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November 30, 2009

CSL Assiniboine drydocking - Al Howard
CSL-Assinnaboine--guided-in.jpg (64896 bytes) CSL-Assinnaboine-making-tur.jpg (71927 bytes) CSL-Assinnaboine-tight-fit-.jpg (76604 bytes) Duga-11.28.2009-ah-b.jpg (66855 bytes) Duga-11.28.2009-ah-c.jpg (73702 bytes)
Duga-on-the-bow-11.28.2009-.jpg (70362 bytes) La-Prairie-Duga-11.28.2009-.jpg (59080 bytes)      

Welland Canal - John McCreery 
1-Thalassa-Desgagnes-11-26-.jpg (91480 bytes)
Thalassa Desgagnes leaving lock 7
2-Isolda-11-26-09-jm.jpg (82032 bytes)
Isolda exiting lock 4 downbound
3-Isolda-11-26-09-jm.jpg (78102 bytes)
Above the Glendale bridge
4-Isolda-11-26-09-jm.jpg (107638 bytes)
Under the bridge
5-Isolda-Pineglen-11-26-09-.jpg (84094 bytes)
Passing the Pineglen
6-Pineglen-11-26-09-jm.jpg (117624 bytes)
Pineglen under Glendale Bridge
7-Isolda-11-26-09-jm.jpg (107454 bytes)
Departing lock 3
8-Frontenac-Isolda-11-26-09.jpg (100967 bytes)
 Passing the Frontenac which is upbound in ballast for Thunder Bay
9-Frontenac-11-26-09-jm.jpg (83290 bytes)
Frontenac about to enter lock 3
10-Isolda-11-26-09-jm.jpg (89715 bytes)
Stern view as the sun finally breaks out
11-Isolda-11-26-09-jm.jpg (92784 bytes)
Approaching the wall above 2
12-Isolda-11-26-09-jm.jpg (85541 bytes)
Isolda above 2

Saturday at the Welland Canal - Bill Bird
1-Asphodel-11-28-09-a-bb.jpg (85479 bytes)
Asphodel downbound at Allanburg
2-Asphodel-11-28-09-b-bb.jpg (62829 bytes)
Stern shot
3-Stefania1-11-28-09-a-bb.jpg (69073 bytes)
Stefania 1 clear of Lock 3
4-Stefania1-11-28-09-b-bb.jpg (60277 bytes)
Stern shot
5-MontrealaisJDLeitch-11-28.jpg (68936 bytes)
Montrealais clear of Lock 3 with fleetmate John D Leitch about to make a passing entry
6-JDLeitch-11-28-09-bb.jpg (55791 bytes)
Leitch about to enter Lock 3

American Courage in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1_acour_11_21_09_rb.jpg (78737 bytes)
Waiting to load ore at sunset

Asphodel departing Iroquois Lock with a load of grain from Milwaukee - Ron Beaupre
1-asphodel-29-11-09-rb.jpg (75105 bytes)        

Adam E. Cornelius downbound West Neebish Channel 2004. LT 17 in back of vessel - Charles Lampman
1-AE-CORNELIUS-8-2004.jpg (69687 bytes)        

Historical perspectives - Chris Wilson
Ferrys_Straits.jpg (77253 bytes)
3 ferry boats -- again from 53/54 prior to opening of the bridge
Ferry2_Straits_of_Mackinac.jpg (90886 bytes)
Close up of Ferry Straits of Mackinac--from 1953 or 54.
Ferry_Straits_of_Mackinac.jpg (101883 bytes)
Ferry Straits of Mackinac unloading.
Ferry_Unloading.jpg (81360 bytes)
Other ferry boats unloading (not sure what 2 boats are there).
Ralph_H_Watson.jpg (76657 bytes)
Freighter Ralph H Watson as seen from the ferry (she was built in 38 and scrapped in 89-- I believe). This is from 53 or 54 I believe.
Sea_Queen_Munising.jpg (173939 bytes)
Sea Queen of Munising--gives tours of Pictured Rocks. The tour company lists her as "retired".
Hamilton_Ontario.jpg (40178 bytes)
Hamilton Harbor (aerial coming in from the east).
Hamilton_Ont_Harbor_65.jpg (68322 bytes)
Hamilton Harbor--more close up.  Both from 1965.

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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