits-11-26-09.jpg (43708 bytes)
Tug Commodore Straits just having departed the Iroquois locks eastward
4-CommodoreStraits-11-26-09.jpg (57038 bytes)
Commodore Straits close up
5-JWShelley-11-26-09-WDB.jpg (75009 bytes)
J W Shelley approaching the Iroquois locks from Morrisburg, upbound
6-JWShelley-11-26-09-WDB.jpg (62956 bytes) 7-JWShelley-11-26-09-WDB.jpg (34749 bytes) 8-JWShelley-11-26-09-WDB.jpg (104548 bytes)
J W Shelley departing the locks
9-OBJDugaAssiniboine-11-26-.jpg (73509 bytes)
Duga tied across Assiniboine's bow.
10-DugaAssiniboine-11-26-09.jpg (82911 bytes)
11-DugaAssiniboine-11-26-09.jpg (84406 bytes)
Duga Assiniboine and Ocean Bertrand Jeansonne in the North slip at the Port of Prescott
12-DugaAssiniboine-11-26-09.jpg (96075 bytes)
 Duga's bow and a closeup of Assiniboine's Bow with bow thruster
13-Assiniboine-11-26-09-WDB.jpg (87410 bytes)
Assiniboine close up of bow thruster

Ships at Hamilton - John McCreery
1-FedHunter-11-26-09-jm.jpg (121536 bytes)
Federal Hunter arriving at sunrise on the 26th
2-FederalHUNTER-11-26-09-JM.jpg (79684 bytes)
Stern view
3-Fedhunter-11-26-09-jm.jpg (78854 bytes)
Hunter being assisted into pier 14
4-Orsula-11-26-09-jm.jpg (99769 bytes)
 Orsula loading at J R Richardson
5-FederalOshima-11-26-09-jm.jpg (66142 bytes)
 Bow view of the Federal Oshima at anchor and likely waiting for a space at Richardson
6-FedOshima-11-26-09-jm.jpg (111878 bytes)
Stern view of the Oshima
7-FedOshima-11-26-09-jm.jpg (71861 bytes)
Another View
8-MariaDesgagnes-11-26-09-j.jpg (108588 bytes)
Maria Desgagnes
9-JamesAHannah-11-26-09-jm.jpg (73594 bytes)
James A Hannah and barge
10-Frontenac-11-26-09-jm.jpg (66348 bytes)
Frontenac departing Stelco for Thunder Bay

Port Weller Anchorage Nov. 26 - John McCreery
1-CAya-HarCloud-11-26-09-jm.jpg (67690 bytes)
Clipper Aya and Harbour Cloud in the Port Weller Anchorage
2-Harbour-Cloud-11-26-09-jm.jpg (64668 bytes)
Harbour Cloud
3-Clipper-Aya-11-26-09-jm.jpg (77275 bytes)
Clipper Aya
4-HCloud-Pilot-11-26-09-jm.jpg (65715 bytes)
Pilot Boat Mrs C approaching the Harbour Cloud
5-Harbour-Cloud-11-26-09-jm.jpg (70302 bytes)
After several days in the anchorage, Harbour Cloud gets underway
6-Harbour-Cloud-11-26-09-jm.jpg (66274 bytes)
Stern view headed for the canal, destination Erie Pa.

Iroquois Lock - Ron Beaupre
1-bbcaust-28-11-09-rb.jpg (90708 bytes)
 BBC Australia clears Iroquois Lock down bound. Drechtborg up bound.
2-drecht-28-11-09-rb.jpg (75606 bytes)
Drechtborg takes Iroquois Lock on the fly.

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